Booknotes: Communism and Zen Fire Zen Wind

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http://www.amazon.com/Communism-Zen-Fire-Wind/dp/3893380728/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&s=books&qid=1298915535&sr=1-1: Communism and Zen Fire Zen Wind [Hardcover]
Osho (Author), Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh

We were discussing last week the conservative fraud perpetrated by many New Agers figures, Gurdjieff being one of the worst.

This book by Rajneesh should set the tone for a different discussion, and a challenge to the idiots gurus now peddling reactionary antimodernism (like Andrew Cohen)


The whacko right and the Gurdjieff anti-modern strategy

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One of factors in the stupidity of the right is the hidden esoteric fascism of various anti-modern instigators like Gurdjieff et al. : they want to use the right to undermine democracy, but to do that they have to look like they are supporting democracy, to exploit the rightwing at all. But the injection of stupidity serves to undermine the right that is undermining the left.
That’s one possible way to understand why the action against intelligence turns into a raging mania.

Meanwhile, where is our postmodern pete in all this? As a postmodern fanatic he is clearly against modern democracy: otherwise he should say so.

Out of Africa, and Indian religion

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Spiritual paths

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Note: I am a fan of naturalistic Samkhya and don’t like the word ‘spiritual’,but it does have a limited use. As here.

For the life of me I can’t see why Deepak Chopra, who has an entire tradition of Indic religion under his belt, whatever his understanding or lack of it, hangs around that creepy asshole Andrew Cohen, who is an artificially manufactured fake put there to keep anyone from going astray from establshment (monotheistic) ideology.
Cohen is totally incapable of even writing a book explaining what he is up to in relation to Indian religious history. Actually, it doesn’t matter if his only purpose is to smear jargon around, and hobnob with the usual celebrities.

Indian religion is a great resource, but the odds are against you in a place like America. Find something simple, like meditation, and quietly proceed with that,hoping against hope for the best. The religious establishment, and invisible spirits of Christian domination will destroy your efforts, and figures like E.J. Gold don’t even bother to deny or hide it (he is on record saying he will put very obstacle he can in the way of a spiritual path, presumably to reduce you to a passive idiot ‘under one god’. You would think these nihilist Nietzschean Crowley imitators would see the problem in being fanatic monotheists).

Cohen is ambiguous here, but he is obviously a semi-clone of Da Free John (who also was in the business of destroying spiritual paths, ‘undermining the search’ he called it, the more to make you a passive entity), and a quickie job at the hands of the really vulgar guru who declared him ‘enlightened’ to serve his own agenda (only to withdraw the claim). He will waste your time, and he has dickered around for twenty years, with no result, except to confuse the idea of evolution.
A spiritual path requires stealth and honest cunning, and some decent resources (Raneesh produced hundreds of books as starting material). Stay away from celebrities, assholes like Cohen, and gangsters like E.J. Gold and the Gurdjieff sufies,… The list goes on and on. Buddhism would be your best bet, but there again the Tibetans have destroyed it, and in any case, the Buddhist game is controlled by Bodhissatwas, who aren’t enlightened, and don’t know anything on the subject (try reading the Dalai Lama’s book on enlightenment…a waste of paper?). It is not clear if Cohen, like Da Free John, is a ‘satsang’ fanatic who allows no development and undermines all paths. He is a sneaky bugger, you should be wary of him.

Be humble, lie low, and you can get a lot done anonymously, away from gurus, celebrities, sufi vultures, god cops on the lookout for just such anonymous saddhanas. Like Frodo and the Dark Lord, you have Big Problems once you are detected by the ‘spritual establishment’.

Another option is to go to Indian, and drop dead, hopefully reincarnating as a tantric and/or yogic fakir. Your chances in the West are not good.
You don’t need a guru to proceed spiritually. The whole game is so corrupt you are better off alone.
Indian spiritual psychology is rife with confusion. Schopenhauer is actually much better IF you can disregard his metaphysics of will ( even as you give it some respect, and which may or may not have any truth to it): the issue is to see how Upanishadic thinking is too often a decayed version of the noumenal/phenomenal distinction. (You can also use the Upanishads to understand Schopenhauer)

It is worth watching The Bourne Identity, a movie about a CIA assassin who tried to repent and escape. Despite its sophmoric adolescent thriller framework it is a strange symbolism of rebirth (‘bourne’), attempted self-remembering, and a chilling portrait of the hidden mafia and demonology out to kill you (keep you asleep) as you try to remember. It is not accident that Gurdjieff hinted at all this, and adopted a name of a devil.
You won’t reach enlightenment in this kind of environment. But then again Gautama spoke of the devil(s) who tried to thwart his efforts. He was too rational to believe in devils, but the moments of paranoia at the last stages of his path left their mark.

Andrew Cohen on evolution

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Blurb from Enlightennext mag/blog:

Evolutionary Becoming: A New Orientation (Quote of the Week)
by Andrew Cohen
The notion of evolutionary becoming, or evolutionary emergence, is a very new and unique orientation for the self. It’s hard to even conceive of how different this orientation is from the ways we have traditionally and culturally been conditioned to …

Cohen is peddling a load of baloney on the subject of evolution, as noted here many times. Evolution and a ‘spiritual path’ are not the same thing. It was Blavatsky who seems to have started this confusion, with a literature on the subject of evolution and spirituality that was mendacious and misleading, and therefore useless for any practical purpose.
Andrew Cohen’s strategy here is unclear, pehaps he is simply ‘not too swift’ and in the middle of a dumb mistake.
Evolution must certainly have had a spiritual component, but one, in the spirit of Samkhya, would have been an aspect of nature (so let’s be wary of the term ‘spiritual’), and this must have been present at the dawn of homo sapiens. But we don’t know how that worked, or what happened, and these gurus are as ignorant as anyone else. You can’t be ignorant here, and peddle ‘spiritual enlightenment’ as a path.

The point is that evolution in the real sense is vastly more complex than we know, and there is no better understanding of the subject among self-styled gurus like Cohen who doesn’t know what he is talking about. His hyped evolution thesis is doing a disservice to New Agers and to the public in general. Further, he is too chicken to declare against Darwinism, leaving his usage ambiguous.
OK, Cohen is a fake and a fraud, but what about Gautama Buddha?
The question of human evolution is far larger than most people realize, and absolutely beyond the capacities even of a man like Gautama. Note that evolution is a coming into being of materializing entities, enlightenment going in reverse gear.

Further, Gautama was smack in the middle of the macroevolution we call the Axial Age, and yet he didn’t realize this fact, how could he have?!! But that shows that even enlightened consciousness cannot resolve the mystery of human evolution: the question is an order of magnitude beyond the capacities even of Buddhas.

I think Cohen should drop this theme. He focusses on it obsessively to try and promote his shennanigans, but this approach can only backfire.

Note that while Buddha couldn’t have/didn’t resolve the ‘evolution’ question he was an exemplar of the evolutionary mainline sequence of the eonic effect in its Axial Age phase. His teaching was a reformation of ancient Jain religious forms that no doubt emerged in primordial Axial Ages lost to us.
Whatever the case, the term ‘evolution’ should refer to species level developmental processes, and these are beyond the acitivities of individuals doing spiritual paths.


Darwinism, spirituality, and consciousness

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Integrate the role of consciousness and mind into the scheme of evolution; give Alfred R Wallace his due, writes Mukul Sharma

Darwin was not totally alone in formulating the theory of evolution. The great 19th century naturalist, explorer and biologist Alfred Russel Wallace played an extremely significant and almost equal role in its development. In fact when after years of painstaking work, Darwin was about to sum up and present his thesis to his peers, he was stunned by a letter he received from Wallace where the younger man had independently outlined a similar theory of evolution which was also based on natural selection. So impressed was the great scientist that he immediately suggested the two of them present a joint paper. Which is what happened.

So why has Wallace become the forgotten face of evolution today, to the extent that the very word is now synonymous with “Darwinism”? There are two reasons for this. The first is that Wallace was in many ways a rebel — often without a cause — who championed socio-economic reform, antimilitarism and women’s rights in an era when such views didn’t sit pretty in the heads of the ruling classes. And even though these views may seem politically correct in hindsight, he sometimes also opposed things for the wrong reasons such as vaccination which was just being introduced.

The other reason is that sometime midway along his career path, Wallace suddenly espoused spiritualism. As the well-known American anthropologist and philosopher Loren Eiseley notes, in 1864, Wallace published ‘The Origin of Human Races and the Antiquity of Man Deduced from the Theory of Natural Selection’, applying the theory of evolution to humankind — something that Darwin had not done publicly. In that we find that unlike most other Darwinists, Wallace did not regard modern “primitives” as almost filling the gap between man and ape. Instead, he recognised the development of the human brain as a totally new factor in the history of life.

Therefore, he also maintained that blind natural selection was not sufficient to explain the higher intellectual processes in human beings such as reason, judgement, humour, philosophy and metaphysics. Nor could it account for mathematical, artistic, or musical genius. As he wrote in his book Darwinism, he believed that the “unseen universe of Spirit” had interceded at least three times in history. The first was the creation of life from inorganic matter, the second was the introduction of consciousness in higher animals and the third, the generation of the higher mental faculties in mankind.

Not only that, Wallace increasingly began leaning towards a model of natural development invoking final causes. Meaning that “higher intelligences” could also represent an integral element in the way the large-scale programme of evolution plays out with a purpose, and not merely influences events on Earth. This, along with the separate issue of his growing social conscience has been seen as generating a conflict in his mind regarding the cold reality of the survival of the fittest, and what it might mean in the context of human evolution. Ultimately he believed that the reason the universe existed was for the development of the human spirit. In other words, although he never actually said it, it was the closest he came to pronouncing there was a design element involved.

There’s a two-fold irony in this. Firstly, here was the age of industrialisation and reason which was basically moving away from the dominant influence of the church towards materialistic explanations . . . and here was a man who was perceived to be part of that very movement but who was in fact heading back to earlier modes of “irrational” thought!

Secondly, evolution is no longer thought of as some strictly mechanistic process which progresses like Darwinian clockwork. There are still many unknowns being investigated with the single greatest one being the role of consciousness and mind which is only now being considered seriously by a lot of people. When that is finally integrated into the larger scheme of evolution, perhaps only then will Wallace be given his due credit as a visionary.

Read more: Spiritual theory of evolution – The Times of India http://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/life-style/spirituality/science-of-spirituality/Spiritual-theory-of-evolution/articleshow/7494066.cms#ixzz1DxN8gcqy


New Yorker article on scientology

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The Apostate
Paul Haggis vs. the Church of Scientology.
Read more http://www.newyorker.com/reporting/2011/02/14/110214fa_fact_wright#ixzz1DrgLyjtW


Cohen at Huffpost

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Gurdjieff and the erosion of trust

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The question of teachers reached a turning point with Blavatsky and Gurdjieff: especially the latter.
Gurdjieff did to religion what the CIA did to the American government. The corruption of the whole path lurks as a demonic nemesis.
Actually, we should explore whether or not that was already the case with the deceptive Christianity and Islam.

More later.

Beyond the guru racket

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The guru game is derailing in the West, and it is time to develop a new approach: a spiritual path without gurus. Look at the reality: people cluster around some stupid celebrity hoping for some attention, victims of money scam, and lucky if they get five minutes attention in a decade. Others become concealed victims and never recore their autonomy.

We should adopt the Rajneesh standard: no gurus. That doesn’t mean that ashrams or associations can’t form, for study, interaction, and possible instruction. But the authoritarian guru game is an impostor, and isn’t functional at this point;

Is Andrew Cohen another ‘dracula’ type?

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I have left the Da Free John post in place for a few days.
Now the obvious question: Is Andrew Cohen another ‘dracula’ type?

He is actually too stupid to grasp the way DFJ stole from people.



Da Free John, idiot, godman parody, dracula and fraud

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This balderdash about Da Free John is a bit much. He as a uniquely disgusting slob and dracula parody who was totally unable to produce a ‘religious tradition’. His students are unique in their passive stupidity and acquiescence to a brand of spiritual exploitation.
Rajneesh a generation ago at once warned naive Western seekers against him.
The idea of being a godman is crud at this point. Give me a break.

Comment on ‘Western Paths?’
2011/01/29 at 2:42 am

Distinguishing his from other religious traditions Adi Da declared that he was a uniquely historic incarnation of a god or divinity in human form . As such Adi Da stated that devotional worship of him is the sole means of spiritual enlightenment for others.
Distinguishing his from other religious traditions Adi Da declared that he was a uniquely historic incarnation of a god or divinity in human form . As such Adi Da stated that devotional worship of him is the sole means of spiritual enlightenment for others.

Revolution, the Middle East and Gurdjieff/sufi reactionaries

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Edmund Burke and revolution
At time when revolution has reached the middle east it is important to remember the reactionary character of Gurdjieff, his ‘work’, and, I suspect, sufis in general.

The ‘teaching’ is garbage designed to keep people asleep!

The issue of revolution is complex, and the liberal revolutions of the early modern up to the French Revolution have been ill-served by the later Marxist thinking here. We need to think in terms of liberalism and socialism as parallel and synchronous attempts to define democracy in the period of the
French Revolution and just afterward. Marx’s analysis tended to confuse the issue, as can be seen by the hopeless confusion of the Russian Revolution. These confusions could scramble the initiative toward revolutionary advance in the countries of the Middle East beset by the mystifications of spiritual esotericism hiding the most grotesque reactionaries. And because of the occult dimension here the mischief of these people is often invisible to the naked eye, and very deadly. Another posture, visible in Gurdjieff, is the suggestion that spiritual hierarchies are anti-modern traditionalist, and conservative, or anti-democratic. That is pure crap, and Gurdjieff et al represent nothing whatever except a nihilist demonology that is crypto-atheist, and unafraid of getting caught by the idiots who turn into devoted followers.

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