Modernity and the ‘New Age’

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Chapter 6 of the Fourth Edition is now online: Transition and Modernity

To have a New Age movement (as opposed to an Old Age movement) requires seeing the nature of modernity as the real ‘new age’, a new epoch of world history. That is the only foundation for a new spirituality (as Rajneesh seems to have realized, alone among the gurus)

The antiquity of ‘atheism’ (in quotation marks)

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New material on Axial Age

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This new online chapter of WHEE is devoted to the Axial Age, a key issue in the study of religion, and secularism.


Studying intelligence orgs and mafias

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The study of the history of intelligence orgs, and here the CIA is a useful sideline, no more, to a question, which can’t be so easily studied: the emergence and spread of ‘esoteric’ criminal pseudo-sufism in the Islamic context, and geo-zones, overlapping with Tibet.
This thought came to me leafing through,
Uncloaking the CIA, ed. Howard Frazier,
at the library.


Another Cohen link

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I am often puzzled by Cohen’s misconception of what a guru is susposed to do, smash egos. That idea might have had a meaning in some contexts, but in general it is a misperception. In general to smash an ego is impossible. Enlightenment is to realize the larger framework of self in which ego is suddenly seen to be a lesser aspect.

What these people do would be unimportant, but the sad reality is that real gurus are afraid of venturing into the west anymore.

Meanwhile, Ken Wilbur is a prime dupe of this system, the pandit and the guru. What a ridiculous scheme.

Andrew Cohen, the clever fake

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Question about Cohen

Cohen is a strange case, a fake hard to figure out. To understand him it is helpful to go back to the seventies and the ‘Gold monopoly’ game. Somebody out there wants to control the western guru circuit, and keeps creating fakes who will make the ashram business an asset of unseen operators. It was Lozowick who first trotted down the pike here in that vein, but he didn’t last long. Destroying Da Free John was also in the sweepstakes.
Cohen is a cleverer fake because he seems to have gotten a guru in India to endorse him. Look carefully and you will sense the hidden operator in the background manipulating poonjaji.
But people sensed something wrong from the start, but couldn’t put their finger on it.
Cohen and Wilbur between can’t seem to amount to anything.

Remember what Rajneesh said decades ago about Da Free John: don’t get caught in his net.


Patterson’s bum steer

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Struggle of the Magicians: Why Uspenskii Left Gurdjieff : Exploring the Teacher-Student Relationship

It may be time to go over this issue again, although we have discussed it before. This is actually an ‘idiot’ question. Ouspensky made clear that he had discovered a dishonest side to Gurdjieff, which he could not ignore. OK?

All the bloviating blather open how Ouspensky should have stayed to reach the final stage of the teaching is a species of crap.
This is prime ‘Work’ propaganda, trying to create a mystery about Ouspensky when the issue is very simple, by his own depiction.


Pope on atheism. Was Gurdjieff a closet atheist?

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The Pope is a bit naive. Look at Gurdjieff, was he an atheist, a nihilist, a theistic nihilist, ….

The issue of religion, atheism, and morality is complex, and Gurdjieff’s fascist background makes the Pope’s thinking naive.


9/11 conspiracy theories

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As we have noted here many times, we always suspect, whatever we can prove, the rightwing conspiracy latent in Gurdjieff’s tactics and ideology, as with the material in Against The Modern World



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I approved a long comment from Dandy, against my better judgment. It is an unhelpful further plug for self-remembering, that pseudo-meditation that has helped Zero followers of Gurdjieff and Ouspensky.

Note the way sufistic streams keep people away from self-realization, and never mention the path to enlightenment.
Instead, fake versions of ‘self-remembering’ are promoted. What is their point? Note the difference from real yoga.


Bennett, big bangs, and his six dimensions

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Physics forever grapples with issues that Bennett tried to resolve with his mystical confusions of his own, based on a disguised version of Schopenhauer. But Bennett’s idea of space, time, eternity, and hyparxis remains of interest in these debates.


New Ages, and the eonic effect

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The question of evolution has been confused by New Agers, or their reactionary gurus.
The study of the eonic effect shows the correct perspective for so-called New Age initiatives/