How would Jesus vote?

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How would Jesus vote? Take a chance, he is probably so far to the left he probably wouldn’t vote. Don’t take right wing claims on Jesus lying down. They will flee in panic when they see for the first time who they are dealing with.

We linked to this already today (at Darwiniana), but it is of interest to consider the issue of the political in the New Testament…
In fact, there is not enough there to really create a foundation for anything. We have tried anyway here with our multiple posts on ‘ultra far left communist xtianity’:

This set of ideas wishes to claim some form of leftist religion against its cooptation by a truly demonic right wing.
Communism would make a really good initiative for a new radical Xtianity, IF such Xtians can free themselves from the astral entanglement with reactionary forms of religious traditionalism. Telepathic hypnosis by rogue sufis trying to create political dummies makes the Manchurian candidate syndrome look amateur. The old left was totally blind to the occult. No acccident sufis like Gurdjieef rushed into the Bolshevik scene to try and assess a reaction formation, as a spiritual teaching no less. Within a few years his disciple Ouspensky had a tract in print promoting the law of caste. The whole idea of the ‘work’ was a gimmick to analyze labor, and make a spiritual duty of the extraction of surplus value.

But those people can only fight battles, and probably lose them. The fight must be waged: the deeper core of Xtianity will support you. Liberals watching the downfall of all their achievements in the USA should be alert to this brand of tactics, almost invisible to the naked eye. And the variant in Madion Avenue mass suggestion is close to being a science.
A little awareness will go a long way to defeating these tactics, if the response is timely. But at the point that control dummies like the Tea Party dupes go mainstream, the fight is lost. And materialist leftists are totally blind in this situation. Not that anyone else is savvy. Note, at least,that the dupes of the right must be kept stupid: there’s the angle to their defeat.
Although I was sincere in recommending Xtian communism I could almost never hope it could happen: there is too much ultra rightwing spirituality in existence, and it can be deadly: reactionary Tibetan Buddhists, Sufis, for example, are worse than deadly, they are trying to destroy all the freedoms of modern liberal civilization. Gurdjieff claiming the mantle of esoteric Xtianity couldn’t even bring himself to denounce slavery. His dipshit chief disciple wrote a book defending the Indian system of caste, to the undying gratitude of chauvinist Brahmin Hindus.
A problem here is that figures like Gurdjieff have broken the old rules, which disallowed occult Xtianity. The result of fighting back would be something not in the mainline of Xtian churches. The dangers of demonic devolution are great, but have already destroyed the right.

So an ultra far left Xtian should be ready for a really nasty fight, as were the abolitionists. A good start would be to denounce Xtian market cults outright, then to consider brands of Xtian socialism, then communism. Beyond that the esoteric right is a dangerous and demonic realm, ready and able to try and program naïve liberals with conservative seeds, thus wrecking everything. Since they have managed to get Tea Party retards to kiss the ass of the rich in the midst of their poverty, I wouldn’t overestimate the chances of a radical religion. Rightists have long learned how to steal religion for crowd control. But real religion is always radical.
We are seeing these tactics in action in politics, as the game shifts to the right. So I am not sure if it could ever work. Atheists communists ought to sincerely jumpstart a new brand of Xtianity, if they can find an opening beyond historical materialism to the ‘spiritual’, with or without god belief (How about ‘leftist’ materialist Samkhya, thousands of years old? It is actually the source of most religion. Ever heard of the Trinity? It is pure Samkhya coopted for theism).The latter should be a sign the current ‘god’ thinking of Xtians isn’t the point anyway. So, while Xtian atheism is not the right approach, it is by no means a contradiction in terms. An atheist here would without trouble be able consider equallty theism/atheism.

Best to get started because the Xtian religion is heading down the tubes at the moment. And it cannot survive the rightist blend now being used to fight class warfare no less. So if there is to be any Xtianity at all it might well something renewed on the ultra far left.

Don’t be afraid. If you get entangled with the ghosts of Gurdjieff Sufis, or Buddhist Nazis, a higher help will come to your aid, beyond you awareness, perhaps…

Today’s homework, rewrite Onward Christian Soldiers for Xtian commies, and get Chris Hedges on video singing it for Youtube
And it is worth remembering that Buddhism was originally a revolutionary movement.


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