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The statistics for this month broke some records (disregard the counter on the front page)
These stats are from the stat software at the server for the site. The last two stats are the main ones.
Total Hits 70961
Total Files 55636
Total Pages 51453
Total Visits 8640

50 thousand page views (not unique visits) shows that people are reading the archives
at about a rate of five to six pages per visit.
So we are having an influence here.

I think every New Age person should be aware of the dangers of naive entry into sufistic circles,
and especially wary of the Gurdjieff Con.


Sufism vs the Eurabian question

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The Eurabian question

This issue is of relevance here, since the mystique of Sufism (which turns out to be merely a brand of Islam) has ensared many who were caught up in the wild goose chase reserved for non-Moslems.


Grayling on Dalai Lama

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Grayling on Dalai Lama


Scientific sitting ducks and ostriches!

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Martin Gardner dies

As we know here the distorted skepticism of the champions of scientism (Randi especially is down on New Age nonsense) leave seekers defenseless agains the occult conspiracies of figures such as Gurdjieff. If rampant superstition prevails it is because the greater field of human nature encompasses the occult aspect, to little avail. But at least the conspiracy of science to encapsulate man in a false definition of who he is understood by the confused general public to be off the mark. Scientific sitting ducks and ostriches!

Sufi snapshots

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Historically Apolitical, Sufis Now Side With the State
By Adam Morrow and Khaled Moussa al-Omrani

CAIRO, May 21, 2010 (IPS) – Although Egypt’s many Sufi orders have traditionally been known for keeping a safe distance from politics, recent events suggest they are now closer than ever to the ruling regime.

“The Sufi orders have practically become part of the state apparatus,” Abdel Menaam Mounib, head of the Islamic affairs department at independent daily Al-Dustour, told IPS. “Sufis can now be found in all branches of the regime, including the judiciary, the police and the military.”

These surreal glimpses of the world of ‘sufism’ in the Islamic world, almost a form of mass religion, seem incomprehensible to those who have followed the grotesque sufism-so-called of figures like EJ Gold.
Perhaps it is one’s good fortune to be forced out of the whole game instead of being swallowed up in a labyrinth of deceptions.


Getting past the Satsang guru gang

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More comments: Lozowick et al.

nemo said,
22.05.10 at 5:50 am ·

Thanks for comment. All this preoccupation with Lozowick, Da free john, Andrew Cohen, and worst of all E.J. Gold, is a waste of everyone’s time. These people are in the business of preventing your spiritual path, as far as I can see. Recall SillyKitty and EJ Gold, that monstrosity who seems to specialize in Gurdjieff demonology.
Gold is a slightly different case: an avowed student of Aleister Crowley, and deliberate black magician.

The ’spiritual path’ is relatively clear if you can evade the ‘guru worship’ circuit which attempts to stop spiritual development behind the veil of disciple mania, etc… Beware of the ‘satsang’ guruism started by Da Free John. It is pure crap, and it explicitly coopts spiritual practice.

And I am suspicious that the ‘god game’ has been brought to the fore to create a ‘path’ that coopts Indian religions with a dose of monotheism.
That is probably what also happened to Sufism at some point. Sufism has to be the biggest bum steer, Unless you have connections, forget it.

nemo said,
22.05.10 at 5:54 am ·

Say ‘goodbye’ to all these (Western) gurus and get to work. Deepak Chopra talks a good game, but he gets up and meditates two hours a day.
Look at Gopi Krishna (not the best example): he meditated to the point of visualizing a lotus. etc, etc… (his kundalini obsessions, however, are not very helpful, don’t get hung up on kundalini speculations). That takes a lot of time and heavy effort, while all these satsang assholes are worshipping the asshole of Da Free John and the stupidoes who came out of it.
Don’t wake up in your seventies, to start a path, after these people have exhausted your opportunity.
All these gurus in the Da free john gambit are trying to stop the ’search’, i.e. destroy/control the disciple totally. That’s bullshit. (Gopi Krishna is a special case, there are better examples, but he shows the way that the path is accessible to the crudest kinds of search. It is waiting out there if you can stop asskissing in this grotesque cult started by Da Free John).

And you can see the result of this Western conspiracy in Andrew Cohen: a fake guru produced to make this racket seem real. Ditto, with Ken Wilbur, save that he is frozen in place and can’t seem to develop at all. Suspicious. OK, why waste your time with these pretenders?
The classic Indian path (corrupted by Hinduistic confusions) is not so complex.
This gang of Western fakes is an attempt to forestall Indian religion with monotheistic monopolies.

However, as we have pointed out the Hindu field is hopelessly confused. The Brahmin game is corrupt and yet controls a lot of the guru circuit.
I know Rajneesh is controversial, but forget the man for a moment and look at the way he revived the very simple ancient Indic stream, visible in the yogic and tantric source traditions in ancient Shaivism. Before Buddhism there was Jainism, please note, without the Mahayana boddhissatwa game which freezes people also. Finding your way through these distractions is tricky. Don’t spend a life being the dip shit for the likes of Lozowick.
I don’t recommend an obsession with monotheism. It is a very late product of the Kali Yuga.

Comments on Lozowick (LoudSue)

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Comments on MBFM on Lozowick

LoudSue said,
21.05.10 at 11:44 pm ·
A wee tip:

One clue that someone may be part of Lozowick’s ’shtick’ is if, anywhere, you see a picture of old guru Ramsuratkumar.

…..That would make sense since Yogi Ramsuratkumar is the younger
gurus guru.

He is referred to either as a Godman or God child. The poor old gent, now deceased, did not dress in a gaudy manner. Usually had flowers around his neck,
………There are many pictures showing that but flowers where
not part of his regular dress.

a plain cloth turban, big white beard and customarily wore a plain
dark wool shawl. In old age, he tended to sit crouched, hunched over, rather like Santa Claus lost amid a pile of laundry.

If you see a picture like this in someones home or business, you can go online and see if it matches up with online photos of Ramsuratkumar (or Ramsurat Kumar)

…..Or you could just ask the owner of the pic who
the old guy is. Now that would be novel eh? Actually engaging
in conversation.

Another note: Hohm publishes books, sometimes very expensively in high quality cloth covers and dense top quality paper. One bias is that Lee Lozowick looks young and handsome in the photos.

Can tell you those photos in the Hohm books are about 15 or more years out of date

……If you’re looking at a photo of him that looks 15 years old, it’s prolly
cause the book is 15 years old. Either that or the section of the book
it’s in has to do with things from 15 years ago.

and Lozowick doesnt look nearly as good these days. Too much sun, too much coddling from disciples and too many years of eating well have made him less than photogenic, at least as of 2002.

And, according to the second edition of Speeths book The Gudjieff Work, Lozowick had started out in Gurdjieff work


and, according to Speeth, the presentations on G, given by the Hohm/Lozowick people seemed to her to just be a way to recruit for Hohm.

…..And she might be right…..or not.

This 1996 article, written years after Lozowick linked with Ramsuratkumar makes clear his basic interest in Gurdjieff work.

The disturbingly adultatory article says plenty about Lozowick in relation to Gurdjieff but zero in relation to Lozowick and Hinduism.

…..It says plenty about the author of the article who is very interested in the
Work, but almost nothing about Mr. Lozowick.


Be alert, because some honor Ramsuratkumar and insist that Lee Lozowick stole the legacy and is misrepresenting it.

…….That’s always the way isn’t it, when the teacher dies, people
pointing fingers claiming others are clueless or posers.
Then it becomes so complicated because one has to check their sources.


Booknotes, De Salzmann

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Just noticed, new book coming out from De Salzmann: The Reality of Being: The Fourth Way of Gurdjieff (Hardcover)
~ Jeanne De Salzmann


Dangers of critiquing Tibetan Buddhism, dangers of not critiquing TB!

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I find it hard to evaluate the Trimondi book. This was the book I had wanted to write one day myself (I wasn’t even close on the basic research, but I smelled a rat somewhere in the mix) and then it appeared. Note that James stopped posting here, after exposing one aspect of authors’ take. I am sensitive to the dangers of criticism in a context of Chinese (and Western leftist) death wishes for Tibet. The dangers in applying historical materialism to the Tibetan tradition are severe!
My own criticism was based on the huge Question Mark that lurks in the esotericism of the early twentieth century and its German connection. Exposing Tibetan/Buddhist tantra seems overkill in the context of the larger issues of emergent fascism. The charge of Tibetan involvement is completely dangerous until proven, and it will never be proven, despite the testimony of some cogent figures (like Rajneesh).

Checking links to authors of ‘Shadow of the DL’

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Dalai Lama and 9/11
An Interview with Victor and Victoria Trimondi (Germany)
By James C. Stephens
September 11, 2003

Read the rest of this entry »

Shadow of a marxist Dalai Lama?

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The Shadow of the Dalai Lama: so is the Dalai Lama a Marxist or is the ‘expose’, Shadow of…, on the mark?
We never finishe our discussion of the latter, or of MBFM’s post on the ‘ancien regime’, Tibetan style.
The Dalai Lama, I feel, is entirely sincere, but desperate, therefore, a special kind of sincerity!
The problem here is that the Chinese Communistis aren’t really Marxists, and have made a boondoogle of cowboys and Indians out of Tibet with Han mirgration. Is it too late?
Destroying the whole of Tibetan tradition will end up a mistake, needless to say.
Meanwhile the Western left, gorging on Michael Parenti, will be sure to look the other way at this ethnicide.

Youtube: Dalai Lama

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The Dalai Lama – Capitalism, Socialism, and Income Inequality

Dalai Lama: I am a marxist

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Will Dalai Lama’s Embrace Of Marxism Help Where Hollywood Failed?By ABY THARAKAN

This week, the Dalai Lama told a Manhattan gathering that he is a “Marxist”, half-a-century after he fled his homeland of Tibet, following occupation by Chinese Communists. Read the rest of this entry »


Involution in DU?

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I will go back through Bennett’s DU to see how he uses (and marginalizes) the idea of involution. Significantly, it has no real place in his model, but gets trotted in to echo Gurdjieff.

Confusion over ‘involution’

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We should relate this post to Gurdjieff’s confusions over ‘involution’. Bennett also.