Plato’s cave??

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Shadow of the Dalai Lama
I am trying to be fair to this book, but the methodology is flawed, somehow. We can see why from this passage: psychoanalysis won’t really explicate an occult shadow. And the issue of Plato’s Cave, while entirely apt, is not well clarified by reference to Nietzsche who became a worshipper of the shadow.

Plato’s cave

The shadow is the “other side” of a person, his “hidden face”, the shadows are his “occult depths”. Psychoanalysis teaches us that there are four ways of dealing with our shadow: we can deny it, suppress it, project it onto other people, or integrate it.
But the topic of the shadow does not just have a psychological dimension; ever since Plato’s famous analogy of the cave it has become one of the favorite motifs of Western philosophy. In his Politeia (The State), Plato tells of an “unenlightened” people who inhabit a cave with their backs to the entrance. Outside shines the light of eternal and true reality, but as the people have turned their backs to it, all they see are the shadows of reality which flit sketchily across the walls of the cave before their eyes. Their human attentiveness is magically captivated by this shadowy world and they thus perceive only dreams and illusions, never higher reality itself. Should a cave dweller one day manage to escape this dusky dwelling, he would recognize that he had been living in a world of illusions.

This parable was adapted by Friedrich Nietzsche in Aphorism 108 of his Fröhliche Wissenschaft [The Gay Science] and — of interest here — linked to the figure of Buddha: “For centuries after Buddha had died,” Nietzsche wrote, “his shadow was still visible in a cave — a dreadful, spine-chilling shadow. God is dead: but man being the way he is, for centuries to come there will be caves in which his shadow is shown — and we — we must also triumph over his shadow”. [5]

Booknotes: Shiva

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Shiva: The Wild God of Power and Ecstasy [Paperback]
Wolf-Dieter Storl Ph.D. (Author)

Looking through this text, a useful take with some contrasting commentary in relation to Zoroastrianism.


Occult attacks on democracy reaching fruition in American chaos

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Part of the problem here, as pointed out many times, is the occult manipulation of conservative groups, and the occult sabotage of leftist groups. In Gurdjieff the attack on the Bolsheviks is a cover for the attack on modernity and democracy.


Svengali manipulations of Hollywood

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The Shadow of the Dalai Lama – Introduction

But the cream of Hollywood also gladly and openly confess their allegiance to the teachings of Buddhism (or what they understand these to be), especially when these come from the mouths of Tibetan lamas. “Tibet is looming larger than ever on the show business map,” the Herald Tribune wrote in 1997. “Tibet is going to enter the Western popular culture as something can only when Hollywood does the entertainment injection into the world system. Let’s remember that Hollywood is the most powerful force in the world, besides the US military” (Herald Tribune, March 20, 1997, pp. 1, 6). Orville Schell, who is working on a book on Tibet and the West, sees the Dalai Lama’s “Hollywood connection” as a substitute for the non-existent diplomatic corps that could represent the interests of the exiled Tibetan hierarch: “Since he [the Dalai Lama] doesn’t have embassies, and he has no political power, he has to seek other kinds. Hollywood is a kind of country in his own, and he’s established a kind of embassy there.” (Newsweek, May 19, 1997, p. 24).

I keep thinking we should proceed through this book bit by bit, but I doubt, finally, if that will work.
The problem is understanding the viewpoint of the authors to put a fix on their bias. Much of their critique is ‘right’ in quotation marks, but misplaced, or slightly off target, as here.

The authors miss the point that the high-powered Tibetan occult zone manipulated Hollywood to serve their purposes. I am also critical of this: I am not a celebrity and don’t stand a chance in this scheme.

We have discussed the multiple vultures trying to manipulate Hollywood, and E.J. Gold is notably sordid in this vein.


Legacy of atheism

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Atheism is a confused cult now, due to the influence of the New Atheists.
But we can see that primordial Indian religion was able to produce a deeper vein, without much fuss over the term ‘atheism’.

Stats for October

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The spread of buddhism…

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The practice and philosophy of Buddhism has spread so rapidly throughout the Western world in the past 30 years and has so often been a topic in the media that by now anybody who is interested in cultural affairs has formed some sort of concept of Buddhism. In the conventional “Western” notion of Buddhism, the teachings of Buddha Gautama are regarded as a positive Eastern countermodel to the decadent civilization and culture of the West: where the Western world has introduced war and exploitation into world history, Buddhism stands for peace and freedom; whilst Western rationalism is destructive of life and the environment, the Eastern teachings of wisdom preserve and safeguard them. The meditation, compassion, composure, understanding, nonviolence, modesty, and spirituality of Asia stand in contrast to the actionism, egomania, unrest, indoctrination, violence, arrogance, and materialism of Europe and North America. Ex oriente lux—“light comes from the East”; in occidente nox—“darkness prevails in the West”.

Panning the Buddhist explosion in the West is a bit off key here, although the point made is clear enough: the cultic enthusiasm for Buddhism is no doubt a naive New Age illusion, but I think a strain of realism, even about Buddhism, is apparent from any study of Buddhism itself. Most real Buddhists, and there are exceptions, don’t see the West as any more decadent than their own Buddhist legacy in that of India. But the point is clear enough: a New Age denigration of modernity is rife in all current spiritual movements from India, and their ‘New Age’ mythology is harming them more than those they criticize.
I think many Buddhists realize that buddhism is going to pass away in this ‘new age’ of modernity, and that the seeds of a new cycle, a new turning of the wheel of dharma need to be sown. But this has lead to the many confused and finally incoherent gesture about the ‘next buddha’ with a long list of crackpots claiming the title.
Religion that goes beyond Buddhism will be an unexpected manifestation breaking the mould of the past.
(Rajneesh, of course, spoke frequently of neo-buddhism)

Shadowy Dalai Lama

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The Shadow of the Dalai Lama – ContentsVictor & Victoria Trimondi

I am of two minds with respect to this book, which we have cited here several times. Perhaps it might be appropriate to go through it step by step and sort out the good and the bad, if we can.
I don’t wish to hurt Tibetans who are too easily slandered, but I tire of Buddhist front spirituality.
This is a book I mean to write (fat hope!), at least hypothetically, but my plan was quite different. My problem is that it is too easy to critique things, like tantra, and yet the arguments of the authors are cogent, prior to their being used as propaganda against Tibet (from the left among other places).

The sudden suspicion that all was/is not well with Tibet, and that it was a hiding place for some strange and eerie things, and finally for some fascist initiatives, is something ordinary Tibetans cannot be blamed for, in the classic refuge zone for the Buddhist driven from India.

Since your realize after a while that all your Buddhist studies have fallen into nothing because you are not a part of the hidden Buddhist org and they really wish you would go to hell, is so saddening that one might wish to simply flaunt the perspective of the ‘Shadow’ in a kind of retribution. NOT! But we can look at the evidence, and see if we can find anything behind the evidence, going our own way (inevitable) after wishing the Tibetans all the best.
Cracking the buddhist establishment is beyond my powers, but a few potshots are possible. ‘Meanwhile this is not grist for the leftist mill: leave Tibetans alone. Off to the Zen Slammer for the Marxist predators wishing to destroy Tibet.
Make no mistake, the Tremondi book is must reading, and I think defending Tibet would go better if it was read, and put into perspective.


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1983 festival at Rajneeshpuram

Wikimedia Commons has made it super easy to post images to the web. Here is a picture of Rajneeshpuram

First and last men

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I fear that Gurdjieff fell under the spell of Nietzsche’s confusions (even as he knew the problems with Nietzsche). In fact, the future evolution of man is totally unknown to Gurdjieff et al.

And Ouspensky’s vulgar The Future Evolution of Man mixed with the Manu code nonsense is beyond belief.

Upside down populism

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The current election cycle in the States is a funny analog to the Gurdjieff situation: we see the way reactionary elites are hard pressed to produce an upside down populism that will attract ‘low class idiots’ (read, democratically minded free men) and make them submit to an elite authority, dressed up by brazen con men as a divine authority.
Gurdjieff was pretty good at that tactic.

The yogi’s jungle and American open spaces

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There is a lost context to these posts on the freight riders world, from Darwiniana several years ago: the efforts by E.J. Gold to imporverish selected student/victims and make them into economic orphans. The constant and repeated voodoo war against many of his undeclared guinea pigs left them unable to cope, street people.

Few grasp what that black magician was up to, with his asshole groupies being none the wiser.

The other context here, for my own thinking, was the search in the great American open spaces for the American equivalent to the yogi’s jungle, the open zones of India where the pursuit of spiritual paths by lone individuals was once possible. The search for that in the American scene is mostly a lost cause, with everything mapped out, controlled by property rights, and generally trashed beyond repair.
Still someone analogous to the India jungles of meditation can be found via the great freight riders world. It is no longer a ‘sacred space’, but perhaps that doesn’t matter to ‘real’ yogi.

The ‘work’ and fascism

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A recipe for fascism

Anyone connected with the Gurdjieff legacy and who is a liberal in their views must watch the political scene critically, and also be aware of the behind the scenes strategies for fascism springing from extreme reactionaries, such as Gurdjieff. These people have been trying to sabotage American democracy for a long long time, and the stupidity of their proxies are clearly visible in the current Tea Party types.

This cabal was rampant in the early twentieth century from many sources, and we know the result.