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Nietzsche and Darwin…and Gurdjieff/Gold

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As noted a number of New Age gurus are crypto-genocidal agents.


Was bhagwan shree Rajneesh poisoned…?

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Was bhagwan shree Rajneesh poisoned by Ronald Reagan”s America?. [Paperback]
Sue Appleton
Just got a new copy of this book. As a murder mystery it is tantalizing. But I think that the sabotage of Rajneesh from so many directions should make us suspicious and reopen the case.
I read this book in the eighties, was convinced, then unconvinced by various counterarguments, but now I am again not so sure. There is something stubbornly wrong in the official accounts, and increasing realization of the corrupt practices of the intelligence agencies (who were rife at the original Oregon site) makes the evidence look suggestive all over again.
In general after Rajneesh the Indian gurus became fearful of coming to the West, and the beginning of the fakes like Andrew Cohen began.


Hubbard’s occult shadow side

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Articles > Volume 126 Issue 1 January/February 2011 >
Inside the mind of Scientology’s Messiah
Twenty-five years after his death, Michael Bywater revisits the sacred texts of the pulp science writer turned prophet L Ron Hubbard
nemo: this analysis of Hubbard/scientology doesn’t really work: they don’t understand Hubbard’s combination of ‘complete jerk’ and successful ‘occultism’ that gave his cult a degree of false authority.
Note: E.J. Gold was an obsessed critic of Hubbard, but a closet imitator. And a very clever upgrade of that crooked cult. Gold, I fear, will never get caught.
Michael Bywater Read the rest of this entry »

Hubbard’s cult a religion??

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The modern transition/Englightenment

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Students of the New Age movement should also be students of modernity and the Enlightenment, which is the ground for the true New Age gestation of future religion/secularism. The crackpot postmodern anti-modernism of so many, down to Andrew Cohen is self-destructive.


The Great Game

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– China’s loss could be India’s gain
Sunanda K. Datta-Ray

We are, as noted here many times, suspicious of the connection of Gurdjieff to the ‘great game’, espionage, and the hidden side of Tibet.


American Veda

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Review of American Veda