Ok, ready to go. Welcome, to the Orphans of Civilization

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The purpose of this blog is assist those floundering in the so-called Gurdjieff work to recover their perspective on the confusion it has created, and to ‘snap out of it’ to the degree of recovering and hopefully moving on. However, this is done by a process of historical analysis, and I am not in a position for one on one interactions. But if you have a question, by all means. There is very little public help available here, and the ‘deprogrammers’ in the public sphere are ill-equiped to understand the position many find themselves in. And certainly the people in the movement are of no help. You need the presence of mind to walk away from it, and it can be a lonely moment to realize that you have no institutional resources that can be useful.

Welcome, to the Orphans of Civilization.

This blog will saunder on with comments, links, and various forms of commentary. Please note that the main point is made if you read the gmancon series. I am busy with a lot of other things, so this blog with be off to a slow start perhaps. Keep coming back if you like.

/gmancon series complete, draft 1

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I have finished the introductory series of essays on Gurdjieff and Ouspensky, starting with:


The material is still rough but enough to start.


Welcome to gurdjieff-con.net

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This is the blog accompanying a set of webpages, a work in progress, on the question of Gurdjieff and Ouspensky, a kind of debriefing of the confusion surrounding that movement.

This blog will produce a general statement, a series of links to resources, and some examinations of the question of guruism, the New Age movement, etc,..

I hope to set up a better wordpress skin soon, patience.