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I have tried to defend the Osho legacy as the starting point for a new era of Indian Santana Dharma. But it is always necessary to be wary of all these nwo dead gurus.

The authoritarian milieu is going to destroy the whole legacy. The issue of spiritual surrender is a defunct and corrupted tradiition. What does it mean? The devolution of the idea into some kind of fascist total obedience has destroyed the whole tradition. \
And the whole game is hypocritical: look at the Osho ashram: a horde of followers of a man who refused any and all gurus and who harbors a hidden contempt for his so-called disciples. The idea of surrender is too easily corrupted, and can be taken to mean the destruction of an independent will and the creation of a passive slave. That situation pervades the Gurdjieff racket, but the suspicion is that the same disease is overtaking the Osho. Time to move on, perhaps…


Yoga’s Christian Army

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For some Christians, Jesus is Lord and Guru
Yoga’s Christian Army
“Christian” Yoga? It seems, at first blush, like a contradiction in terms. Don’t Christians believe that the body — the “flesh,” as it were — is contrary to man’s spiritual nature, while for yoga it is the seat of his soul and the source of Divine wisdom? It would seem so, but never underestimate the power of a pop-culture fad to create a yogic “union of opposites.”

Of the 20 million Americans that claim to practice yoga these days it’s anyone’s guess how many of them are devout Christians. Recent surveys have broken down the current market by age, gender, and income – but no one’s thought to inquire about religious affiliation. And is it any wonder? Religious ID, even less than party ID, tends to be a poor guide to how well adherents know their belief system, let alone practice it consistently.
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Coming soon: Last and First Men

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Gurdjieff and dead gurus

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All this special pleading is useless. It is now almost a century since Ouspensky encountered Gurdjieff. what has come of it? Nothing at all. Zero. Not a single realized man springs from that tradition. A figure like E.J.Gold fakes it by using a hidden Crowley form of black magic to ape Gurdjieff, but that is also a barren fake school.
These dead gurus are dangerous for people, because they get infected with inscrutable demonology. People need to move on to real teachings,and living teachers.

The Gurdjieff shadow world can be dangerous for the naive believer: these canrnivorous sufi sharks use idiots as ‘food’ and that is another reason noone develops: these con men never intended to help anyone. They use people til they become suspicious, and leave, which for many is, never.


Intro to LFM

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