Book on paranormal

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Book link to post on Dawkins talking with Derren Brown

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A book that might have some insight into this topic (I haven’t read it yet):

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Interview with the author:


Aryan invasion theory

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Two comments on Persian Fire

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The Aryan Invasion Theory also plays a role here. The critics of it are often denounced as Hindu fundamentalists (no doubt some of them are), but when you dig a little deeper you find out that the truth is a lot more interesting. The similarity with the Darwin debate is eerie. I recommend Koenraad Elst’s book on the topic:
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He wrote another book in 2007:

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Sorry, this is the correct link for the book he wrote in 2007:


Persian fire

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Persian Fire

This book on the Persian Wars is an interesting reminder of a quarrel, that, most surprisingly, lingers in the background of the Gurdjieff work. At first you don’t realize this, of course, absurd as it is. But the battle against the Zoroastrians lurks in the background of the Persian wars, although it seems silly for anyone to hold this grudge over so many centuries. As if a murderer like Darwius had any connection!

But, without pressing the point of the Persian wars, it is important to see the obsure tactics in Gurdjieff’s revisionist myths of Zarathustra, thence to see that Nietzsche was also involved in this strange game.
The ‘esoteric’ is bullshit. But the invocation of it here indicates something that these figures have taken to their grave. The grudge match of Gurdjieff is an odd, and quite insidious thematic, with its parallels to Nietzsche.
I am beginning to find Zarathustra overrated, and in any case the object of preposterous revisionisms.


Nietzsche and superman

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Nietzsche, evolution, and the overman

More on Nietzsche and evolution

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Nietzsche et al. and the Darwinist evolution lunatics: a self-defense
More on Nietzsche and evolution.

The source behind Nietzsche/Nazism?

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Taha’s book, Nietzsche: the prophet of Nazism, is problematical, but whatever its flaws, it is close enough to something we have indicated here many times: the unknown occult link to early nazism. We pursue this but never find the source. We always get it filtered through others who change the content. There are several versions that float down the stream from the late nineteenth century, leaving us to wonder at their source.
We can smell the presence of someone/some group hidden here, but at the same time we can detect ignorance in motion. Neither Nietzsche nor the Nazis understood much about esotericism and bought a load of rubbish from their secondary/tertiary sources.
That said, the hidden ‘what?’ begins to sound like some kind of off the wall rogue Buddhist/Indic yogi, a group of such, with confused ideas in a melange.
Blavatsky said as much, putting it in more hifallutin language about the ‘secret chiefs’, and other rubbish.
Such people think highly of themselves, but are confused!
The whole Aryan game smacks of late neo-Brahministic chauvinism, but armed with considerable yogic acumen, and the will to mischief.

…Godfather of Fascism?

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There is another book with a similar title: Nietzsche, Godfather of Fascism?: On the Uses and Abuses of a Philosophy (Paperback)
by Jacob Golomb

Nietzsche, Prophet of Nazism

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I finally caught up with this book, pretty grim: Nietzsche, Prophet of Nazism: The Cult of the Superman–Unveiling the Nazi Secret Doctrine (Paperback)

The “Cult of the Superman” has haunted humanity throughout history, yet it was only clearly expressed in the philosophy of its modern prophet, Friedrich Nietzsche, and culminated in its fiercest supporter, the National Socialist ideology, a political religion whose main ideal and objective were the creation of a superhuman species.

By showing the link between the Nietzschean and Nazi worldviews ¬and more specifically the Nazi Secret Doctrine which I have called “esoteric Nazism”- my aim is to demonstrate that the Nazis were pure Nietzscheans, thus repudiating the views of some scholars who deny or undermine any link between the Nietzschean and Nazi doctrines. I endeavour to prove that the Nazi esoteric ideology was primarily an endeavour to actualise and institutionalise Nietzsche’s cult of the Superman, applying it to a political system that would breed a Herrenvolk or “Master Race” in body and spirit, destined to rule the earth. Nazism was in fact greatly influenced by Nietzsche’s philosophy, especially his concept of the Superman, giving it a political dimension in order to “put Nietzsche into motion” and turn the philosopher’s cult from an abstract notion into a concrete reality. The S.S. (Schutzsta/ftln, or “Security Squads”), Nazi Germany’s racial and political elite, was indeed a self-proclaimed Nietzschean institution of Obermenschen or “Supermen” claiming to embody the creed of the Godlike man.

Thus did both Nietzsche and the Nazis call for a revival of Aryan paganism, namely the ancient Aryan esoteric tradition from India to Greece, rejecting the Jewish religion of Christianity, which they believed was a gross distortion of Christ’s original teachings. Both doctrines acknowledged the Will to Power as the motor of history; both praised the qualities and values of the Superman, glorifying war, and advocating a radically aristocratic view of the world. Both Nietzsche and Nazism despised Western Judaeo-Christian Civilisation and its two products, Liberalism and Socialism, introducing a “third option” – aristocratic radicalism – between “corrupt egalitarian democracy” and the “materialist socialism of the mob”. In addition, both advocated the rule of an Aryan universal “Master Race” transcending the boundaries of states and nations; and finally, both Nietzsche and the Nazis dismissed the “decadent” Jew from civilisation, considering him alien to the natural order, an incarnation of the slave morality.


Evolution, the fumbled football

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The Upper Paleolithic, or the Great Explosion, and the eonic effect

Needless to say, the issue of human evolution is caught up in the various Gurdjieff myths. The Bennett version is a provocative version.
The study of the eonic effect can provide a neutral ground for non-Darwinian accounts in the inevitable failure of Darwinism.
At that point we have to insist that people with ‘esoteric’ credentials have no greater credibility than other struggling scientists. Gurdjieff’s fashion of making things up has destroyed his credentials on this and many other issues.


Mission accomplished?

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This blog has been a bit disorganized, and yet I am tempted to say, ‘mission accomplished’, in a first phase.
To simply continue with more of the same.

The next generation should be completely aware of the problems indicated with gurus, and especially with the Gurdjieff Con.
We need a new type of spiritual path for the future that can really help people instead of all this endless imported guru propaganda.

The material here, though rough, can be upgraded with ease, a varian to the rickross.com approach.
Let’s keep on their toes.

Lying low near sufi hyenas

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I have no connection to these people or to any “spiritual path,” so there is nothing they could do to me. I have an intellectual interest (among many other eclectic interests) in Indian religion (I spent a lot of time working in Asia in the 90s), but that is about it. The only time I have ever been screwed over by a “spiritual teacher” is when a yoga teacher stole my wife, and he was just one of those third-rate instructors that you can find at any gym. Other than that, I’m just an average boring suburban white collar guy.

Let’s hope you are right. I merely note that after trying to help SK over a period of time, he is now an enemy.
It would be sad for that to happen again.

There is plenty they could do to you.
Just lie low.
And welcome.

Morning of the magicians

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Material on Morning of the magicians

The authors of that book were following a cold trail, but stumbled on a few things, without quite putting it all together.


Two pieces on Buddhism

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Challenging sufi bullshit

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Two comments upgraded to postlevel for safe keeping.
This situation is puzzling, perhaps, for some readers, but we have done something new and unique: challenged the bull shit of the gurus, and especially the sufis.

James said,
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I have no connection to these people or to any “spiritual path,” so there is nothing they could do to me. I have an intellectual interest (among many other eclectic interests) in Indian religion (I spent a lot of time working in Asia in the 90s), but that is about it. The only time I have ever been screwed over by a “spiritual teacher” is when a yoga teacher stole my wife, and he was just one of those third-rate instructors that you can find at any gym. Other than that, I’m just an average boring suburban white collar guy.

nemo said,
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Don’t be too sure. Their victims don’t have any connection to a spiritual path either, although they call themselves followers.
But your point is clear: by your own declaration you have no connection. That’s an important statement of intent. Makes it harder, but by no means impossible to fuck with people.

But you have frequently criticized some current gurus. They don’t like that at all. So be wary, and, as suggested, don’t give up your cover.


A note to James

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My depiction of the Gold people may seem odd, but the point is clear: these people don’t kid around, real killers. With genocidal views.
So I wasn’t kidding when I pointed to some disgusting people, who other people actually consider gurus.

You are of course welcome to comment here, but make sure your disguise is tight.
I warned SK but he blew his cover and/or got his cover penetrated, and got a dose of whamo, reacting away in hate.

So be careful.