The labyrinth of self

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The reason Bennett’s The Dramatic Universe is interesting to me is that it shows a way to reinterpret the ancient Samkhya psychology, whose key has been long lost. Once you see how Bennett sets up the whole system of human spiritual psychology in terms of ‘being, function, will’, and then shows how the different selves manifest the descending triads of will in more and more mechanical fashion the point is brought home about the original intent of Samkhya as an aid to meditation and self-knowledge.
But now the whole thing is mixed up with the system of Gurdjieff and I fear it will never be straightened out.


  1. mybrainisafleamarket said,

    05.24.09 at 11:28 am

    Hi nemo.

    I found this item recently when doing a google search. It purports to be a chronicle by someone who spent years of his or her life in what sounds like a very long lasting, lavishly run ‘Gurdjieff’ group. Its identity is concealed under a pseudonym ‘calmswan’


    The essay is over a hundred pages long and is not split up into paragraphs which will make it hard for most readers and require a lot of editorial formatting after conversion to a Word document.

    But it appears to be quite a detailed account by an insider who is in the conflicted situation of remaining loyal to ‘the system’ but very critical of the culty dynamics of the group he or she was in–making that account all the more painful to read.

    This was a somewhat unusual G group in that it actually did utilize the music, the so called ‘sacred dances’ included Beelzebub’s Tales, which means that die hard Gurdjieffians cannot dismiss it as a fake group.

    Despite this being a so called real group, it still sounds from the authors description as though it was an expensive, despotic waste of time, talent and energy, laid at the feet of the leaders who ran it as a petty fiefdom, leaving it out of step with the needs of the present world where human dignity and liberty need to be affirmed and maintained, not abdicated in service to a pseudo spiriutal and delusional agenda.

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