British universities shouldn’t condone this kind of gender segregation

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British universities shouldn’t condone this kind of gender segregation
by Polly Toynbee posted on November 26, 2013 03:31PM GMT
Separate but equal; where have we heard that before? Apartheid South Africa is no metaphor for anything else, but women of my generation and all those before were told over and over again that the sexes are different “but equal”, as an excuse for excluding them from places they didn’t belong: they should be doing “separate but equal” in the kitchen, bedroom and nursery. Whatever is segregated by diktat is rarely equal.

Archaeological Discoveries Confirm Early Date of Buddha’s Life

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Archaeological Discoveries Confirm Early Date of Buddha’s Life
Nov. 25, 2013 — Archaeologists working in Nepal have uncovered evidence of a structure at the birthplace of the Buddha dating to the sixth century B.C. This is the first archaeological material linking the life of the Buddha — and thus the first flowering of Buddhism — to a specific century.

Archaeologists Robin Coningham (left) and Kosh Prasad Acharya direct
excavations within the Maya Devi Temple, uncovering a series of ancient
temples contemporary with the Buddha. Thai monks meditate. (Credit: Ira
Block/National Geographic)


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Judaism, Xtianity and a new age principle

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Having tried to understand the Buddhist connection to the Holocaust, let me also emphasize an important critique of Jewish religion, culture, related to the exclusionist ideology depicted (in the previous post). Judaism, like Hinduism, is a religion based on birth. This is a very dubious and ultimately destructive way to do religion. It leaves the suspicion you are not doing religion at all, but something else. The principle is that only those born of a Jewish mother are Jewish. What a ghastly way to do religion. Made worse by the myth that God created a special covenant out of this. This is bullshit in motion for over two millennia. And it generated some powerful enemies, so powerful that we end up with the near ultra in hate violence generated against Jews. It is probable that this eerie malevolence actually made the problem worse: Jews have rejected assimilation and even made their own state, in which non-Jews have problem status.
Christians have a little more breathing room, but I think at this poinnt they should consider the nature of modernity and create a religion of passage into a new age.
The issue of Islam may be the same, but that is not clear. Islam, btw, tried to correct the idiocies of Judaism, and Xtianity, but the result is itself strange. We should defer the question of Islam on the grounds that its history contains mysteries till misunderstood. In any case, it is a job for Muslims.
If we study the era just after the Enlightenment we see a flood of Jews assimilating into Gentile culture, the case of Marx being one good example.
It is almost futile to propose this now, but I think the pendulum will swing back again: I think Jews and Christians both are at risk from the epochal tide that is moving beyond Axial Age religions. I fear the buddhists were roped into the Axial Age religious garbage disposal process in motion since the Reformation’s aftermath. I didn’t invent/propose this, so I can’t say in what way it is true, or whether you can defy it for another millennium.
I wouldn’t bother: see the handwriting on the wall: it is like saying spring shouldn’t come. Jews and Christians should study the ways they can enter into remade secular form of religion, if not no religion at all.
Please note the difference between Jews and Christians: the latter can drop a set of beliefs, while the formed must drop a form of social identity. Let me hasten to note that I am ignorant here, guessing. But I suspect that Jews, pace the Holocaust are marked men. If you are a Finkelstein, take twenty four hours to become a Findlay on the way ato becoming a… and skulk away into the new age of new men. Argue all you want, but delay of centuries will get still more people killed.
You have powerful enemies, deal with it. And help idiots stuck in the whole Old Testament which is slowing moving from sacred text to Axial Age rubbish.


What is the source of antisemitism…? one aspect

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It comes as a shock to see the hidden violence in buddhism, as it preaches nonviolence. I can’t help, and am left to wonder how this happened. It is a real puzzle, until you see the frustratiion of those who attempt to create and guide religions: the Axial Age spawned Israel, and Israelitism (not yet Judaism) and this was in motion toward creating a world religion, as we see in Xtianity. But that took six hundred years. In that excessive interval the Judaic component of Israelism morphed into its own religion based on tribal characteristics: ‘born Jews’. I find it hard to believe that was inteended: covental Israelism was used to motivate a very primitive set of Canaanite peoples to carry out a starting point in a new monotheism.
By the time Christinaity came into existence the Judaic component was so strong it could not reblend with the outcome, but continued in parallel to the new religion. The problem is that 1. instead of one world religion, there emerged two, 2. the intent to create spiritual equality backfired and produced an arrogant side religion based on a distortion as the inequality between Jews and non-Jews. Jews smugly thought they had a special relation with god, and were superior to other men. That disastrous reveral of intent filled early Christians with a sense the ‘devil’ had defeated them in their spiritual aim, and the gestation of hatred began, with sooner or later calamity on the way.
It is no laughing matter: the realization that an entire epoch of 2400 years is going to be flawed beyond repair began to haunt the esoteric founders, stuck with their hopeless failure. The would disappear in a last gotterdammerung of Jews. That didn’t work, and, if anything, Jewish culture, on the verge of destroying the hated Christianity, is ambitious to still greater dominaation. But the rise of secularism will rapidly erode both religions, as the system moves to a new future.
I can’t say I believe this, as such, but this, or something like it, is the source of the implacable emnity against Jews.

I don’t know what the answer is, but I would caution Jews to be wary of thinking they have any special relation to god. It is dangerous claim, and almost certainly complete delusion.
The connection to buddhism is not clear, at first, but obvious in the context of Mahayana, synchronous with the appearance of Christianity. Jesus was the ‘savior’ type, and echoes the Mahayanist phase. In fact, there was probably a deeper connection we don’t know about.

It wouldn’t be until millennia later that a form of buddhism would turn rancid enought to seed german occultism with nazism, if that is what happened. I think ordinary buddhists now should make a large suitcase of classic sutras and meditation manuals and skulk away in the night.

So the Osho world shows an attempt to move into a new era in a complete caesura with the buddhism of an earlier era. They must be vigilant against esoteric fascists looking for new movements. A strong leftit orientation was present at the start, and should be laid in opposition to the conservatizing trend that will try to overtake the Commune, already given over to ‘too much money’ for too little spiritual substance.

Tibetan buddhists in the market for a violent antisemite //time to wipe Tibetan buddhism off the face of the earth?

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My criticisms of the Osho Commune are not much.
Far more deserving is the Tibetan buddhist outfit. This group scares me. It was Osho who exposed the esoteric fascism of the Tibetan buddhists, incuding even a Nazi connection.
I don’t think Tibetan buddhism can survive the expose. But one accusation, almost as an aside, in the Osho discourses won’t do it. No one can prove anything. But these bozoa will wish to try again. Don’t think so. you’re history. Apparently the outer school, including the Dalai Lama, don’t understand their sangha. That must be because the perps have moved beyong the buddhist org.
People can’t understand this, because they don’t grasp occult mind control. The technique is well-known, but almost never discussed: telepathic hypnosis at the unconscious level.
The whole Tibetan game is schizophrenic: they are overstaffng their orgs with Jews, making Gentiles insecure of any place in the whole ashram, while behind the scenes in some deep esoteric zone the remnanat nazies are looking for a new hitler, and are curious about antisemites, if they could find one intelligent enough to serve their purposes. Suddenly you get the point about Hitler: his curious hi-low near intelligence and complete psychopathy mixed with a remarkabley obsessive hatred of Jews. Perfect for the job? Far from it. Like the Hitler selection in the movie The Producers (that movie unwittingly stumbled on part of that horror), it is very hard to match the opposite job requirements….
The must have thought my occasional remarks on Jews, and/or EJ Gold qualiafied me for the job.
Sorry, I will see to that Tibetan buddhim is wiped off the face of th earth…

The commune, a critique?

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This post, and the one before on departing from the Osho fringe might be subject to misunderstanding. Acutally, I have been here before: I walked away from the Osho affair in 1991, not really having been a part of it. Since 2008 I have been considering it again, and now again moving away. I have often felt that Osho found his own movement mediocre and wanted to recruit fringe people as a failsafe or as future guides. But his hidden authoritarian manner tends to alienate such people.Such is the dilemma of ashsrams. Gurus will entrap people they need for their work. You must escape if you wish to find realiztion. Moral: gurus don’t liberate. They take you half way…(maybe) But sticking with a spiritual commune may be the best option that you have. But be forewarned that thousands and thousands of budddhist followed that route, straight into the path of the bodhissatwas (which means you never get out), only to be dumped in the new age cycle of modernity, as the old religion begins to dissolve.
Osho’s work was a bit weak in certain ways. Sannyasins with some initiative might take up what I couldn’t qualify to do: a sane critique, and some wish to contribute help. It won’t produce any gratitude, so beware.

Let me express some of the problems (out of fifty) I see in the Commune, that I would be forced to try and remedy:
1. the Commune used ‘tantra’ to attract followers, and succeeded beyond its wildest dreams, but the result is useless.
2. The Commune was a free free gift to feminists, and the sannyasin mas copntrol the ashram totally. Now a reversal has taken place: the men need liberation from female dominstion. They can’t reac enlightenment in this context, for many other reasons tht the above.
3. The Commune is too commercial, and too expenseive, and this erodes trust…
4. The Commune is authoritarian, and can’t allow criticisms from such as I, so goodbye, and mutual good riddance.
Easy to fix, but not by me.

There’s more, but that’s my take. I think the whole Commune is so chaotic that these flaws will drop easily, in more chaos. The basic thrust of the Commune has a great future. But maybe tear it to pieces and start over, often.
Note: a movement as rich in potential as Osho’s deserves such considerattion.

Some posts at Darwiniana

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Being Function Will


The ‘dead realm of occult immortals’??

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The post on wicca/feminism/egyptian religion provoked the question, who/what are the

dead realm of occult immortals

I have no idea, but…
Crowley’s work failed as it evoked another episode of the Mummy Lives, the exoteric version being covered well in Hollywood films, beside the esoteric version, which is unknown, but even scarier…

The Mummy 1932 film poster


Help wanted….?

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I might have given the impression of a negative judgment of Osho, which I tried to correct. My point was that I have too often been entangled in the Osho affair, to no avail, leaving me puzzled. All I can think of is an attempt to turn me into an observer of his movement, from a relative distance. I think that has become a burdern because it never results in any benefit to anyone.
I am puzzled, why me? Aren’t there hundreds of possible candidates int he movement itself?
Sannyasins, take not: try to perform this task for the Osho Legacy…


More on feminism, wicca, and egyptian gnosticism

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This post needs revision and proofing, but I will restore it anyway….

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truthaboutosho.blogspot.com //relinked and…Osho and a mission accomplished

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We linked to this once before, but the comment the other day reminds one of the confusion people suffer over Osho. This essay on Calder shows how easy it is to become confused by the disinfo surrounding Osho. Few people have been so slandered by false information as he was. It is genuinely hard for people to become clear on the matter. Those tactics have almost buried his historical significance, but in the end they have failed because his teaching constitutes a mission accomplished in the sense that something almost destined to happen, neo-buddhism if you like, came into existence against great obstacles.
Some doubt if Osho was/is enlightened. I feel very confident that he was enlightened. But even it he wasn’t, so what: he left behind the starting vehicle for a new era of the great Indian tradition. And that significantly came from a Jain, whose legacy contains the hints/trace of the primordial Indic tradition, in the sense of the Jain progression of teertankers. The point is that this tradition was free of the confusion accretions to so-called Hinduism in the Vedic stage. Note that Gautama and Osho both make no reference to the Vedic side of Hinduism. It was never part of the great tradition of what is now called ‘yoga’, but which is essentially the ‘buddhist path to enlightenment’, before that the Jain legacy of that dating back thousand of years. Th reign of the brahmins and the law of caste were imposter additions to that legacy.
Osho created the starting point for a new era of the Indic legacy. It may be incomplete, partial, flawed, but the essence is there. So in that sense it is like a goal line touchdown in football: the player is tackled at the finish line but places the ball across the line as he falls. The era of neo-buddhism is under way. The immense amount of disinformation, and downright attempted murder, did not stop that.


The future of Xtianity

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More on feminism/witchcraft

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The issues of feminist ‘witchcraft’

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