Harris again on ‘death’, and, time to kick the false ‘mindfulness’ habit

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Harris again on ‘death’, and, time to kick the false ‘mindfulness’ habit//darwiniana.com
http://whyevolutionistrue.wordpress.com/2012/06/24/sam-harris-on-death/: Harris video…

I haven’t watched this video and am responding to first paragraph: the basic assumptions here are false, and I would add, Harris is corrupting mindfulness meditation with his, and others’ bullshit sophistries about its effectiveness for useless goals.

The question of fear of death is not solved by religion, so I am puzzled by the need for this. Many atheists have transcended such fear as well as many religionists. But, by and large, theists and atheists must surely suffer such fear in parallel but roughly equal forms.
If anything the fear of death in a ‘buddhist’ can spring from a sense of being unprepared for the equivalent of a space shuttle launch without training. So the knowledge of the reality of immortality can actually increase fear of death.

The question of uncertainty haunts theists and atheists both, and those who operate with assumptions about death don’t not, mostly, act dogmatically: like Socartes, the question of death is a deep mystery even to those who consider life to be a vehicle in a larger framework.
It is simply metaphysically bad science to dogmatize about immortality and the after-death state, given the complex human legacy here. The balanace of the laughably thin evidence tends to suggest that man has a soul, and that this relates to the issue of immortality. Beyond that it is hard to arrive at certainties.
As to mindfulness, it would seem time to drop the ‘mindfulness’ bad habit as it is promoted by prejudiced figures like Harris, whose deeper intent is to coopt meditation and the path to enlightenment with a bullshit version of mindfulness.

The divorce of meditation from the path to enlightenment is not the least of the destructive tactics adopted by Harris.
What’s with this guy?


  1. Krishan Bhattacharya said,

    06.24.12 at 5:20 pm

    My, my, how far astray have you gone.

    You say “The question of fear of death is not solved by religion”.

    Well, it certainly doesn’t solve it. The point is that people have this fear, the fear of death and the anguish of losing loved ones. People turn to religion because it help people deal with that suffering. It does this by giving a terrible answer – that death is an illusion. Some people believe this so strongly that they can happily commit suicide in the prime of their lives. Remember
    those nineteen men who flew into the World Trade Center?

  2. nemo said,

    06.26.12 at 10:09 am

    You misunderstood my clipped language. Religion provides many venues toward transcending fear of death. Whether it succeeds is not clear

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