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Why evolution theories stall

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BZ text: Part III chap 22 Acute Differences…

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Acute Differences over the Doctrines

VOICING the lament of many a devotee, Vaman Pandit,

a famous Maratha poet, in his commentary on the
Bhagavad-Gita, says: “0 Blessed Lord, in this Kaliyuga (Corrupt
Age) everyone interprets the Gita according to his OWn views;
everyone on some pretext or other gives a different meaning to
the Gita but I do not like their doing this, though they are
great.”! The Pandit should have known that more than any-
one else the Blessed Lord was Himself responsible for it because
the differences over intepretation are inherent in the teachings
of the Gita. No sooner was the poem accepted as a holy text
in orthodox circles than it started to be interpreted to his
advantage by every teacher intent upon spreading his set of
ideas among the people. By the very nature of things such
men had to concentrate on the belief or tenet more acceptable to
them in the entire range of thoughts in the Gita, to the
exclusion of all the others. Indeed, it became the main task
of the commentator to show that every utterance in the divine
dialogue supported his theme and if properly studied betrayed
no contradiction or inconsistency. Read the rest of this entry »