Sam Harris and the ‘new atheism’

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A lot of discussions of new atheism at darwiniana

Lachman on Crowley

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http://www.amazon.com/Aleister-Crowley-Magick-Wickedest-World/dp/0399161902/ref=sr_1_3?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1409331270&sr=1-3&keywords=lachman+gary: Aleister Crowley: Magick, Rock and Roll, and the Wickedest Man in the World

We had a discussion of Crowley a while back: this books shares my skepticism as to Crowley’s real success as a ‘magus’. The methods demonstrated by Crowley don’t really work. And the danger is that one will pass into a choice of evil armed with methods that don’t work.

There is a chilling gallows humor story of Faust and Mephistopheles: Faust comes to the end of his life and Mephistopheles arrives to claim this soul. Faust protests that he used the methods of Aleister Crowley to do ‘evil’, but that since they didn’t work he should pass on damnation. Mephistopheles answers, ‘It’s the idea that counts’.


Harris and the stealth destruction of buddhsim

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From Darwiniana

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This is a crosspost: sannyasins have a deadly competition from people trying to create a fake buddhism, after which they will certainly try to destroy the Communer

The Buddhas look the other way when people shoplift their meditation techniques
I have been critical of Harris’ strategy on the new atheism front.
But I should interject that the Buddhas look the other way when people shoplift their meditation techniques. Harris is in the situation I have often discussed with respect to modernity, whose inherent dynamic seems to be to recast old legacies, and that is what Harris has done here.
But his foundations are flawed: the contrast of religion and spirituality is itself a new age mantra, and the trend of Harris’ thinking is to mechanize spiritual inheritance into a mechanical version that, well, can turn into a secular religion. The interpolation of ‘mindfulness’ for meditation/enlightenment is a dangerous downshift of potential, a freeze point that automatically injects a rigidity into the issue. ‘Waking up’ is a category long a fumbled football and we see Harris picking it up, but no doubt no for long. The gesture is an invitation to collision with all the far better versions, including the shadowy versions, like that of Gurdjieff.
Harris’ gesture will prove self-defeating: people will be driven to move away from the artificial format. And in the general the tone seems wrong: why filch an ancient set of techniques only to turn them into scientism-compatibility mode.
But why worry, a movement bent on ‘waking up’ will self-destruct at some point. Beelzebub is perched like a crow or buzzard on a tree near by, ready for the casualties. Better mean what you mean, and wake up.

The second generation…

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With Ozen and others in the Osho Commune it seems in good hands, so what am I doing here? Whatever it was I am done, but I think I am being drawn to the sidelines here as the Commune comes closer to its second generation beyond Osho, AND his enlightened disciples. That will be a crisis point: there could be loss of real leadership.

So I think I was/am pressed into duty to study the situation. I don’t have the solution, so relax, I am not an interloper.

The issues I am looking at are:

the historical context of religion
the confusion of ‘new ages’ with ‘new age’ ‘new ages’, i.e. old ages…
Osho’s new brand as really ‘new age’ with a future

the question of reactionary movements to defeat modernity, i.e. fascist old age new age movements, like Buddhism?

the question of gurus, authority, and its proliferation to invalid domains
the enigma of sufism and its hidden malevolent character…i.e. the blog topic: The Gurdjieff Con
the relation of Osho and Gurdieff: can malevolent spirits like the latter take over the Commune?

A lot more. These questions are taken ‘as thinking out loud’ on the net, if anyone is interested…etc…

Trungpa and other idiocies

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It is funny: we keep getting comments on Trungpa here. And I keep sinking them.

Let’s be clear why: I am not a buddhist/tibetan buddhist. I think Tibetan Buddhism comes with a toxic occult strain, and many other problems

I am not part of the New Age movement and I do not acknwoledge the authority of Buddha/Gautama or any of his ‘sangha’ reps. Period.
To those who fell in the trap, I would say slip away from Tibetan buddhism, perhaps even buddhism.

The authority of gurus is in all cases void, but they may try to enforce ‘authority’ with black magic, so beware.

Ozen site???

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This is suddenly no longer valid?????

The videos are still available via YouTube


The ambiguity of the guru question

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We have been critical of gurus and surrender, and much of this is unacceptable to most new agers. But the reality must be faced: gurus have very little help to offer on key issues. Look at the reincarnation muddle depicted here.
You won’t find any gurus who can help here. You are on your own. Look the eight years of this blog: do you see any signs of anyone offering help. To be sure, the mystique of Gurdjieff makes dissent seem blasphemous. But what if he really was a crook? Other gurus would never discuss the matter. It is left to expendables like me to deal with the question.

On the reincarnation question: my denial on the Ouspensky question must be a relief to the big wigs here: they wouldn’t want anyone to know the real fate of RB Ouspensky. capish?


Class profile of the sannyasin lumpenproletariat…you read that right

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I do not come as a friend, but as a leftist examining the Osho commune for a communist potential. The fate of most spiritual groups is the drift to the right. I hope that the few hints of something better in Osho’s legacy will bear fruit. That’s a bit off: the current left would never associate with me, or new agers.
I can’t expect much in the way of resonance here, at first. The political impulse seems wrong from the beginning in the meditator’s world. But we should recall that in the absence of a larger wisdom the racial jihad defaulted to Mohammed. So who was Mohammed, beside the dreams of Gandhi. Is it really the case as Osho hinted that he was enlightened? We cannot even discuss such an issue in public. Perhaps we don’t need to. But it was Osho himself who chided Gandhi.

I think it would be enough to be ready with some form of ‘commune-ism’ as the edge of chaos grows beneath our feet. Anyway I have made my pitch here. That’s the way the game could play out. Before enlightenment there is your class analysis profile, which is mostly petty bourgeois idiot with lumpenprole fuhrer tendencies. You figure it out.
I can hardly suggest anything here since most leftists wouldn’t even speak with me. Ditto for most new agers. This is dangerous terrain where betrayal is not forgiven.

The loss of a legacy

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The destruction of Osho commune, abetted by the US government, has deprived the US of newly developing legacy. I notice the russian translators in the many videos of Ozen.


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I think this dimension of Osho world is an invaluable resource: where Osho/Bhagwan is moving into the chaos beyond enlightenment Ozen presents a calmly elegant ‘enlightenment 101’ in its essentials.



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Atmo’s?? // Tears of the Mystic Rose

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osho’s enlightened disciple…about his life in osho commune he described in his beautiful book “Tears of mystic rose” which is easily available in net.

Multiple Atmo’s?

Tears of the Mystic Rose Osho free pdf ebook


Tears of the Mystic Rose by Rajneesh is not a work by Osho Rajneesh, but one of Oshos followers by the same name. “Tears of the Mystic Rose” which makes challenging reading for the Osho community since it is critical to the “Inner Circle” the people who run Osho’s affairs in Pune and elsewhere. Rajneesh was born into a very privileged background, his mother was a Bollywood movie star and his father a rich industrialist, and whilst their marriage was stable he seemed to have enjoyed the usual fruits of such seeming luck, excelling at games, and enjoying a very good education in a Darjeeling public school. The shock of his parent’s separation when he was 15, and the subsequent early death of his mother were the seminal events in propelling the young Rajneesh into self-examination and the spiritual path at an early age.


born identities

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A men’s movement?

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