Sufi hyenas on the lookout to vampirize/invultuate poets for reactionary agendas

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MBFM in Gurus and creativity throws down the gauntlet here on the question of Gurdjieff, Ouspensky and creativity.
Bravo for the nerve to spit it out. However, never be too sure of anything, and keep probing/reflecting on this. There are many dimensions to these tricksters. It is true that Gurdjieff lacked ‘creativity’, but a number of sufis I have met have expressed (religious/Islamic) contempt for the ‘creative types’, who are often egoic. Gurdjieff, who may well have been the ‘vampire’ MBFM depicts, nonetheless had bigger fish to fry, and, well….

A long time ago at Darwiniana I was pursuing a very similar theme but in the distractions of the blog, and fearful of not being understood (the Gurdjieff Con didn’t exist yet), and in the midst of Sillykitty getting upset, I got sidetracked from what I wanted to say, which was very similar to what MBFM is trying to say. This was under the category ‘sonnets’ which I have since deleted, although the posts are still there. Having gone through a renewed phase of writing poetry (I was pretty good at it once, long before, and then fell into silence) in the post-guru encounter phase of the seventies, I suddenly stumbled on what some insidious people are up to, and, remarkably, MBFM stumbled on it, although I might put it differently.
But you cannot talk about this and be understood (perhaps the readers of G-con blog are different tho from the darwiniana readers who would just freak out)
It is strange to discover that shadow sufis have poets on their radar (not all, most self-styled poets aren’t worth the bother), and with G or some circle around him, …how explain it…
Read the history of twentieth century poetry, and consider T.S.Eliot, who, we forget, was a conservative, and anti-modernist.
That’s what they are looking for: a pliable poet who can be invultuated without his awareness, and used to promote various cultural interests.

I have to leave you to figure it out, but it was all that point that I ‘caught the sufi hyenas red-handed’, as writing poetry died, and respect for sufis died, and…

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  1. mybrainisafleamarket said,

    05.28.09 at 9:47 am

    Damn. I love TS Eliot’s quartets.

    (His play, The Cocktail Party’ gives me the creeps. So does Murder in the Cathedral).

    But nemo is right. According to Gary Lachman, who refers to this in his book, In Search of PD Ouspensky, TS Eliot was very greatly influenced by Ouspensky.

    Beauty is not always truth. In some tragic and scary cases, beauty can be used to adorn and sweeten an agenda that darkens the mind, not awakens it.

    Just the way Henry VIII used jewels, perfume and music, and the resources of many great artists and visiting scholars to conceal a court that was lethally dangerous to pursue a career in.

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