SK blows his own cover

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sillykitty decides to ‘blow his own cover’. And now he’s says she/he is a girl, hmm.

Actually this is better (I put the comments out front to keep them visible, and beyond accidental deletion), if the hyenas penetrate your disguise, noone will know anything that happens.
Out in the open, you have some environmental backup, a safety factor in public witness.
Your move.
Stick around, no? You don’t have to like/agree with me. You are the only one who knows what I am talking about, maybe.

Comments from SK
sillykitty said,
30.10.08 at 1:10 am ·
nemo, im not scared. it’s okay. i won’t ever stop. thank you again for putting up with the hysteric. you helped me see it clear. I won’t forget. and I wish you and your work all the best. your site is getting the recognition it deserves and more to come. love peace. light. freedom.

it was never anonymous anyway. lol.
do your worst. the truth will out. : )
maybe someday the gold people will come out of their foxhole. : )

okay. that’s all for now. peace.

but they won’t come out, or will they? hmn.

like maybe they will explain how the psychic invasion/ rape works. not in the books. I checked. I’ll keep waiting. the ptsd creates patience. and my comment got deleted. but i mentioned writing the book. have support and publisher. pray for me. I pray for you. okay. im gone. please forgive these so many comments. im going away now. for real. for now. promise. thank you. shill.

it’s okay. somehow part of me always knew. it helped anyway. and i am grateful. I know you cat tell the truth about it–I’m used to that. okay. that’s it. be well. samantha
sillykitty is samantha scully. 310. 477-8734. I own a used bookstore on santa monica blvd. in l. a. 90025. i’m always there come on by. or call or email me at gdcbooks@mac.com and we can talk face to face. phew. that feels better. thank you. why was I hiding? forgive the long spiel. peace. peace. peace.


Guide to scanned text: Role Of Bhagavad Gita In Indian History

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Chapters Six, Seven, Eight form Prem Nath Bazaz, The Role Of The Bhagavad Gita In Indian History

1. The Buddhist Revolution
2. Fruits Of The Revolution
3. Rise Of Neo-Brahminism

Rise of Neo-Brahminism

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8 Rise of Neo-Brahminism

BUDDHISM was the product of social conditions in India
which developed after the downfall of sacerdotal supremacy; it was the ideology of those progressive classes which could not ignore the consequences of the dissolution of Vedic society. Rejecting the dogma of other-worldliness, Buddhism secured enthusiastic support of the rising business classes (vaishyas) besides the kshatriyas, shudras and outcastes, the most oppressed sections of the Brahmin society, who all flocked to it. Read the rest of this entry »

Fruits Of The Revolution

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7. Fruits of The Revolution

GAUTAMA the Buddha was fortunate to see, in his own
lifetime, his doctrines being accepted and practised by thous¬ands of people in Koshala and the adjacent areas. He was also able to establish an order of monks and nuns to guide his followers on the path of Dhamma (Sanskrit Dharma). The Master’s influence did not cease to spread after his death. Within a couple of centuries the torch of the Buddhist Revo¬lution had reached every nook and corner of the Indian subcontinent, bringing both Aryans and non-Aryans under Its sway. . “If the foundations of the Mauryan dynasty by Chandrag~~ta (325-300 B.C.) was the culminating point of Aryan. polItical ~upremacy in India”, says E. B. Havell, “the acceSSIOn of hIS grandson, Ashoka about 268 BC and his subsequent proclamations of the Dharma of the Enlightened
One as the law of the land, :r;nust be taken to mark the final breakIng down of the racial barriers between Aryans and n~n.-Ar~an, and the beginning of the history of India as dIstmgUIshed from that of Aryavarta.”l
. The B.udd.hist Revolution wrought all-pervading changes In ~he SOCIal hfe of the Indian people. With its this-wordly ~ttltude and rationalistic view of the universe, new values of lIfe were evolved and the institutions set up by the Brahmins were .gradually replaced by the ones suited to the Buddhist doctrines.
Read the rest of this entry »

The Buddhist Revolution

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6. The Buddhist Revolution

THE free speculation foreshadowed in the Upanishads, the
impact of the teachings of thinkers like Kanada and Kapila, followed by the paribrajaka movement with its heretical views and, above all, the spread of Charvaka doctrines loosened the grip of Brahminism on minds of people. The Indian society was now ready to undergo a mental revolution; a master-mind was needed to bring it about. Soon one appeared on the scene.

As stated earlier, the propounders of new ideas were mostly kshatriyas (the warrior class) who because of the political power they wielded and the wealth they were able to amass, could fittingly become rivals of the entrenched Brahmins and play the role of the vanguard of the revolution. “The kshatriyas in those far off times seem to have revolted from the priestly dominance”; observes Douglas Hill, “and in kshatriya circles there grew up a body of speculative thought and mystical doctrine which later on the more spiritually¬minded Brahmins themselves were eager to learn.”!

In the post-Upanishadic period, kshatriyas supported by a rising class of traders, gathered strength and raised the banner of revolt against sacerdotal domination. Whether or not Kapila, Kanada and Charvaka were kshatriyas there is no doubt that the founders of the different heterodox philosophical schools referred to in the previous chapter were of non-Brahmin
Read the rest of this entry »

An Experiment, scanned text: Prem Nath Bazaz

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I have three scanned chapters from a fascinating and rare book on the Gita in Indian history.
This book is unique in its ‘cut the bullshit’ history of the relationship of Buddhism and Neo-Brahminism in the post-Axial Age India. The book has many problems, and might be challenged by conventional scholarship, which, however, is highly deceptive.
The scanning is so-so, at best, and I am going to put in three posts, to check how good/bad it looks, and also to use the WordPress software to strip some of the strange features of the scanjob. Then do some corrections and then make a web page out of it.
It is a pity the book is out of print, but its radical viewpoint dooms it for conventional histories, mostly lies.
Try to read around the garbled passages.
It is a chilling tale, one that those who naively enter Indian spiritual paths should be aware of, as they become disciples of these Brahmin gurus.
LC Control No.: 75904001
LCCN Permalink: http://lccn.loc.gov/75904001
Type of Material: Entry Not Found
Personal Name: Bazaz, Prem Nath.
Main Title: The role of Bhagavad Gita in Indian history / Prem Nath Bazaz.
Edition Information: 1st ed.
Published/Created: New Delhi : Sterling Publishers, 1975.
Description: xii, 747 p. ; 23 cm.
ISBN: Rs100.00

Sillykitty parts ways

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I deleted this post from yesterday, and now I hear from sillykitty that he is parting ways, I presume, because of genuine fear of retaliation (and/or disagreements?).
Too bad.
Catching a black magician in the act doesn’t happen everyday.
In fact, I fear SK’s cover is blown. Best of luck

Sillykitty, don’t blow your cover
I have to do this out in the open, but I have already endured all the voodoo they can throw at me, and survived, and they know. So they lurk in the shadows, shitting: what laughably could be called their public reputation is highly fragile.
Back to your foxhole, SK.
Note: it is probably a good idea to post anonymously here, although in most cases it would matter.

Dawkins poohpooh’s fairy tales

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Amusing article about Dawkins’ campaign against fairly tales.
Harry Potter fails to cast spell over Professor Richard Dawkins

Harry Potter has become the latest target for Professor Richard Dawkins who is planning to find out whether tales of witchdraft and wizardy have a negative effect on children.

At least Harry Potter fans got some warning.


Googling Gold

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Nemo, what do you make of this?

Results from a Google groups search


a search of this listserve on EJ G in general reveals this:


From Beyond belief, IDHHB is a 501(c)(3) organization, 2008/10/28 at 12:49 PM

here’s some of the material. Mostly these are fourth way drifters who don’t know much about Gold.
Gold always shows selective tactics with hidden victims to not blow his cover, which is mostly ‘stand up comedian’. ‘
Here’s one link. Remarkable. Let me study this some more.

Piph Group: alt.consciousness.4th-way
Now piph should sue EJ Gold for burning him out. EJ Gold is practicing head
shrinking without a license and should be responsible for the health and mental
health of his followers. I bet piph could own Ej Gold for burning him out like
that! Did you know piph that EJ Gold is rich. He sells his paintings for $250000

a larger quote.
Gold would’t get much for suing me. As for suing him…

Now piph
should sue EJ Gold for burning him out. EJ Gold is practicing
head shrinking without a license and should be responsible for
the health and mental health of his followers. I bet piph could
own Ej Gold for burning him out like that!

Did you know piph that EJ Gold is rich. He sells his paintings
for $250,000 each and his mother has money. He writes those
books and they are trendy. Worthless but trendy. I bet a guy
could make out pretty nice suing EJ Gold.

Rodney Collin to Gold??? Don’t think so.

>In article , d…@netcom.com (Lefty Redux) writes:
>|> ANyone know anything about E. J. Gold? Apparently his approach is
>|> “Gurdjieff-inspired”. Any information would be appreciated.

In article <34381t$...@senator-bedfellow.MIT.EDU>

>From what I recall (I don’t have my books here with me), I believe
>the line of transmission from Gurdjieff to Gold is:
> Gurdjieff->Bennett->Rodney Collins->E. J. Gold
>I’ve scanned some of Gold’s books at my local New Age Freakshop (Being
>in Cambridge, MA, our bookshops are well-stocked). As far as I can
>tell, he’s into the enneagram-personality stuff similar (but not identical)
>to that found in Helen Palmer’s work. After all, the lineage from
>Gurdjieff to Helen Palmer is:
> Gurdjieff->Bennett->Rodney Collins->Oscar Ichario->Helen Palmer

Now, right at the start, relax as I am just poking a stick in here to
stir something a little. I’m not angry nor screeching about anything.
(People who know me personally threaten to get even with my silly sense
of humor, though. )

OK, some questions arise about “lineage” and “line of transmission”
stated so emphatically as to be some kind of “fact.” What does this
mean? Gurdjieff taught Bennet who taught Rodney Collins who taught E.
J. Gold? I don’t think so. Or they read each others’ books or what?
Helen Palmer can be traced back to Gurdjieff?

Gee, methinks even *I* probably can be traced back to Meher Baba, too.
Huh? I’m not flaming here, I hasten to repeat. Just poking a little at
the seemingly automatic acceptance with no sources about all these lines
of communication and who transmitted something to whom, thus implying
all sorts of credentials so we should believe these people, eh?

Where did *you* find out about this “line of transmission”? By reading
books in which other people suggest this and that? You said you didn’t
have your books with you. Do you believe what is printed in books?

The writer says the Gold books were “scanned.” Maybe it was a poor
choice of words, since “scanned” does not mean thoroughly studied nor
verified by any means.

I have heard about a bunch of people who have claimed to receive
annointment directly from Gurdjieff himself (either before he left this
mortal coil or channeled afterward)! One person wrote recently that
some famous channel person probably was Gurdjieff! ACK! (I think I saw
that in alt.consciousness before this group started.)

>I’m sure I spelt names incorrectly here. Oscar Ichario was responsible for
>Arica, and that training DID have a lot of enneagram/personality stuff in

It had a lot of hyperventilation in it, too. (If one hyper-
ventilates in unison with a room full of devotees, something unusual may
happen to one’s mind. Many people, especially Americans, think if
there’s a crest in the chest, something “high” is going on. )

>I believe that Rodney Collins may have come up with it, more because
>two lines comming from students of his, say pretty the same thing.

Oh, we can assume then that your *belief* is what might have really
happened? And, from some points of view, it hardly matters anyway since
the big guys are dead, and what’s left are Xerox copies of copies, and
you know how they get after being copied so many times. Lines fall
out, shading is sparse, parts are missing.

We are admonished by the Bible – “do not put new wine in old wine
skins,” meaning don’t befuddle one’s understanding with old understand-
ing of something. An assumption is made because two lines coming from
Collins “say pretty [much] the same thing.” This reminds me of people
who hear the G ideas and say, “Oh, that’s just like Fritz Perles!” ACK!
(That is spoiling the wine = understanding. Outward appearance may be
similar; that’s all.) This can happen because people generally do not
scratch the surface to see what’s underneath.

What we are witnessing is B-influence becoming A-influence. Once it has
become A-influence it is quite ordinary and has lost the ‘magic’ (for
lack of a better word; and, who knows, there may be ‘magic’). These
ideas by their nature *cannot* become generally popular with large
numbers of people. Lots of folks absolutely *hate* these ideas because
they threaten everything that is false in one. If the ideas are watered
down and pablum of misinformation is added, they become acceptable, and
become A-influence, and as such they can become widely popular.

Pretty soon there are “experts” on the Enneagram. (If anybody saw the
report about the latest Stanford University seminar on this topic, and
know the Enneagram at all, fainting may take place when one sees how
it looks after going through that experience.)

It is more and more difficult for people to come to esotericism because
of the infiltration of opinion and conjecture. I think it must be more
difficult for genuine teachers who have something basic to share.

>I have more to say on this topic. However, I’m getting tired typing and
>if someone else doesn’t say more, I will. (However, considering all the
>knowledgable folks here, I’m sure someone else will help me out.)

Hey, I probably can out-write everybody with these tomes, eh? Oh,
you said “knowledgable”….hmmm, well, that lets me out.

Maybe someone will find something interesting in the book “Circle of
Harmony” (forget the author’s name), the “compleat” 4th Way gossip book
(forget the author is reported to have caused his own demise).


Loves of the sufis…

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The Other Islam: Sufism and the Road to Global Harmony (Hardcover)
by Stephen Schwartz
We have previously discussed this book, which I found informative about that great unknown, Islamic Sufism, but at this point I have to wonder if ‘sufis’ understand their own movement, or what is happening in the West.
So one can put it to Schwartz with his sugary depiction of the Sufis and their purest love.

Are you guys kidding?
Where’s this gold’s sufi license then?

Moral: Jews will have to deal with Gold

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The reason I cite Andrew Cohen here is… get the picture.

It is too tricky for gentiles to deal with this character.

Perhaps Mr. Gold will care to sue for ‘blood libel’???

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I can just see him in court,

“Your honor, I deny ever using the rituals of human sacrifice described in the works of Aleister Crowley…”

Let’s hear it. We can give him a month or two to sue, after that….

Using human beings as guinea pigs is, ahem, unethical

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It is good to remember Gurdjieff’s hints about his tactics.
If that doesn’t convince to be wary of such people, you really are a hopeless idiot.
Meanwhile, it isn’t too funny.
Maybe we can find a way to track the victims.

Wait a minute, where’s Andrew Cohen’s license?

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Maybe he can get one from Da Free John.

Maybe Andrew Cohen can license Mr. Gold

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I know for a fact that Andrew Cohen disapproves of Gold, so why doesn’t he say something? He just stands by, and doesn’t lift a finger. He must be worried the postpostmodern age might suddenly realize the ‘problematique’ with guruism.