Surrender, this from the jackass ashram of Lozowick

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I think the author of this book should withdraw it (and change her name and disappear). The enraged victims of gurus know better than these books (I don’t include myself here in the dangerously enraged). And this one is especially confusing: it refused surrender to Indian gurus and then preaches for Lee Lozowick, an especially confusing jackass who never surrendered to anyone and muddled monotheism and yoga.
(I made this comment under advice from an anonymous source, who knows well the enraged subculture of trashed former disciples. Fortunately they are very unlikely to read this book)
Surrender is starting to fade away and the need is for students to seek transformation on the basis of their own path. Period…

Dangers of surrender…

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When I describe my experiences I am sometimes getting accusations of not surrendering to gurus. I have to shake my head in wonder here. This is surrender on the public level of jet set new agers who flock to Indian ashsrams. And it is mostly crap.

Surrender has turned into a monster of globalization and guru-crime out of context, the sufis being the worst.
With the jewish gurus I approached, years ago, I was a sitting duck. Few have ever ‘surrendered the way I did’. And the result? I can hear the chatter now with greater awareness: ‘philosemitic with total surrender!!’ What an opportunity to conduct experiments possible with no other disciples. No one will know or find out, and the project can begin after the gentile idiot has left the ‘ashram/school’

Wake up, guys. Surrender is a demonic hoax. It existed between personally acquainted elders and students on a verbal basis of one-to-one instruction. In the modern era it is a monstrosity used to exploit people…

Another warning: spiritual surrender is dead…the new age guru mafia killed it…

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I think the day of gurus is over. And sufi sheiks a la Gold have been found out and that is not easy to replicate now.

You cannot ask for ‘surrender’ to rip off, damage, savage with black magic, those who are vulnerable because they ‘surrendered’ It is cheap shot stuff, whose perps retreat after ripoff to let people forget.


Mission accomplished, but…

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I have succeeded in my Osho project, and then wrecked it. The problem is that like RB-Ouspensky I am known and hated and announcing anything in a blog results in blasts from the unknown. One too many and you are knocked senseless. Second I assumed that the Osho field had none of the fascist nonsense that has poisoned so many New Age groups. I was wrong and was suddenly nettled by my inability to really be sure of what I was dealing with. Osho field would make a great teaching moment for leftists, but it would never be a consistent ideological ally.

But the basic issue is clear: the older left can’t compete anymore with the rapidly developing culture of fringe-religion in the new era of modernity. But the left can remedy this problem by adopting its own ‘church’/ashram/sangha’. And the left can summon up the example Munzer, an xtian communist of the early moern, and Gautama-560BCE who projected a revolutionary movement.


The bad guys won:

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The danger in this situation is that we are going to lose buddhism, Xtianity, Islam…Osho type outfits will be crippled. Gurdjieff rogues will lose the war but win a lot of battle,

In and out, down and out

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Warning: the bad guys won

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People attack me here over and over again in the name of defending gurus like Gurdjieff. But they show they have been hypnotized by the slave master into being slaves.

So let me reiterate the critique pressed here of gurus of that kind: they can use your will because they have preached the need to surrender. They can play games with you and torture people for fun, and they do do this. Sufi degenerates can be quite scary. And now a new problem arises: ‘sufi’ gurus, already unrestrained, now use Crowley behind a sufi front.

You cannot play disciple in such environments.


Completely destroying all new age ties…

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The run of sufi (jewish?) ‘denying force’ sharks trying to profit from you spiritual failure requires total exit from all spiritual paths, disallegiance from all gurus, abjuring ‘god’, redefinition of spiritual practices, wariness as to forms of black magic, mind control, and careful study of the status of ‘god’ monotheism relative to gnostic/sufi/’dharmic’/buddhist ‘religions’.
With all these gurus the tactic is Ass Front, and fart. That’s all these dictators deserve. They want you for their fascist war on modernity. Ass Front, and Fart.

We need in this case to exit sufism, exit buddhism (several brands), exit yoga, exit Oshoism, never touch Kaballah ever again, etc,… boycott Crowleyanity, exit Gurdjieffianity. The questions of Jesus, Jesus Christ, and Christ, plus that of Mohammed are tricky but can be dealt with by the same method. Not recommended. Bluff your way past them (even as you readopt their essential true and virtuous ‘real meaning’), keeping in mind that these are religions of children and this creates complications. But walking away from Christianity/Islam is no doubt a part of this process. These are ‘new age’ cults at core. But these are also like scabs about to fall off: don’t expend all your energy fighting corpses…But when you see that these are identical cases to the rest, you can change your mind here…
You need not advocate anti-religion here and the question of ‘god’ is not really open to solution…You are dealing with your own situation, probably in the open…

The basic strategy is simply to acknowledge your modernity,or it you are a postmodernist, acknowledge you live in a new era starting with modernity, whatever that means. That’s more (new) new agism, but with time the issue of eras may become clear.
Note that many of these cultic perspectives are confounded by their rejection of modernity, and are conspired to make you exit that era (impossible). If you reject democratic modernity then you are ripe to be controlled by something that rejects modern freedom.
In sufism, buddhism you have tacitly agreed that the modern world is evil, that spiritual authority overrides autonomy, that fascist anti-modernism in the era of fascism and nazism was a valid attempt to undermine modernity, etc… It seems totally wrong here, really? Really.

The real danger is the sufistic/occult/Gurdjieffian destruction of autonomy, free will, free agency and the creation of zombie/food for god passives. As you declare your exit from these cults you reassert your autonomy…
There are a lot more things here but the basic point is clear.

A great irony attends this gesture/set of gestures: as you regain your autonomy a real path becomes possible! But don’t use old language of ‘paths’, etc…

You can easily take ordinary existence in modern times as the basis for the spiritual path you have given up. In the end there are two issues: ‘god’: reduce that to Kant plus cosmology/science/question mark. ‘consciousness’: enquire into the nature of your consciousness, study the power of attention, and consider the ancient rumors of a ‘fourth state’ of consciousness, far predating Gautama=buddhism. This can be derived from the study of the power of attention and what happens as ‘attention’ becomes one-pointed. That’s enough: the meta-god cosmological question, and the consciousness question. Why we sold ourselves to guru monsters when the two basic issues stolen by religion from the public (species) domain are basically simple is a bit baffling.
This is not the same as calling for secularism to replace religion. Religion is as secular as science. But the point is that religion emerges from a pre-modern (secular) era and is generally a toxic labyrinth of unknowns.
Note: all the core beliefs of religion could be replicated as secular philosophy. But the religion factor as control is ditched. Change your terms. Don’t use other peoples cult concepts.
This is not a version of the new atheism. The question of god is a complete waste of time. Don’t hasten people to abandon god, or to convert to god…

You can see confused versions of this thinking in the mindfulness movement: they instinctively remove all connection to religion. But the result shouldn’t be dumbed down…

The question of monotheism is tricky: too many conversions to disbelief produce a new set of fallacies. Tread carefully. The issue is mindcontrol, not theism/atheism. Theism can certainly impinge on issues of mind control.

In general rejection of religion is not rejection of the reality of a spiritual world about which we know nothing.

Abjuring god: Christianity/Islam are vulnerable religions: they are basically totalitarian orgs with schemes of torture to enforce conformity. Check that out: it’s true. You should therefore not preach atheism so much as the need to ‘abjure god’. To ‘abjure god’ means you refuse to talk to believers who think torture is appropriate for non-members. To abjure ‘god’ means that most believers misrepresent ‘god’ and therefor any agreement with them on theism will only feed the regime of torture.
‘Abjuring god’ means, ‘Fuck you, I don’t discuss ‘god’ with scumbag Christian/Moslem sadists’.

The change of innings

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I would not like to damage the Osho sphere and I fear that in the confusion of astral idiocy enemies of Osho can assume his form to generate attacks. At the same time, the ‘Osho’ entity is not a person, a friend, a guru to ego, and seems to simply latch onto ‘will’ and move to the elimination of the person. This is so confused in a fog of other imaginings that it ceases to be credible at all. I am not a psychic and can’t commune with the dead. But they can commune with us, if we can understand their new and different language, not likely. All in all the process is destructive, and many gurus including Osho have warned about dead gurus!

I doubt if I could hurt the Osho field or work. I could pen ten critical posts and the result would increase Osho’s stock. I think the Osho commune must be stalled and may be contracting. (That happened to the buddhist sangha up to the period of Asoka).
I am not a spiritual teacher and in thirty years since I first encountered the spiritual path (the new age movement) I have still not found any form of practice, spiritual method, or teacher, and recall all my experiences of higher consciousness before I started all this, or else just near the start followed by total loss of consciousness around teachers of any kind.

I think the reason for that was the atmosphere of Gurdjieff and then Gold/sufis who seem to preach consciousness and then steal everyone else’s. Gold seems to have produced an especially debilitating form of invultuation that, like the derivatives paper in the mad world of high finance, bets on special failure and the ‘denying force’ somehow applied to disciples puts them into a treadmill of futile spiritual activity, to the profit of the sufis in question, but not in view. Is this unfair? You can’t find out and need to decamp at once in these situations. One of the hidden fine print issues of the Gurdjieff Con is the ‘work’ as being a spiritual right to expropriate the energies of ‘outer cattle’, those worthless drones destined to spiritual slavery called disciples, people who have read Ouspensky with enthusiasm and wish to have a spiritual life. The crushing of that hope and the beating down of the slave behind the front of a spiritual path is one of the strange crudities of the Gurdjieff thuggery, and given the lack of comment from real sufis I would suspect they are in on it.

It is in this context that I have wandered through or around the Osho sphere, with hair-trigger wrath if this grotesque aspect of antique spirituality should appear in that sphere. Generally the ‘buddhistic’ world is not like that. Disciples aren’t marks, food, human trash, or drones of the work.
This is useful up to a point, but not viable. So what?
I think a few ideas about future spiritual paths were appropriate and I seem to have been attracted to or by the post-Osho phase of twilight, left with the ambiguity of a very ‘real’ spirit ‘being’ whose elucidation is quite beyond me. That’s done, so now I think I am not really welcome around all that.

Could I become a spiritual teacher? Very doubtful. I can barely interact with people in a kind of autistic bubble. But the exercise as a thought experiment of ‘being a teacher’ oneself is useful. You begin to look around at the potential of resources that can help people and then you suddenly become overwhelmed by the history of Xtianity. The number and depth of resources was so ample beyond measure as to make any such effort seem ridiculous by comparison. The Jesus world had the whole legacy of the Axial Age Israel effect(s) (and maybe some buddhist and/or Egyptian gnosic effects), a stage of cults and politics in a transient world moving to a new future that needed something like a religion, and at the core a whole new literature of spiritual history and lore, the Old Testament (with a huge apocrypha).
Few spiritual movements has so many resources at the start and the idea of being teacher is thus a bit comic. But, quite obviously, the figure Osho has actually done the same thing: set up and/or already exploited an immense field of material resources and the result is something with a huge potential…But it can’t really persist too long as a repetitive cycle of the same the same.

We can see that ‘dharma’ in the line of buddhism in the line of jainism in the line of yoga and archaic Shaivism have been able to replicate their core legacy and see that happening now. But the world has globalized and there are some strange interactions afoot, like our discussion of the hidden side of sufism now colliding with Indian dharmic traditions (but that must have happened many times already).
The same is apparently not possible in the realm of the tricky and confusing world of monotheism and the effort to create an Xtianity for a new age is not yet visibly successful. All the effort of Xtianity could just go down the drainpipe.

Before applying snap judgements as cocky buddhists it is good to step aside from the endless criticism of Xtianity to see its stupendous scale: it has a cosmic dimension stretching over millennia, but the design and ‘mechanism’ is not open to the members of the religion, or so it seems. It is always possible to revive Xtianity, but at this point the result has to be something good or don’t bother.


The new new age movement…//Reformations, modernities, and trans-xtianities in the rocket seat…tell the Pope

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Hybrid of commune and communism to stage the sufistic legacy for the future?

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Actually, despite a high rascality component in the Commune, it would make a good hybrid with communism for this sufi mystery which is in danger of falling into the hands of some nasty villains. If you thought Gurdjieff and Gold were bad…

Impudent Gold comment

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Jake said,
05.22.15 at 4:08 pm ·
LMAO at the fools attacking Gold… none have the courage to meet with him face to face… fools and cowards.
nemo said,
05.23.15 at 6:04 am

LMAO? what’s that. You sound like Gold wants to meet anyone face to face. He is heavily protected behind a near phalanx of protection.
So the lack of courage is on the other side. I can think of dozens of critics who would be more than happy to confront this coward who uses black magic behind his protectors against powerless people who have no proof he has mindfuck3ed screwed, invultuated, quite possibly ‘murdered’

It is not foolish to attack fascists, who believe in genocidal mass murder.
Gold has over the years attracted hundreds to his site/game, obtained their surrender/allegiance/sign on dotted line (surrender means in the fine print absolute surrender, signing your life away),and then sending them packing so he and his sufi cohorts can exploit an exterior ‘disciple’ without anyone knowing what is going on. It is outrageous. Outrageous. All of Gold’s students need to be declared free and dis-surrendered, effective immediately.
This is how the sufi slave markets work. And many will remain entangled in their next lives. These people need to learn to abjure the work, sufis, gold, gurdjieff, gurus, surrender, and absolute obedience. ASAP. Certainly prior to death.

Ouspensky did no less and was very exact about abjuring Gurdjieff and the work at death…


More on that fascist fart front the Dalai Lama and the heil hitler wing of the buddhist sangha, very compasssionate…

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Meanwhile the real culprits in the buddhist sangha remain invisible. I have, if you recall, demanded the Tibetan buddhist organization disband, be wiped off the face of the earth (speaking non-violently). We don’t need a gang of ‘buddhist’ fascists bent on their last chance at world domination running an outfit of clown bodhissatwas (i.e. people who are guaranteed to be without consciousness) under the leadership of a sweet zero like the Dalai Lama. These people will predictably support rightist social organization.
In the same fashion the Gurdjieff world consistently screws liberals and will attempt to destroy those further left. Gurdjieff and others were part of the deep background of the sources of the neoliberal generation and the period at the end of the nineteenth century is a strangely unnerving source of the many movements trying to destroy modern democracy. The age of Nietzsche…

The heil hitler and it’s over game…Time to pull rank on the Osho ghost…

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In a way the Osho entity was clear: after a year plus of a leftist consideration of his teaching seemingly supported and suggested the game shifts into reverse and right on schedule the fascist angle appears, albeit as a result of my inadequate research on the commune. I think the center of gravity is closer to the left but the real issue is the ‘dictatorship of the buddhas’ and that ‘if I say so, Heil Hitler’. This bullshit should not have appeared in the Rajneesh world and the legacy of dharma has been invaded and corrupted by this rightist occultism. It is obvious the Osho commune is a profitable enterprise and wouldn’t contribute anything to social justice as far as I can see. Since that was obvious more than a decade ago I am a little puzzled by the invitation to an opposite perspective.

In all of this we haven’t had a single comment from any sannyasin, or the courtesy to even communicate a difference of opinion. It is all, there’s that outsider with no place in the pecking order. I think the Osho entity is experimenting with something, but I am not going to be kept in the dark by this higher wisdom which looks more like a wild devil on the astral plane.

Enough of Osho consideration: we need a contribution to a leftist movement in a specific form or statement. It wont happen. But you can bet that with a fascist or rightist pitch a whole gang of sannyasins will right on it in jiffy fashion.

I need to sever contact with Osho here. He has mindfucked me and used a gesture of friendship to screw me. It is getting pretty thin to consider that some other entity using Osho’s ‘face’ to conduct a campaign of harm.

It’s on me: I was willing to take the risk to make a point, but my Osho relationship is down the drain.
The moribund commune will continue in zombie spiritual commerce. As noted once before I would like to see the books on this org. It is smelly and gives the odor of corruption.

bye. But it was Rajneesh who had the courage to expose the fascism in the buddhist sangha.
It is hard for me to figure what’s going on here. But the failure of any sannyasins to open a conversation shows they are deadbeat tantric asses who will heil hitler into oblivion on demand.

We have the obvious question of how a spiritual organization could adopt a leftist ideology, etc,… It is obviously unrealistic to even spit in that direction. The answer is that when the chips are down the right gets to walk in and take over.

Meanwhile buddhists need to consider that the sangha is over when it’s over.

However the Osho source did actually indicate a series of leftist gestures. Maybe that’s all we can expect at this point. A ghostly dead buddha is a pretty far gone state of affairs. Pax vobiscum on these ghosts. Time to pull rank of the Osho ghost.

Mindcontrol to make people attack Osho?

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I will come to a full stop here and suspect (the two way system of murder) hostile Gudjieff/sufi characters are adopting a mindcontrol attack on Osho via the impersonation of his form. So I will be wary of attempted attacks, but also start to ask why the ‘osho’ entity offers no protection to those with Gurdjieff/sufi entanglements. Or maybe he does, but the situation is so confused it is no longer possible to figure anything out.
We are talking about how Gurdjieff students can extricate themselves from the Gurdjieff ‘work’.