Exposing the enneagram fraud

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A review of one the flood of enneagram books now turning mainstream. Given the fraud behind this new age junk It is important for new agers with some math training to help expose this barren nonsensee from someone too dishonest to care about corrupting public knowledge. Gurdjieff’s brazen invocation of esoteric Christianity makes it easy to exploit gullible Christian believers.

The baseless confusion of the enneagram myth/hype, March 24, 2015
This review is of: The Enneagram: A Christian Perspective (Paperback)
The material left behind on the enneagram remained relatively sidelined for decades until the key to hyping it appeared in the claims of its use for the study of personality types, a very peripheral species of junk science that created the illusion of making sense.
The enneagram is a completely unfounded form of new age symbology that has never received any clarification. It was expounded by Gurdjieff whose manner was to claim something was esoteric, presenting an outer teaching whose secret content is never revealed. This makes critics prone to pause, lest they confuse the outer wrapper with the content in question. The point is that everything said in public about the enneagram is falsely claiming to explicate a subject too esoteric to reveal in public. There is a better explanation here:: con men at work.
This issue has been further confused by the support given by two student Ouspensky and J.G.Bennett. The latter, who should have known better, gave the subject a pass, although he seemed to have been clearly wary of the symbolism.
No clarification of the nonsense of the enneagram has ever been put forth, and the Nashqbandi sufis, who should have attempted clarification, but instead revealingly changed course with another version of this fraud, the enneagon of Oscar Ichazo, who denounced the enneagram as unscientific. This situation should alert scholars of the danger of using this junk thinking. But now we see an increasing flood of bad treatments of the subject, moving to the core of Christianity.
The attraction to Christians arises from the failed attempt to rejustify the question of the Trinity with something supposed to support its confusions.
I think what early Christians were about here was a possible influence of Indic Samkhya in the spread of Jain yogis into the Roman Empire. The Trinity looks like an attempt to recast the original triad of Samkhya as some kind of esoteric mystery in a veiling of the unmanifest. That’s confusing enough once we know that Samkhya was the reference. But its transformation into Christian theology was clearly a distortion of the original meaning.
In any case the quite different enneagram is confusion of seven term and nine term systems, with no explanation for the difference.
In the end the issue is a variant of claims about seven term sequences and the so-called ‘law of three’. This was the original thinking, overhyped into an esoteric doctrine, and matched to the enneagram in an illogical confusion of terms.

I think that theologians should be wary of this fake esoteric lore, and consider the opinion of many spiritual teachers as to the fraud in the whole game. Gurdjieff, the source here, put this question into the esoteric doctrine category, which means that doubters are at risk from some very dangerous occultists. This material should never have gone mainstream and is a front for some very unsavory sufis who know perfectly well the whole subject is baloney.
I think the theological community should pull away from this false lead into the realm of the esoteric.
The law of three and the law of seven are interesting thought experiments, but they have no basis in objective knowledge. Only a devious clutz as retarded as Gurdjieff would have thought it possible to get away with such a piece of bad thinking.
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  2. Reen Guhag said,

    12.21.15 at 8:06 pm

    The Jesus Con >> Exposing the Christianity fraud

  3. nemo said,

    01.07.16 at 8:02 am

    Good idea, but we have very little knowledge of what really happened at the start…

  4. Martin Williams said,

    03.09.18 at 10:34 am

    The Enneagram appears to have originated from a number of sources, including the
    reversed Kabbalistic Tree of Life as used in “Etude sur les origines de la nature du Zohar”, by S. Karppe, Paris, 1901, pp. 387, the same book that is mentioned in a footnote in Ouspensky’s “In Search of the Miraculous” regarding Abraham ibn Ezra’s nine point circle, the Great Magical Arcanum of Eliphas Levi which is also composed of a circle triangle and hexad, the varient form of this in Madame Blavatsky “Isis Unveiled”, Leonhard Euler’s 9 point circle, the regular Enneagram’s of Athanasius Kircher & Ramon Llull & the latters Diagram A (which could be seen as a representation of Gurdjieff’s Law of Reciprocal Maintenance). The Pythagorean Tetractys, which also combines the numbers 3 and 7, as does the major arcana of the Tarot (leaving out the Fool which isn’t considered as part of the major arcana but a wild card). And of course the decimal system of 1 divided by 7.

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    03.10.18 at 9:05 am

    […] Martin Williams on Exposing the enneagram fraud […]

  6. nemo said,

    03.10.18 at 9:08 am

    It is sad and unforgivable that Gurdjieff never revealed his sources. He was always obsessed with ‘burying the bone deeper’//./

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