Warning: disregard?: EJ Gold and predatory Jewish New Age sufism

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Another strong post taken down, then restored
I think that the time has come to suggest a boycott of Jewish New Age teachers until the New Age public can get some answers about the ‘school’ run by Gold, the status of Gold’s relation to sufis, some indication of who sufis really are, some credentials for this man who makes everything up, some history of his connection with sufis (ditto for sufis!), some clarification as to the bait and switch between sufism, Gurdjieffianity, and the dark magic of Aleister Crowley, some clarification of his relationship with the founder of the San Francisco Ball and other criminal sources of funding, some clarification of what his teaching his (he has none?!), some explanation for the frequent predatory statements about spiritual cannibalism, his ‘rap’ about selective predatory ‘contract murders’ (symbolic, hey, no gun) against certain persons, some clarification about spiritual sacrifice, some explanation about the ‘experiments’ performed on unsuspecting followers,…. That actually is not the whole list, which includes fascist echoes, fascist followers, statements about the induction of genocide, etc.///

I think that at this point the Jewish community should assist in shutting this outfit down. To allow this to, unbelievably, become a legacy ‘school’ dubbed ‘fourth way’ to front for the most outrageous racket in the whole Gurdjieff ‘syndrome’ would be a tragedy, and create a form of mafia sufism under Jewish aegis.

Let’s skip it. Let’s hear the truth. Let’s get these crooks off the New Age creepy exploiter circuit. But already this exploitation has put down some roots. And its victims are its loudest defenders in the standard tactic of brief participation and enthusiastic endorsement, followed by severance from the ‘school’ and the beginning of long distance occult exploitation. These crooks are always off the hook.

These types of New Age exploitations are hard to diagnose and hard to stop. As with Israel, in a strange similarity, it is hard to grasp why in the wake of the Holocaust and the supreme effort by many Gentiles to show impeccable philosemitic tolerance this gang of sufi jerks would go out of their way to hurt students in such a concealed rapacity.

This situation, I fear, spells the end of the New Age movement, but like scientology the worst will endure, if we let it.

It is time to sound the warning against the whole Gurdjieff legacy. Ouspensky was the first to do this, and is currently as a reborn seeker suffering the vicious attempts to keep him at bay while his unwitting masterpiece which he didn’t what he was promoting is used to sucker in wave after wave of fresh dupes.

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  1. Dada said,

    03.01.18 at 2:59 am

    time to get rid of ALL new age guru/teachers. they’re creating very weak people. their children will be regarded as perfect cannon-fodder

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