Ouspensky and the Code of Manu

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The list of books we have discussed refers to Ouspensky’s Psychology of Man’s Possible Evolution, a very dubious analysis of the question of evolution in terms of Gurdjieff’s oversimplified rubric of the ‘man one through seven’.
In addition Ouspensky’s book is vitiated by some really reactionary remarks about the Code of Manu and the spurious Hindu law of caste. The idea that this the division of castes has an evolutionary basis is the most harebrained nonsense, the worst of the rubbish emerging from the false Gurdjieffian view of history.


  1. J. Smith said,

    08.13.08 at 12:44 pm

    You’re quite a moralist. And like most moralists you are mostly all ‘fire from the hip’, and little ‘know what you are talking about.’

    You also consider getting knowledge of a book the equivalent of going to
    Amazon.com and reading reader reviews of said book. (Yes, that reference to Laws of Manu is to be found there in a negative review isn’t it?)

    For the Work understanding of evolution think sanctification as that term and process is understood in biblical doctrine.

    Man 1,2,3 are types, not levels, or stages of ‘evolution’.

    Many people believe in Darwinian evolution which is mechanical evolution. This is not what is meant in Work sources when you see the word evolution. Conscious evolution, on a foundation of regeneration by the Word and the Spirit, is what is possible.

    As for Laws of Manu, when a person speaks of a tradition or teaching or phenomena that applies to ancient ideas or teachings it doesn’t mean that person endorses the degraded understanding of those teachings.

    Really, before you smite again, get thee some real understanding of your subject matter…

  2. nemo said,

    08.21.18 at 8:55 am

    i think i am closer to the reality than you think and the confusion over evolution is not resolved by new age hype

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