The issue of materialism

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Dilemma of sorting spam from real comments

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I actually went through the spam box today and found four valid comments out of ninety one spam. Usually they are deleted sight unseen as spam. The spam algorithsm are good but not perfect (Akismet Software) A number of valid comments are put into the spam section, and usually deleted. The alternative is to read hundreds of spam for the odd genuine comment. If a comment doesn’t appear, it doesn’t follow you were censored: try again.
Make sure the email address and text has no commercial echoes: spammers sometimes now try ‘valid’ posts (but betray themselves with gibberish) with hidden link implications. It is a waste of time to analyze hundreds of spam posts daily. Make sure a comment stands out as a comment, and never use suspicious email names.


The fourth way a bogus teaching…the fate of Ouspensky

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The problem here is the reason for this blog: Gurdjeffianity is not sustainable as a ‘spiritual path’. People like Gold, by peddling the lie that his IDHHB is a fouth way school, cement a system of exploitation based on false spiritual authority. So the whole thing needs to be dismissed, and the figures of false authority deprived of their fake credentials enabling endless harm done to the unsuspecting.
And Gold has never given any explicit account of his life, his contact with spiritual teachings, his meetings with sufis, nothing, zero, beyond the usual pack of lies he spins in response to questions.

We have listed some of the anomalies of the Gurdjieff path, but here Gold cleverly drops most of the Ouspensky/Gurdjieff legacy (substituting it appears the even more toxic Crowley).
1. the enneagram is bunk…
2. the law of three doesn’t make sense, and merely echoes other teachings in order to look original (e.g. dialectic, or non-dual vedanta)
3. the idea of the work is a toxic ambiguity used for various deceptions, among them a rightwing philosophy of ‘extraction of surplus value’, and an excuse to not pursue a path of enlightenment
4. Gold has spread the falsity that he is the successor to Gurdjieff…
We will continue this list in further posts…

The point here is that Gurdjieff never produced a viable teaching. Gold is even worse. Further, part of the current battle with Gold lies in something hinted at: the way Ouspensky in his next life was persecuted without mercy to keep him from stopping people like Gold taking control of the Gurdjieff legacy…Ouspensky II became mad as hell that his ISOM became a tool for others to exploit people. While he himself was anathematized behind the scenes for spiritual disobedience. Outrageous: he saw through the Gurdjieff deception….


Retracting an apology to sufis….back to square 1: sufis are the biggest bums in spiritual history..bye

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This must be one fo the dumber posts on my part, although at the time it created a huge interest at that blog, due to the comments on communism and sufism, which came to nothing. http://darwiniana.com/2012/09/24/92238/

The danger here is that sufis who are ultrareactionary will target individuals who did anything remotely radical…

Sufism is said to be about love and gnosis. Pardon me if I puke.
Anyway enough is enough, good bye to all that. Let’s see it the sufi ringwraiths will give up the pursuit…Why me? Scroll down, probably the same reason Ouspensky reincarnated got the Treatment.

Unfair. I owe those bums nothing, and they know it.

Abjuring sufism…

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The charge of being a covert agent requires proof, but points to a sad disaster if it is true and we can’t prove it.
Interesting comment, but I can’t support it, although I won’t delete it.
My intent here is more than Gold: I am moving beyond sufism. In fact I did that years ag0, but I have never quite declared this. Sufis are dangerous, especially the ones you have not and will not ever meet.
I had a fifteen minute contact with a sufi forty years agp (Gold doesnt’ count), and yet forty years later the invisible sufi syndrome is still a problem.

I think sufism is almost malevolent in its overall effect. It may be me: lack of god-mania (with false suspicions of atheism) in secular students of sufism is risky, mon vieu. Isn’t it fun for occult sufi nihilists to torture atheists. Good fun, all for god.
The list goes one.
Simply abjure the sufi path, not the least because no definition has been given of what it is.
To subject an enthusiastic beginner to an experiment in the ‘theives of baraka’ torment is a form of sadism so refined it can only come from spiritual degenerates.

I discussed this book here before, and reviewed it at Amazon. I did not realize he is an archconservative. So part of the problem is the hatred of liberals by reactionary sufis (who once again show preference for jews who will do their bidding): http://www.amazon.com/Other-Islam-Sufism-Global-Harmony/dp/B00394DKOC/ref=sr_1_1?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1375802403&sr=1-1&keywords=schwartz+sufism

So stay away from sufism. It isn’t worth it. Everything needed can be found in the ‘greater buddhoid’ legacy, a queer term to make the point that you could have as many problems with buddhism as with sufism.



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Reincarnation…Batchelor’s scientism

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http://www.huffingtonpost.com/james-rotondi/buddhist-backlash-stephen_b_521675.html; Buddhist Backlash: Stephen Batchelor Braves The Storm

Stephen Batchelor does not look like a man at the center of a storm. But the calm, bespectacled 57-year-old Englishman is in the eye of a hurricane of controversy taking place in the global community of Buddhism.

Batchelor is a former monk in both the Tibetan Geluk and Korean Zen traditions, and a noted scholar and translator of canonical texts. His original writing first began making serious cultural waves with 1998’s Buddhism Without Beliefs, which posited a radical new “existential, therapeutic and liberating agnosticism”–one which rejected the belief in reincarnation and karma, and proposed a secular approach grounded in meditation and mindfulness, along with a historical understanding of the Buddha, achieved through a modern lens.

I think that Batchelor is the victim of static buddhism in the Tibetan or Thai versions: these legacies are frozen and tend to produce a negative reaction after prolonged contact. The issue is not really karma or reincarnation beliefs. Karma beliefs are incoherent. But then take the extreme cases, like Hitler: if his behavior has no karmic kickback after death, then the doctrine is clearly false. But it would seem that the cosmos deals with such extremes, because it is inevitable. Who knows. We can’t verify any of this, and must, in a Kantian sense, exit on rumors. The problem here is in part that of scientism also. A better standard would be the Kantian, with its warning about metaphysics. Karma and reincarnation are metaphysical beliefs, as are their negations. The problem is not that they are fictions, but that they are Kantian ambiguities, beyond the realm of observation. If someone therefore affirms their reality we are in no real position to either believe or disbelieve.
The question of karma is simply unclear, while that of reincarnation is ambiguous. It is the last chapter in a story that omits the early introductory stories: to wit, the creation of soul in homo sapiens. That’s the catch in denouncing reincarnation: why stop there. The belief in a soul, then having a head, I guess, are the next to go. Something obscure makes the question beyond resolution. And the traditions that transmit these ideas don’t understand them. The question of soul, of immortality, as opposed to reincarnation, (and the Gurdjieffian recurrence, a bit different)
The answer is that these beliefs are not necessary on the path of meditation, however much they are present in the more general path of buddhist information or history. Sufis seem to believe in reincarnation, but never speak of it. I learned this when someone called someone in the Gold situation the reincarnation of Ouspensky. And the result of that? Spiritual thieves appearing out of the woodwork on the rumor this person bore a great baraka from Gurdjieff between lives. As a Judas to the Gurdjieffian religion not deserving such high energies he was marked for being stripped of this energy: they wanted to get their money back, so to speak, across lives. The thieves of baraka are thus of high enough attainment, it seems, to be able to read the rebirth circuits of famous former teachers. With such madmen little can be concluded, but I wouldn’t conclude the unreality of reincarnation. The issues actually began to get a form of scientism of their own, in, of all people, Ouspensky himself, then of J.G.Bennett, with his six-dimensional universe. The sense of the timeless is beginning of all these beliefs, and that sense is no superstition.
The issues are clearer in the thinking of Shopenhauer: the phenomenon and the thing-in-itself make the self a curious entity beyond time and space, and reincarnation the illusion of having been born: the self suffers a brief pitstop as a temporal object, but is never born and never dies. As with gravity turning into a spatial question in general relativity, so with the ‘soul’ and the related reincarnation are structural issues in a different kind of explainable (I can’t however say ‘spatial’/geometrical) context.

Don’t let EJ Gold turn you into an antisemite

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Nothing we have said here about Gold is antisemitic, the thrust being first about Gurdjieff. But Gold is a dangerous viper and turning people into antisemites is not the least of his black magical options. Don’t react with anything antisemitic in trying to debrief/deprogram his brand of a (laughably so-called) sufi or fourth way teaching. Antisemitism was an ugly feature of ages of Christian domination. But in present culture Jews are often far more powerful than Christians: an antisemitic outburst (consider Mel Gibson) is now a funny joke in bad taste for Jews who mutter, next case, not without some justice.

In Gold’s case I had assumed that he was an impartial post-Jewish/Xtian neutral teacher. But over time I can see that was not true, as some have claimed long before. In fact, a strange bias entered his work: he spoke of ‘Jewish sufis’ and seemed to have a secret intent to create a chauvinistic jewish brand of sufism in which gentiles were exoteric outsiders, who got fake teachings, but paid the bills. Is that true? I think I spotted the hidden lineage transmission to hidden jews behind the fake nonsense he peddled to the public. Is this fair or true? In fact, who cares: the whole game is so trashy the only answer is, I am half-out the exit, and will be gone soon. Gold is too clever to catch, really. He performed the outer game of interdenominational Jewish/Xtian cooperation too carefully to be laid with that charge. But I think the danger in general is great: how are Judeo-Xtians to do sufism together? It won’t really work.
In general Jews and Xtians are too muddled to do a spiritual path, let alone one together. Jewish teachers no matter how hard they try tend to look down on Gentiles, and in too many cases a tacit sense of being in fact special in the sense of covenental Judaism takes hold, making the prospect of being a spiritual teacher hopeless. Xtians seem too often to be artificially dense, and strike such Jews as being dumb. It is a hopeless question. Jews tend to induce inferiority complex symptoms in gentiles, forget a spiritual teaching on that foundation. And something about Xtianity has made Xtians stupid: the fault must have passed through the Jewish legacy turning into Xtianity. Something went wrong, as Jews became implacable enemies of the outcome of their own tradition. What went wrong is obvious: three jewish founders of the new religion, and no real gentile input at the start, a botched operation. It is puzzling how it happened. The progression of Gentile geniuses in the early modern (or ancient greece) is almost unparalleled, but somehow the super-intelligent but barren jewish groups have taken control and make gentiles feel inferior. No spiritual work is possible from that. I think Moses and Jesus sitting in heaven must have repented of founding religions as they watched the unforeseen outcomes of their labors. Their fate according to Murphy’s Law is a heavenly penny dreadful. Really demonic messes.
Let’s forget spiritual paths for a moment and try to heal the history of the botched religion called Judeo-Xtianity, which separated at birth into two monster religions, Judaism and Xtianity (with an Axial Age Israelitism as a Canaanite theocratic cult being an historical source). (I would not equate the two, early Israelitism, and Judaism). No religion is possible in the perverted culture of Jews and Xtians. Xtianity at least was a religion open to all, confronted with a parallel outcome creating spiritual inequality. There must be a devil: as with Shias and Sunnis condemned to millennia of conflict, the division point of Jews and Xtians destroyed the whole game.
Let’s forget the past: we can drop the past and wait for a few more centuries for the Jewish/Xtian division to wane, disappear, in the healing of both parties.
Meanwhile, whatever the case, Gold’s school is a fake piece of nonsense, give it a wide berth. Meanwhile sufism is a lost cause.
But to call Gold and his Igor associates jewish chauvinists can’t be quite right. They seem more like the old Jewish Xtians who were very much in the legacy of the Jesus school. I think Gold has a strong Christ complex and unconsciously wishes crucifiction. His many aberrations probably violate ancient Roman and Jewish, if not modern, law, and we might easily mark him guilty as charged and get on with it.

Jesus mystery

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Jesus the Zealot?

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Attack on Religion Scholar Puts His Book on Jesus in the Spotlight

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Not every scholarly study of early Christianity rockets to best-seller status thanks to an attack by a belligerent cable-network reporter.
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Time for Mr. Gold to step down, and close the IDHHB

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I recall talking with a Jewish observer of Gold in 1976 who shook his head and suggested that Mr. Gold return to ‘his tailor shop in Brooklyn’. Instead Gold has persisted with his exploitative game for decades. The danger now is that this will institutionalize and persist after his death, a danger he once foresaw, now, evidentally, no longer caring. The IDHHB is a fraudulent sufi school and/or fourth way formation/school known for its destructive occult practices which cannot be mediated in law, preempting legal action or redress of greivance in courts of tort law. The destruction of personality/essence via artificial creation of PTSD (Gold openly proclaimed he would create maximum stress in followers) to create nervous breakdowns well after ‘school’ contact, thus voiding the appearance of causal connection, might have been/was claimed as a step toward consciousness. But in reality the agenda of inflicting psychological disease on ‘disciples’ (nonesuch) was part of an agenda of ‘psychological death energy’ creation, this for reason having no status as psychological developmental techniques.
The ‘death march’ psychology of ego-bashing psychic self-destruction was thus not connected with sufism of any known variety as was more clearly exposed by various yogis in other contexts with the metaphor ‘spiritual cannibalism’. That lurid metaphor is misleading and merely refers to something not unlike Gurdjieff’s sly hint that most people never use their appointed lot of ‘conscious energy’, why not harvest it to accumulate it a few in the know of its properties. That’s but the start of a complex field of mostly nonsensical issues of borderline sufism/occultism in the degenerate form created by Gurdjieff, and avidly picked up by sneaky players like EJ Gold.
This ‘fourth way’ or sufi school thus has no spiritual status or authority, and should be shut down forthwith, but should most emphatically be kept out of the hands of ‘successors’ who are already licking their chops at the immense windfuall of a Gurdjieff pseudo-school with their easy manipulation of victims on the basis of the demand, which Gurdjieff was mesmerizing enough to create, of absolute obedience. The whole dangerous mutation of sufi legacies needs to be stopped in its tracks before it creates a fake tradition run by concealed occult criminals. Gold once complained of this factor (with veiled hints) in Scientology. He might now see what monstrosity he has created and shut it down, NOW.

The fate of most sufi so-called formations is violence in their endgames (sufi exterminations and revenge dramas were, I am told, visible in the open behind Sunni/Shia wars in the Iraq war). Slovenly new agers hoping to make off with a second hand car version of the Gold mob would be in for a surprise.
Unlike Ron Hubbard’s scientology disguise, the Gold fomation has let slip its sufistic mould.
Time to bury the Gold toxic material, something he once thought important.