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Comment from MBFM on ‘Against The Modern World’

mybrainisafleamarket said,

25.09.09 at 8:53 am ·

The book lover’s best friend.

You must have a terrific library that they had a copy of Sedgwick’s book available. Good on ya..and your library, too.

Sedgwick also has a website and a blog.


And one person’s review of Against the Modern World


A google search on the Schuon mess:


A website containing (among many other things) writings on Traditionalism and Spiritual Fascism. I may have already supplied these citations, so forgive my redundancy.


(He cites the Trimondi’s as a resource. Am not sure they are at all reliable. So, caveat lector)


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    […] links on Against The Modern World, a book discussing the legacy of the Traditionalists and Rene […]

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