Expose of EJ Gold

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Remarkable comment with alarming signature on EJ Gold:

suicide@suicide.com 2011/07/17 at 10:37 am
EJ Gold is a dangerous criminal who hides behind the cultural (literary)heritage of his father, his own deceptive spiritual work, the scores of idiots who follow him, and his “connections” with the world of celebrities. I am convinced that his soul is destined to suffer in one of the worst hells, but it would still be nice to see him arrested and put behind bars. Unfortunately it is impossible to prove occult interfences and abuses to a standard court of law. He has hurt enough people though that there is a counter-influence operating against him that will hopefully overpower him before he gets to leave his body.

EJ Gold is a dangerous criminal who hides behind the cultural (literary)heritage of his father, his own deceptive spiritual work, the scores of idiots who follow him, and his “connections” with the world of celebrities. I am convinced that his soul is destined to suffer in one of the worst hells, but it would still be nice to see him arrested and put behind bars. Unfortunately it is impossible to prove occult interfences and abuses to a standard court of law. He has hurt enough people though that there is a counter-influence operating against him that will hopefully overpower him before he gets to leave his body.
Sillykitty parts ways
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This comment expresses what few discover about Gold, who is a clever con man and front, but not in the usual sense. His front is for something dreadful.
He is a self-confessed fascist, supporter of genocide, shadowy occultist, applier of black magic, and a man who exploits former ‘students’ who have briefly passed through his school, that short stay the ‘signed and seaaled’ permission to be exploited off the premises for the remainder of their lives. Note how the ‘current’ crop of dupes stays in the ‘school’ very briefly, and is soon gone, replaced. Dealing with these ‘former’ members is the real point of this occult exploitation.

My strong memore seared into my mind is of the way ‘baraka’ went to those who ‘surrendered’ to nazi total obedience games, and I recall one ‘student’ (Jewish!!), running a spin off group of ‘work’ types with nazi arm bands. Gold sets up but always publicly denounces such things.
It is good to simple refuse allegiance, keep your distance, and void out any ‘work’ connections: they will enslave you.

I once often tried to ‘be fair’ and take a less harsh stance, after all Gold has some seemingly good qualities on the surface. Various sufis have warned me that, while that is true, the harsher judgment is fairer in the end, because of the damage he does to the potential of those he works with. He never produces development in anyone, but always sets people up, and then tries to either ‘iinvultuate’ or ‘feed’ off of them.
The point here is that these are deliberate ‘demonic’ tactics, the ‘work’, in the legacy of G’s Beelzebub. Wish they had never heard of you.

Another comment here today (naive):


  1. douglas wulf said,

    07.02.12 at 4:02 pm

    Note sent to E.J. Gold’s cult


    I’m through now..I hope I fucked with (some) of your heads big-time…I hope you recognize MY TRUTH..that i’;m not lying about any of the abuse I’ve received and revealed..that you care and don’t support that CRAP! That you don’t support the sexual molestation and mental and emotional and phisical torture of children..that sweat-shops and kiddi-porn are not apart of your “real world” plan…and if they are FUCK YOU!

  2. Ali said,

    04.05.13 at 8:08 pm

    Hi there,

    How did you find out this information re: the dangers of E.J Gold. I would like to know more. Thanks

  3. Bobbi Ann Pearson said,

    06.19.13 at 2:28 pm

    I found out about E. J. Gold in 1984 from another fake Work master who died I read in Nov. 2005, thank god, named Jan Cox, but I’m sure that I obsearved that E. J. was already using people, places and things like staffs and systems and families and The system before anybody joined The Work.
    Doing The Work follows using illegal drugs. If somebody were thinking that is a very dangerous cult. I was interested in it for 25 yeas. E. J. hated and used me since I was born (he married off my parents andn’t my mom didn’t even want it because he was so overly excited and wierd and created 5 rapes. He doesn’t tell anybody what he does. He himself was fooled to do that. He was a famous rich aristrcrat and The Work is more satanical than anybody wants (really gross). It’s a particular peculiar thing that is it’s own lies and damag

  4. The Gurdjieff Con » It is a form of evil to experiment on ‘disciples’ said,

    06.20.13 at 1:10 pm

    […] http://www.gurdjieff-con.net/2011/07/18/expose-of-ej-gold/comment-page-1/#comment-41474 The whole game is a horror: Gold does something that is evil: experiments on the usnsuspecting. The response to critics is ‘Do what thous wilt’, bullshit. […]

  5. recovering experimental subject said,

    07.29.13 at 7:49 pm

    My View of E.J. Gold

    Having previously written reactionary diatribes against E.J. Gold, I feel it incumbent on me to give him a more fair assessment from a more balanced state of mind.

    E.J. Gold is dangerous, but as far as I am personally aware he is not a criminal. He has called himself a shaman, a spiritual teacher, a businessman, and an artist. As a young person he emerged from a background of Canadian-American Judaism and the Gurdjieffian “Fourth Way School,” and he has also professed a later affinity for Sufism; however, he seems to have abandoned any exoteric orthodoxy in his practices. For ideologues, this may appear to constitute religious malpractice; however, for individuals sincerely intent on living through an immediate or accelerated approach to the Divine Mythos (Cf. R. Panikkar: “Myth, Faith, Hermeneutics”) or, put another way, to those intent on efforts to interact with beings on levels of consciousness more expansive than the average human level, this type of superficial “apostasy” may rather appear to be a mark of integrity of purpose by un-attachment to dogma (especially in the light of many modern hypocrisies perpetrated in the names of various religions). In my view, and in my personal experience, he does represent something akin to a mystagogue, i.e. an active initiator to the Mysteries — inasmuch as I can claim any actual participation in the Mystical milieux — while prior to meeting him I had received something of a conceptual initiation through the books of Dane Rudhyar.

    What does this mean? It is hard to say. Traditionally, and in actual fact, the Mysteries are impossible to explain or to “pin down” in any way, even though in our times much has been exposited about them — hence the name: Mysteries.

    It is widely known that much esoteric and historically secret information regarding the occult dimensions of religious experience is now easily available to any lay reader with enough interest and intelligence to find and assimilate it. However, it is also widely known that there has been a concomitant extroverted spread of falsity and misinformation posing as occult knowledge equally, or perhaps much more readily, available. This is part of the danger of undertaking studies of this kind, but the more potent danger lies in the misuse of genuine knowledge.

    Back to Mr. Gold: I have no qualms with his self-designated roles of artist and businessman, although the traditional and apparently valid prohibition on mixing business pursuits with occultism indicates the increased risk of malpractice here.

    For me, personally, the designation of E.J. Gold as a spiritual teacher is problematic, while I admit that he may possibly perform that role for some other individuals in a potentially valid way. I prefer to think of him as skilled occultist practitioner with potential mystagogical capabilities. It may seem that this is just playing with words, but it represents a real though subtle difference. A generous assessment might say that some of his activities verge towards charlatanry, and he displays a pronounced penchant for trickery. One particular example (stemming from his mixing of business pursuits with occult work) is his advertisement of his “services” and “tools”. The dressing up of mysticism as an entertainment pursuit while completely disregarding the dire seriousness and danger of it can lead to problems, especially for the naive.

    Calling this shamanism may also be rather misleading, although I am not qualified to speak about that — having never had any experience with traditional shamanism — but the term “shamanism” to me carries the connotation of a certain modality of occult healing, whereas a quasi-mystagogical induction of altered states of consciousness poses certain dangers. The shock of altered states of consciousness can be a devastating experience which may in some cases irrevocably destroy the psyche of someone who is naive or unprepared for such a shock. It could pose a genuine and ultimately beneficial opportunity for someone who is prepared and can assimilate it in such a way, but it is solely destructive otherwise.

    I have heard Mr. Gold admit candidly in conversation that his motives are questionable. This, in itself, is reason enough for me personally to deny any affiliation with him as a “spiritual teacher.” However, as I slowly recover from and assimilate my own series of “mystical shocks,” I can hopefully recover enough distance from his occult snares to see him more clearly and objectively; and therefore, I would not disparage him but rather respect his skills as an artist, his knowledge as an occultist, and his charisma as a story-teller. In short, I do appreciate the opportunity to have met him; and I also appreciate my non-attachment to, and distance from, him. But I would not recommend to anyone else to get involved with him unless they were prepared for genuine spiritual danger.

    After reading the above comments, I would also add that there is much truth to the concept of the “Armor of Righteousness” referred to in the New Testament.

  6. recovering experimental subject said,

    07.29.13 at 9:39 pm

    Dear Sir or Madam,

    I have noticed that you have quickly removed my recent post.
    I am the same person who 2 years ago posted the above comment on this thread starting with Suicide#9. As my present chosen “name” indicates, I am recovering from my negative experiences related to ej gold, and I felt I should post a comment from a more balanced state of mind in the interest of actual truth and fairness.

    Since you so quickly removed my recent post, I feel it is not too much to ask that you also remove my initial post at the top of this thread (i.e. the one beginning “suicide #9,” written in a severely deranged state of mind).
    If you will not comply with this simple and fair request, you will in truth be exposing yourself and this website to be as much of a hypocrisy as the independent occultists whose mistakes and villainies you so violently decry. I am an honest person who has suffered much. But I am not going to commit suicide, and when I recently found this post that I had previously made I felt ashamed to see it as it does not accurately reflect the truth of my objective state of mind but rather a moment of temporary derangement. Please remove the suicide #9 post.

    Thank you

  7. recovering experimental subject said,

    07.29.13 at 10:16 pm

    okay, that is fine, you may leave it, as long as you also leave the new post. and add this postscript:
    The usage of the terms “quasi-mystagogical” and “potential mystagogical capabilities” in the above post indicate that the alterations (quasi-expansion) of consciousness in the experiences referred to were genuine to a degree, but more “dirty” than “clean”, if one may say it that way, and quite painful. In my view, trickery and business pursuits have no valid place in fully genuine mystagogy as one might find in the vicinity of skilled mystagogues operating ethically in various orthodox religious settings. However, for someone like me who had never met a mystagogue in any orthodox setting and also as one who felt very despairing of all the religious hypocrisies, my thirst for the Divine Mythos led me for some reason to ej gold’s door. When I explain to close friends why I went to EJ Gold, I find myself saying something along the lines of “I consider it to be a mistake, but perhaps for me a necessary mistake.” I spent 14 months living nearby and working with his group in 2006-2007, but I am no longer affiliated with him or them in any way.

    On a more general note, I do feel generally despairing of the widespread “off-beat” religious abuses and cult abuses just as much as about abuses by some clergy of more staid religious institutions. The current religious climate is very difficult. I think that the orthodox or traditional religions are still valid and valuable, but the fracturing of the Christian church for example and its famous abuses, not to mention the terrorisms of extremists of all stripes has made it very hard in many cases to trust anyone professing any kind of religion. Also if the local clergy are not skilled mystagogues, a person is much more liable in their spiritual seeking to be deceived by a mystical experience induced by a deviant operator.

  8. recovering experimental subject said,

    07.29.13 at 10:27 pm

    One final postscript:

    Regarding removal of posts: It is tempting when one is enflamed by vigilance in a cause to close one’s mind to opposing or diverging viewpoints. However, one must always remember to be fair or the real cause of the cause gets obscured and not well served. There was a quote by Rene Guenon in one of his books that said something to the effect of: “Those who think that they are fighting the devil are often his most valuable tools.” I think it is good to keep this in mind.

  9. recovering experimental subject said,

    07.30.13 at 12:03 am

    One more thing:

    I just want to make it clear that although I am trying to be fair and objective, I am in no way endorsing EJ Gold. Actually, I would recommend to anyone reading this to not even spend any time on any of his websites because, for one thing, I am convinced that he and some of his cronies are highly skilled computer hackers, even though I cannot prove this because I am not technologically savvy.

  10. nemo said,

    07.31.13 at 12:09 pm

    I don’t think I removed any post from you: keep in mind that I am very busy and often stay away from this blog for a week at a time.
    so if your comment doesn’t appear, I am sorry for the delay in approving the post. Once you have one post approved you should be able to comment easily.

  11. The Gurdjieff Con » Another expose of gold… said,

    07.31.13 at 12:32 pm

    […] http://www.gurdjieff-con.net/2011/07/18/expose-of-ej-gold/comment-page-1/#comment-42108 Another poignant, and incoherent, attempt to decipher Gold. Don’t bother to decipher him. He has almost nothing to say, and can’t even handle subjects he copies, as from Ospensky. […]

  12. recovering experimental subject said,

    08.09.13 at 10:30 pm

    yes, actually, I don’t know why I felt the urge to comment yet again. actually I wouldn’t mind if you deleted all of my previous comments. rarely if ever do I make a comment on the internet that I don’t later regret.

  13. Bobbi Pearson said,

    09.10.13 at 1:13 pm

    He’s still there.

  14. Jake said,

    05.22.15 at 4:08 pm

    LMAO at the fools attacking Gold… none have the courage to meet with him face to face… fools and cowards.

  15. nemo said,

    05.23.15 at 6:04 am

    LMAO? what’s that. You sound like Gold wants to meet anyone face to face. He is heavily protected behind a near phalanx of protection.
    So the lack of courage is on the other side. I can think of dozens of critics who would be more than happy to confront this coward who uses black magic behind his protectors against powerless people who have no proof he has mindfuck3ed screwed, invultuated, quite possibly ‘murdered’

    It is not foolish to attack fascists, who believe in genocidal mass murder.

  16. nemo said,

    08.13.15 at 9:37 am

    I am told that Gold and his disciple(s) are ditching the Gurdjieff world for a path of another kind…noone can handle the sufi gangster covers…

    Show me evidence of what Goldi is up to as of now?

  17. RJ Seitz said,

    05.09.17 at 9:01 am

    i was turned off by the emphasis on money and complete lack of presence or charisma. look at krishnamurti or tolle and then look at gold. he rambles on like a guy that took too much acid. don’t give me some shit about the dude hiding his presence, he looks the same in every video or talk- dazed and confused. not surprised he grew up rich, must be nice and daddy’s money must have helped him establish himself.

    the real talent there in club ej is his assistant claude. someday that guy will take over and it will be the best thing that ever happened to that group.

    i know a real awakened guy- he could be rich if he wanted to, but he lives in a van in the desert refusing to cause a fuss about himself or be worshipped. instead of looking like he’s on acid, he makes you feel like you are on acid.

    if you want the work, go find the real thing. nicest people around,
    and they never asked for a

  18. Robert Seitz said,

    05.10.17 at 12:59 am

    my previous comment was not useful. tell gold to play the mother series.

  19. nemo said,

    05.12.17 at 7:12 am

    sorry for delay in approving…thanks for feedback…

  20. nemo said,

    05.14.17 at 6:33 am

    Gold has come in for a lot of criticism here but I never claimed he didn’t have some strange form of consciousness with an occult angle. It has been a long time since I saw this person but over the years have been subjected to his malevolent actions.
    It is possible he ‘lost’ it. Consider Osho’s Beyond Enlightenment, his depiction of ‘buddhas’ ‘losing it’.
    He has also taken a lot of hits from this source. His reputation has suffered perhaps…In general I warn people to be wary of sufism: it can be a deadly field of vipers…
    You should be wary of this man, and read my book Debriefing Gurdjieffianity.

  21. Mike said,

    05.30.18 at 6:41 pm

    Everything said against Gold here is non/specific Slander, personal attack’s on Gold. What proof, specifically does anyone have??

  22. mm said,

    06.25.18 at 10:06 am

    Gold is an extraordinaire teacher he is a man with many talents and wrote many books on the human development , art and music jewelry and much more. Enjoy his great work!

  23. nemo said,

    06.27.18 at 11:36 am

    Gold easily confuses people/groupies with a kind mesmerizing aura that produces conversion in beginners. But over and over disillusion sets in with the realization that none of his followers has any real path whatsover. And whatever path they might try to invent, gold attacks with a ‘denying force’ argument. Gold i suspect does have a series of hidden followers involved in obscure projects: one i suspect is related to a group of jewish fascists who sourced as his students and then became entangled in a global conspiracy against democracy. We see this bearing fruit in our own time, consider mr. trump. Figures like gold have telepathic/hypnotic powers, and one can only speculate the even worse mind control tactics of sufis, tibetans, and others. It stuns the imagination to think what mischief they could inflict on a politician under their spell. Gold cleverly denounces students who move into these thought to be the real esotericism, bullshit. I can’t be sure however if gold is actually a fascist. But the whole new age movement is entangled in the occult fascism that manufactured hitler. So the trump redux phenom has a shadowy antecedent…
    that these gurus wish to destroy modernity and democracy should make anyone with sense stay away from them.
    Pick up a book on raja yoga and secretly re-write it into different language, that’ all you need and you don’t need a guru…
    Gold contrary to what you say has written nothing but the most idiotic and useless books and has the intellect of a peanut. He is a total bullshitter with no connection to anything.
    Such people arise from a combination of arrested raja yoga, occult power search and crowly style black magic. The older books depicting the ‘left hand path’ are nonsense but they point to something we don’t understand, but which we see in figures like gurdjieff/gold.

    Stay away from such people, but at least never surrender your will. If you do you are dead sooner or later…

    I have suffered forty years of black magic from this shit head jewish sufis (with contempt for christians) but couldn’t prove a thing in court.
    It is the terrible reality of the new age movement whose verdict is to pass on…this movement arose in the enlightenment as a sideshow of historical study (cf. schopenhauer) and was never a ‘new age’ anything, but an old age senile movement repeating garbled versions from the past.

  24. The Gurdjieff Con » Comment on Gold said,

    06.27.18 at 11:42 am

    […] nemo on Expose of EJ Gold […]

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