Gurdjieff foundation on Secret Talks

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All That Glitters…
Crazy Wisdom and Entrepreneurialism in the Spiritual Schools of E. J. Gold: http://www.gurdjieff-legacy.org/40articles/glitters.htm:this is the info on ‘Secret Talks’ that I was looking for.
This is a reasonable discussion of Gold, but to bring in the ‘crazy wisdom’ excuse in the wake of the shoddy and pretentious procession of New Age instant junk peddled by Gold doesn’t wash. What of Crazy Wisdom after the students go crazy and have no further help from the sufi cocaine/spiritual cannibalism of these predestigators. Where do the victims go to complain. The New Age better be over at this point, as we help the human refuse left behind by figures such as Gold.

The fetish of ‘crazy wisdom’ teaching is beyond me at this point. I have been forced to live through and don’t find scholars like Feuerstein helpful in the least. I think the point has been missed, not that i really understand this (each phase seen by the participants is but a small part of the larger mystification): this was an upgrade of things like Scientology, an earlier and completely stupid ‘dosing sufi cocaine’ in a psychopath to create an experiment, with a large ‘karmic’ residue: a permanent movement of idiots trying to create a religion. I think with Gold an attempt was made by the same hidden sufis to study this problem, and try their luck with Jewish smarts (but Gold was a complete idiot, afraid of smart Gentiles), to achieve something better, with a series of rapidly appearing/disappearing pseudo-schools, all of them so stupid or undocumented noone would pick them up for permanent movements. But what was the point. Everything Gold did was a farce. And there was one strain few have seen: a strange Nazi/fascist genocidal theme: the path of mass death to feed the planet. That subsection never appeared on the charts of such as the Gurdjieff Foundation’s analysis. I found that aspect a strange puzzle, especially since it was carried out on the sidelines by his hidden groups of Jewish favorites, who ended up with Nazi armbands. What was that?

I thought once (I had a brief contact with Gold’s shennanigans from 1975 to about 1977). The result was so confusing that I feel out of the economy for three years, and was helped by a study of marxism: the left will settle this in the end, because it is a set of experiments in mind control, soon to be crowd control, soon to be another massacre staged with sufi baraka, etc., etc… It is clear now that Gurdjieff was a superreactionary, appearing at the moment of the Russian revolution to study the chances of counterrevolution in the Big sense: a rightwing takeover of modernity. Maybe Gold’s fascist phase echoed that. It wasn’t in character, so who knows.
Let me say that if this is unfair Gold has had decades to set the record straight, five minutes of honesty would do it, but the reality is that there is no mindfuck like Nazi occult mind fuck, and it is an experiment crazy wisdom addicts fall into finally. And it goes all the way into the mystery of degenerate ‘buddhism’ in the medieval period.

In any case, we must wrest the myth of gurus and spiritual sheiks from the clutches of baraka addicts. The result here has been a big zero, and Idries Shah warned of this: what’s the final tally? In Gold’s case, I see no benefit. Zero. It is a waste of breath to call this unfair. What of the victims? Gold will get away with a legacy of spiritual sufi. While the victims struggle to find a real path. It is ultimately a Nietzschean parody: mindfuck the ‘last men’, fuck their brains out for good baraka. The disciples are animals and riffraff and deserve nothing.

This theme was attractive behind the scenes from Gurdjieff onward in the creation of neo-liberal counterrevolution (Gurdjieff was a minor player here): we see the strain emerging in the renewed contempt on economic class issues of conservatives newly emboldened to class warfare of the most open and ugly type. The ‘work’ was always a crypto-capitalist con with the many new age groups clearly based on free disciple labor. We barely see the seeding of this process by figures such as Gurdjieff, who was a peasant taken up by hidden elites to do their dirty business, in the ‘spiritual’ sideline: we are maybe a little unfair: he was a fellow traveler who couldn’t quite keep the secret. And his disciple Ouspensky went into near panic near, a reactionary himself. It didn’t add up to him. The hidden figures we have never seen we can at best reconstruct from the misleading case of Gurdjieff. Being an enslaved pseudo-master operating on a Faustian bargain with sufi cocaine/baraka, he must have been tempted to break ranks, give the game away, and the evidence shows he did just this, sort of. It is interesting the J.G. Bennett, always close-lipped and obedient let slip a modernist, even hidden communist, mindset. He concealed it well, and wasn’t ‘discovered’.
In any case most of the New Age work is incapable, as we suggested in the previous posts, of any real spiritual depth. It is all ‘feeding the vampire’ of dead movements, like sufism, hinduism, and even almost, buddhism, which however seems destined for ‘death and rebirth’ in a new age of modernity. All the spiritual trash, as with sufism, is just flotsam of Egyptian (et al.) gnosticism and its dead vampires of false spirituality.

My marxist friend had much of the narrowness of dogmatic marxism, but he sized up the process of people like Gurdjieff almost immediately. The idea of the ‘work’ has never recovered from that moment of insight, and it is obvious the ‘work’ is a phony cover from class warfare.

The puzzle of the Illuminati

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I didn’t mean to denigrate Rosicrucianism in the previous post. But the study of the eonic effect leaves the issues of gnostic history unsolved. It is all I suspect ‘cultural trash’ floating down the stream from some unknown first appearance in the late Neolithic. ???
The point is that things like the gnostic stream are not touched by the larger macro process of the eonic effect which operates on purely wholesome cultural entities.
But just here I can’t pontificate. The history of Rosicrucianism (and or freemasonry) is a tough nut to crack, but, unless I am mistaken, it is not part of the macro effect in modernity. I think that Rosicrucianism predated the rise of modernity, and was never part of the real gist of modernity. It is a puzzle in part of German history, and that goes back to the obscurities of the Roman Empire encountering peoples at its fringes. Or else it is a seeded process of Islamic culture, like Romance poetry. The hidden influence of the Islamic tide is very hard to uncover, but it is there: consider Chaucer and his poetic themes. It is all mysterious. But the rise of modernity is something different, and and doesn’t operate via occult subjects. But there I can’t be sure: look at the confusion created by the Illuminati, near the French Revolution. A probable mason or Rosicrucian concoction it was accused of seeding revolution. But all the students here were hopelessly confused. A close look suggests the obvious fact that modernity springs from a different source and that this simply picked up the outstanding elements of the occult traditions momentarily the way a wave picks up a floating object and then leaves it behind. The revolutionary process and the emergence of democracy were something else then. The Illuminati are a complex hoax, in a stream that was highly reactionary, no doubt, but suddenly manifested a brief reign of radicals at the time of the French revolution. The amount of nonsense about this is beyond belief. But the later phase of some unknown German occultism that turned rancid and seeded a fascist milieu at the end of the nineteenth century produced much of the hysterical denunciation of the briefly appearing progressive Illuminati.
The attempt to blame the whole of modernity on the Illuminati via the revolutionary tradition is complete nonsense. Revolutions in modernity are part of the mysterious progression of epochs discussed in the previous post, and in WHEE.
So, this doesn’t force us to reject Rosicrucianism, which once had an upscale rendition: it is simply that we wish to distinguish the mundane historical stream from the interaction with a spiritual process.
So verdict for Rosicrucianism remains murky. Don’t expect such things to lead you to a spiritual knowledge or dimension. All this dead gnosticism is part of the dead magic of long lost Pharaohs still lurking in samsaric realms to feed on later life in the damned cycle of vampires.
The ancient traditions of the earliest stage of civilization before even the rise of Sumer are lost to us (and not clarified by the ravings of hucksters like Gurdjieff).

So the tide of modernity is part of a larger process of civllizational evolution. And this doesn’t contaminate culture with the refuse of long lost Egyptian occultism resurfacing ad infinitum long after its period of initial flourishing.

WHEE and the distance of the real spiritual plane.

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You might study the ‘eonic effect’ in my book WHEE online at history-and-evolution.com. It is interesting to see what we suspect is the real ‘spiritual’ plane acting on history. It never interacts with occultists, rarely with spiritual types, and seems to seed the elements of group/social action in the rise of civilization itself. Thus the history of the Rosicrucians, say, is misleading: it has no connection to spiritual depth.
This process in history acts very remotely over intervals of many millennia and then never intervenes. It is neither spiritual nor material, and creates sacred and secular culture equally. It is beyond ‘god’ and ‘beyond’ enlightenment, since its creates in both realms with contradictory signatures, a hint these are our own categories. This is what started the confusion over the Age of Revelation, which was a botched explanation. This process is not, I suspect, ‘god’ at all. That is something different. But we can see that both atheist and theistic religions had a deep support from this mystery, which seems to reawake at the dawn of modernity. It goes into overdrive and is hypercomplex, perhaps driving man to evolve out of his current muddles.
Enlightenment is therefore not yet quite a spiritual domain, but a realization of man’s evolutionary potential. A step into man, then a glimpse beyond man. We should feel some confidence that this mystery process was directly focused on re-amping the ‘paths to enlightenment’. Man has a hard time being man, and hardly as yet takes a first step toward the spiritual. Enlightenment is the state man should have all along. It is part of the mental equipment of savage human apes and (savage) modern monkeys. It is a species characteristic of homo sapiens. The whole thing gets lost over and over again.
However, the is process has clearly seeded monotheistic AND semi-atheistic religions like Buddhism. Buddhism in the Axial Age is a ‘souffle’ effect dished up from early Indian/Jain elements, to create a global religion. Magnificent. So this process both invoked a past legacy and recreated it en passant. The Occidental monotheism coming out of Israel was less successful, and became muddled over the ‘god’ question. Hidden Israelites seem to have adopted an Middle Easter legacy of not uttering the divine name, IHVH, yet the outer religion rapidly crystalized as a god cult. I am hardpressed to resolve these questions, but the framework of the eonic effect can give a sense of what real spirituality, from a distance. The term spirituality is wrong, because it has nothing to do with the religions we know.
In any case, figures like Aleister Crowley, Gurdjieff and Gold aren’t even on the radar of this process, which works only with simple elements that can help ordinary culture.
WHEE is a hard book, many say. Maybe it is better like that. Note then that occultism is part of the legacy of mundane history. It has no real spiritual significance.

The place of middle era prophets like Jesus and Mohammed is not explained by any of this, although we can see the seeds of what they created appearing in the Axial period. These two are different mysteries, but they obviously ‘play with the local toys’ to communicate, Jesus in the Axial Age wake, and Mohammed the same, but with a Persian ( Zoroastrian) twist. So these foundational moments involve genuine spiritual beings, of a different melody. The practical cyclical grind of the ‘eonic effect’ is the different process of macro-evolving civilization. We should note how Christianity became too localized. The suspicion remains that the Israelites were hardly monotheists until in the Exile they mixed their emerging religion with Zoroastrainism. But this connection was forgotten, and then rediscovered in Islam (???).

Don’t lose hope…Gold will pass soon enough…make up for lost time

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Many who encounter Gold don’t realize their spiritual path has been destroyed covertly. These people like Gold are paranoid and think the game of consciousness a zero sum game. They will never allow real attainment in anyone.
That refers only to ‘spiritual energy’ which is a material game finally. To work with spiritual energy you must keep it, but the game is lost, in the end.
Seek real enlightenment: which is in the category of ‘understanding’ It has no spiritual energy to cause it. It can’t be ripped off.

Gold will be gone soon, and you will discover you have to make up for lost time. Get the point and start now. Quietly, beyond the ken of the ‘dark lords’. You can start by studying buddhism, meditation, and five to twenty re-watchings of Lord of the Rings.

The ambiguity of Trungpa

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You might see why I am reluctant to endorse the praises given to Chogyam Trungpa here.
The problem with these occultists, discussed in previous posts, is that they cannot state the plainness of a real path, something Buddhists can do: they go by the book and state their business.
But is Trungpa like that? Or is he in a game like Gurdjieff, or is he a victim of hidden Tibetan elites who are the hidden occultists of the Tibetan sphere? I wouldn’t wait around to find out.

These occultists will never do that, create a plain path, except as a set of lies.
So the same mistrust attends Trungpa, unfairly or not. If you have a movement that goes by the book and someone suddenly doesn’t go by the book yet still gets institutional support, you are confronted with the same old esoteric bullshsit peddled by hidden elites who have taken away the transparancy of the movement of Buddhism.
This could be unfair, and I can hardly determnine the issue with that man. But it is wrong to force people in the realm of Tibetan affairs to have to toe the line over Trungpa. Be done with the fellow and move on.

Aleister Crowley and the dreadful endgame of Western spirituality and religion

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Still another non-descript gold encounter: http://oz-mix.blogspot.com/2012/07/how-i-met-ej-gold-part-ii.html
It is useful because you can get the gist of all that without coming to the attention of Gold, or the sufi ghost-gangsters he represents. He is a hamburger bell hop for those hidden sufis who need outer figures to stage their meals made of ‘disciples’. Gold is a penny ante player, as was Gurdjieff.
It is always the same game: people meet gold, enthuse, get their hopes of for something, a spiritual erection, and then pass on, and then the ripoff, off the premises. Nothing accomplished, vampire fed.

Gold is just a player in a game that has surfaced since Aleister Crowley. Its roots in the Western occult tradition are not easily traced. It creates Machiavellian psychopaths who try to control the legacies of spirituality by occult methods. Such things were exposed and driven out of Christianity, but seem to have had viability in Islamic-sufi circles, and this business is going to destroy exoteric Christianity and its protections of simple and innocent people who have no self-defense against these vultures.
People gungho Crowley a lot, but he has done a lot of damage. ditto for Gurdjieff, but he was more clever at concealing what he was up to.
don’t be tempted by Crowley. DON’T do anything stupid using his works, like the various satanic rituals. You can read his works in neutral gear, and discipline yourself to not ‘exert you will’ or intent in this occult realm. Then walk away humble enough to realize you were not gifted with occult powers, and very lucky for that reason.

The problem here is that mistrust, disinformation, and paranoia are starting to invade and destroy exoteric religion, and they will collapse in confusion because noone can tell the difference between the Gurdjieffs, and the Jesus Christ(s).

Secret talks with Mr. G and other fake exposes…

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I was briefly googling the gold operation, and there is a lot of stuff on the net. Here’s something I briefly encountered in the seventies: http://www.maybelogic.org/forum/26-broad-spectrum/2216-the-great-gurdjieff-hoax

This book makes no sense, and as usual isn’t (probably) as advertised. But it can confuse you completely with no recourse. The whole Gurdjieff field is like that: disinformation, to often veil psychic ripoff or other shenanigans. The book is not coherent, so I can’t finally say what it means.

Secret Talks With Mr. G. with a subtitle: To A Specially Formed Group As Recollected by His Pupils.

The idea that Gold is Gurdjieff’s successor is completely outrageous, an idea that Gold himself has planted in various people who unwittingly perpetuate his mythical credentials.
You can’t resolve any of these issues because the book doesn’t tell the truth, so what’s the point.
This ia an artificial game of secrets in a strip tease that doesn’t finish: enslaving those who hope to figure it out.

Go study the Buddhist canon: you have a clear path laid out. That’s all. These sufi criminals can’t manage such a thing and bullshit ad infinitum.

Anton Wilson and other occult jerk offs

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Here’s a nice piece (I had the sound turned off so I didn’t listen,yet) : www.youtube.com/watch?v=TGgBqyxaTnQ
The connection is Gold and Robert Anton Wilson: the latter an especially disgusting Playboy editor degenerate who thought he had learned something esoteric from Gold and/or Crowley, and who talked trash about ‘human magical sacrifice’. Dumb enough to pretend he understood Crowley. And psycopathic enough to buy into Crowley’s ‘beyond good and evil’ cult of trashing real humans (until he succumbed to that himself).
I can’t conclude much of anything here, but thirty years ago when Wilson wrote his idiotic book on the Illuminati he seemed to catch a whiff of EJ Gold fart and thought it some form of higher consciousness.

You can take under advisement Crowley’s declaration of your occult rights (??) and the need to protect yourself (not using the same methods, dumbkopf).
There are no such rights, but, in a way, there are…In any case, once you cross the boundary of murder, actual or hypothetically intended, you cross a point of no return.
Call on Jesus Christ, if you feel helpless. It can often help.

Another expose of gold…

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Another poignant, and incoherent, attempt to decipher Gold.
Don’t bother to decipher him. He has almost nothing to say, and can’t even handle subjects he copies, as from Ospensky.

The danger with Gold is the sufi occult hypnotic power, I wont go into detail. You don’t have to have met him to be at risk. But he has mindfucked a large number of his disciples, to break down long after departing from his gang space. You can do deadly damange to people that way, and noone will find out, until years later people like me find him out and try to speak out. The Internet has made that possible: note Gold’s horror online as he realized ca. 2000 or before he would be exposed thus. It is a deadly and unfair gift of the demonic to those who use fast talking to ape enlightenement.
It is nothing of the kind. Same for Gurdjieff: he made one nervous reference to enlightenment to Ouspensky in a flood of bullshit about states of consciousness.
There is a lower level of attainment called ‘self-consciousness’, blah blah: it is about the level of self-remembering for hours at a time. It blows peoplesl minds, and then they discover its occult aspect, and then start playing guru. It is a big zero, and a good path to becomeing a devil.

Abandon all of it and start over on a ‘clean’ path. If you can find one.
to see the trick look at stand up commedians: the ‘spiritual’ stream of consciousness is a gift to ordinary men of talent, but that can be used to mimic higher consciousness.


Ashin Wirathu, Buddhist Monk Blames Muslims For Myanmar Bombing

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More from Osho on ‘reincarnation’

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Prashant Vaghani said,

07.23.13 at 2:23 am ·

Please also peruse following viewpoint of OSHO .


It is a very complicated question, but if you are ready to understand I am willing to answer. Everybody
is carrying other people’s wounds. In the first place, you are living in a sick society where people
are angry, full of hate, enjoy to hurt – that is the superficial level which can be understood easily.
But there are subtle levels, there are so-called religious saints who are creating feelings of guilt in
you, who are condemning you to be a sinner. They are giving you an idea which will create misery
around you. Read the rest of this entry »


Religions, monotheism, Israel

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Book World: Two paths to occultism during the Enlightenment era

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Any discussion of the ‘Gurdjieff Con’ needs to try and evaluate the legacy of occultism in the emergence of modernity. But that is actually very difficult to do, not the least because of the expense of simple research and reading, as with these two texts. The subject is rife with illusory commentary.
The perspective of WHEE and the model in that book of world history suggests that occultism is a lower level historical stream, and that the spectacularly subtle factors involved in the ‘eonic effect’ don’t stoop to the level of mundane occultism. That’s misleading, because the eonic effect shows something that is even more complex than the occult. But the occult tends to be part of a stream of false, or declining spirituality, decaying into complicated near-superstitions. We can see the process at work in the Gurdjieff legacy as simple exploitations of Gurdjieff to attract students with a concoted teaching become dogmas with esoteric support. We have to wonder how much of that isn’t the same in the general occult tradition. But it is very hard to evaluate the legacy of modern or ancient occultism, in part because we don’t have the facts…


Book World: Two paths to occultism during the Enlightenment era
By Michael Dirda, Published: July 17
The psychologist C.G. Jung — who was deeply interested in alchemy and astrology — might label the simultaneous appearance of these two similar-sounding books as an instance of what he called “synchronicity.” In truth, though, John V. Fleming’s “The Dark Side of the Enlightenment” and Paul Kleber Monod’s “Solomon’s Secret Arts: The Occult in the Age of Enlightenment” are surprisingly different, even though they both survey what we usually, and rashly, dismiss as pseudoscience from the mid-17th to the early 19th century.
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Reincarnation and the ‘who cares’ types

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Mechanization of meditation concepts…

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New comment on an older post: vipassana, etc…

Good insights here, but I think that Harris merely made obvious something that was developing over time in the crystallization of a something called ‘vipassana’. At about the time a name is given, and a practice codified, its ceases to be ‘mediation’ as it becomes ‘meditation’. And a definition begins to be controlled by a leadership etc… In Harris’ case the agenda has become extreme: salvage meditaion as a ‘mindfulness’ practice with psychological benefits and block its larger dimension.
It is hard to see how Harris could be so narrow here, but i guess that is inexorably the trend of mechanization.

Try dropping vipassana, wary even ot he general term ‘meditation’, and try to understand what that means. and move on.