Profits in damnation, and the Beelzebub/Xtian rackets

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More on religion, and Sw. Rajneesh

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Swami Rajneesh ebook// Osho legacies, a first enlightened buddha

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I stumbled on Swami Rajneesh just a day or so ago, and find his ebook of great interest: http://www.oshorajneesh.net/osho_rajneesh_ebook/Tears_of_The_Mystic_Rose_English_ebook.pdf,and its author a bit of a puzzle.
But even a very skeptical stance would have to see the path of enlightenment in action.


My prediction about the Rajneesh/macro-Jain lineage to come is being confirmed, faster than I thought.

It is not my place to vouch for anyone, but I can simply link to an interesting spiritual biography.


Swami Rajneesh != Osho Rajneesh?

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The previous link was from google, and clicking on the image in the page went here: http://www.oshorajneesh.net/

This is not Osho Rajneesh, save in content, but from ‘Swami Rajneesh’, who is…?

Please comment if you can….

Public domain Gurdjieff photos?

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I am getting ready to do a book/ebook on the issues of The Gurdjieff Con, but the lack of accessible photographs is telling. However, I notice that a few of the legacy photographs are prior to 1925, therefore public domain. Anyone who has an insight here, feel free to comment.

Illuminati, and the occult paranoia of the right (and left)

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Booknotes: Illuminati by Makow

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I put a link on facebook saying I had ordered this book: Illuminati, and justly received a short howl of protest, but my intent was something else: when 9/11 exposes are denounced as conspiracies the good and the bad are mixed together. Looking at this book I have to shake my head in disbelief, the worst part being, not the conspiracy theories, which are atrocious enough, but the good data cast away into a morass of bad data, with a take on Zionism, Jewish banking, and Judaism in general (from a Jewish writer?) that will send Israel fans and most Jews into ballistic mode. What was actually, it appears, a powerful expose and indictment of Israel’s propaganda deceptions over the years is thrown away on a species of bad scholarship that any proponent of Israel would almost welcome as proof of Zionist sanity by comparison. The whole book backfires, but since such books sell, perhaps the author no longer cares.

I may elect to give it a one/two star review at Amazon (but why bother?) in order to make a quite different point about the eonic effect: conspiracy theories in general are one thing, but the Illuminati issue is actually a tricky question, with at least some good historical evidence, starting with the obvious: this movement actually existed in real time…
The tide of modern revolution is a non-random occurrence in world history, and the careful analysis of the eonic effect shows what this means.
Anyone who didn’t know that would tend to confuse the surging revolutionary tide with some kind of hidden conspiratorial action, missing the point completely.

The point here is that if you strip away ALL of the later idiocy about this ‘cult’, which is an extreme form of the reactionary literature denouncing the French Revolution, a la Edmund Burke, and/or the rise of liberal culture, what you have is an incident in the emergence of the democratic revolution, whose timing is, if you study the eonic effect, spookily non-random and clustered near the so-called Great Divide. Small wonder that reactionaries hallucinate a conspiracy. The timing of the climax to the modern transition is almost uncanny once you unravel the eonic effect. So the appearance of the Illuminati is simply an aspect of that tide of emergent modernist effects. All the later stuff is mostly paranoid accretion, and really sloppy thinking.
There is of course one other aspect here to the question: the association with the Rosicrucians, then the Freemasons: any association with these is the road to instant speculative excess, and the real history of the Freemasons is so muddled as to be nearly beyond factual clarification. And this rubs off on the question of the Illuminati.
Since radical masonry, if real, rapidly became rightist esotericism fascism in gestation, the paranoia is apparently deserved on both sides.
I cannot rule out anything about successors to the Illuminati, claiming their mantle, and it is from this later legacy that most of the crackpot stuff is associated. I could be wrong here, but I think the original movement has been the source of nearly fantastic distortions. A secretive group in non-democratic Germany inspired by the French Revolution deserves better than Burkean fulmination.

Check out the eonic effect, with its Great Divide, and the Discrete Freedom Sequence at history-and-evolution.com with links to each section/chapter online….

My principal point is that the macro effect in world history is far too broad and elusive for the kinds of esoteric groups peddled by these theorists to compete with. The two are often confused by conspiracy theorists, but they are completely different. Very little, close to none, of modernity was created by esoteric groups, nonetheless caught up in the tidal wave, the only real succes being on the right, by reactionary anti-modernists, and the groups who seeded later fascism.
Setting the record straight is hard, perhaps hopeless, at this point. But a look at the eonic effect shows that all the really creative aspects of modernity spring from a different source.


Link to Amazon review of ‘Evolutionaries’

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Review of ‘Evolutionaries’

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Review of evolution book

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Darwinian deceptions on human evolution, July 27, 2012
By John C. Landon “nemonemini” (New York City) – See all my reviews
Amazon Verified Purchase(What’s this?)
This review is from: Science and Human Origins (Paperback)
Although I am wary of ‘Trojan horse’ tactics from Darwin critics trying to bring in ID issues on the basis of the flaws in Darwinism, I would suggest reading this book (armed with some form of self-defense with respect to design confusions). This is not as such a rejection of the design argument in human evolution, simply an observation that the Christian brand based on the Bible is not going to work.
That said, the literature from mainstream science blogs and other sources attacking this book is infuriatingly obtuse, or else deceitful. You could actually use a second opinion from these ID critics. Ignore the ID, and consider the way the standard account fails.
The fact is that the book sinks the conventional account in the first few pages, never to recover. These arguments are updates of the Fred Hoyle style statistical objections to random genetic evolution. The point is clear that the transition to homo erectus is not explained, nor is that to human status.
These objections apply just as well to many evolution arguments in general, but the discussion here is a reminder that Darwinism simply cannot deal with human evolution: this is not a rejection of evolution but of natural selection.

The question of human evolution has no resolution in Biblical terms either, so, as usual, the useful critiques of Darwin are subject to religious innuendoes. I think the design argument here could take another form, and must deal with the complexity of the human instrument (visible in Buddhist accounts, for example). Noone can explain the human nature they claim has evolved.
For another discussion consider the reviewer’s Descent of Man Revisited Descent of Man Revisited World History: The Hidden Clue to Human Evolution

Great Grandson Of L. Ron Hubbard Blasts Scientology

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Great Grandson Of L. Ron Hubbard Blasts Scientology
By – – CBS
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Manchurian candidates

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We have discussed this here several times (not this case) in terms of MKULTRA style covert action and the related but totally different effect in occult/spiritual circles, especially sufi mafia telepathic invasion and control of victims (I would not exempt Indian gurus). Sirhan seems the first type. Adolf Hitler is rumored to a case of the second type.
In spiritual circles you will get found out, and sooner or later attempts at outside intervention will try to liberate victims (don’t count on it). The veil of secrecy in fascist occult buddhism is impenetrable.


In June 1968, Sirhan Sirhan shot Kennedy dead in the kitchen of the Ambassador Hotel in Los Angeles, moments after he had clinched victory in the California Democratic primary for that year’s presidential election.

Sirhan, a 24-year-old Palestinian, cried “I did it for my country” when arrested. He kept diaries detailing his hatred of Kennedy for promising military support for Israel, a year after the region’s Six-Day War.

Yet Sirhan’s lawyer claims he was programmed to shoot the politician while under hypnosis.

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Teleology, epochs, and the Indic religious mainline beyond ‘hinduism’

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The issue of teleology is really about the form that it takes, as a succession of epochs, the Axial Age being the onset of one such era. It is important to consider that Indian religion is bound up in the progression of epochs, and to rescue the core of Indian religion from its Hindu distortions

World history, teleology, and scientific flatlanderhood
The difficulty of visualizing world history
http://descentofmanrevisited.com/Chap_3_commentary.htm, with PDF link to full text….

People have a hard time with the ‘macro effect’ visible in world history: the evidence is conclusive for some kind of developmental logic, but it is unfamiliar to most people, whose first impression is often wrong.
There is a real problem with summarizing such a huge data set, and general knowledge of world history is very low.
In any case, the core data of the Axial Age (which is hard enough for most, given scientific stonewalling) makes no sense in isolation, and forces the issue of a larger set of ‘axial’ intervals, which leads to a suspicion about teleology, the one thing scientists are going to deny to the bitter end.


Eurocentrism vs Eastern anti-modernism

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Niall Furguson’s brain dead Eurocentric intellectual thuggery

From the Ruins of Empire by Pankaj Mishra – review
What did Asia’s thinkers make of western colonialism, asks Julia Lovell

Debates about the rise of the modern west (and corresponding decline of the east) remain a fertile source of historical polemic. Such oppositional historiography – the idea of a head-on clash of civilizations, with a clear winner and loser – seems to hold a perennial appeal in terms of both its simplicity and its drama of antagonism. Last year, Niall Ferguson – in his pugnaciously titled Civilization: The Six Ways the West Beat the Rest – brought the subject back into sharp media focus. “The rise of the west,” he argued, “is the pre-eminent historical phenomenon of the second half of the second millennium after Christ. It is the story at the very heart of modern history. It is perhaps the most challenging riddle historians have to solve.”

I have discussed this kind of issue dozens of times here, and elsewhere, but the mainstream scholar-phonies refuse to snap out of their Eurocentric economic-imperial mindset. The Easter critics are also often clueless.

To be fair, it is hard to grasp the ‘eonic effect’ which sheds immense light on this confusion over the rise of the West. But there is no other way to bet past the kind of arrogant posturing of people like Ferguson.

The rise of the west is distinct from the secondary economic and imperial dominance that appeared in its wake and basically spoiled the whole of modernity.
The real modern transition moved toward a new level of civilization, beyond nationalism, empire, and economic domination.
More later on this:
go to the history-and-evolution site and study the whole eonic effect, and the way a temporary dominance tends to attempt the core areas of the transition zones.
This is not the best starting point for reading WHEE, but it contains the gist of the trap people like Ferguson fall into when trying to analyze modernity, and the West:


Beyond guruism, a corrupted institution

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The point here about the ‘guru question’ is that the institution of guruism has been so abused as to be no longer viable. You can see how that institution remorphed into something else with Gurdjieff and people like EJ Gold whose use the hint of guruism to prey on those who fall in the trap.
The status of guru can never be that of magical power over individuals, cannibalism, or of the abuse of telepathies to program psychological illness or death spirals. The emergence and spread of such pathological guruism is the end of the line for the whole game. Fight back, and seek enlightenment alone.
You can always confer with sources of wisdom, but surrender is a corrupted format. Simple friendship is enough.
The purpose of the guru is not domination, police work applied to lower castes, rightwing attacks on modern freedom, or any of the rest of it, now stewing in the brains of the laughing stocks calling themselves gurus, sheiks, or any other category (including psychotherapeutic rackets).

All the work of gurus, in the real, ancient sense, was simply a ‘smile’ given to a passing seeker, in the forest.
Not much more.