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I recommend leaving/staying away from the Gurdjieff movement (ditto for sufism)

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The world of Gurdjieff is dangerous. People with propensities to evil are looking for passive and eager dupes who are liable to fall under the spell of people who may perform dangerous unconscious hypnosis captures and you could end up the drone of people you never see again. The whole realm of occult sufism operates via fronts and you will never meet the real perps. You will be dependent on people outside of this with some occult capacity taking a risk to warn/liberate you. Don’t count on it.


A quick debriefing of the absurdities in the ISOM account…

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In a Moscow Cafe
Ouspensky’s In Search of the Miraculous is the standard, now classic, description of the author’s encounter with the figure Gurdjieff. Let us note that in the final analysis Ouspensky is performing an act of journalism, not, as such, a description of a spiritual path. It is hardly inappropriate to challenge this point, but the general tenor of Ouspensky’s account, concluding with an ambiguous suggestion of a parting of ways, is descriptive and historical, against the remarkable backdrop of the Russian revolution. Ouspensky promptly distances himself at the end of this work.
Ouspensky’s ISOM is one of the most successful promotions of a spiritual subject in the literature of the modern New Age movement. It is therefore a near tragedy that its author was swiftly sidelined, accused of non-surrender even as he was excluded from the veiled aspect of Gurdjieff’s activities. Gurdjieff had a habit of svengali treatment of intellectuals able to promote his teachings and the restriction of these intellectuals to the exoteric advertsing department was one of the key weaknesses, in the end, of the whole teaching.
The opening of ISOM raises the issue of the spiritual search, abroad, and at home. And it makes the point that Ouspensky’s searches in India and Ceylon were somehow doomed and that what he sought was to be found close at hand, ‘at home’. Since this is a frequent refrain of later sufi writers like Idries Shah we should suspect this was somehow a ploy on the part of Gudjieff to refocus attention on some broader that the ‘generalized buddhism’ that focuses on India and the terrain of buddhism.
But in retrospect this is misleading. Surveying the past generation of the accelerating New Age proliferations, we can see that the spiritualities of India and buddhism have proven far more fertile in their success with students. If Ouspensky had stayed in India he might have been an enlightened sage by now, instead of the fruitless wild goose chase of the ‘work’ and troubled rebirth with nothing gained. And there are many examples even in Ouspensky’s generation, such as the early students of Ramana Maharsi, who became realized men forthwith. So the emphasis of Gurdjieff on some rule of ‘spirituality’ at home is misleading. No doubt it is true that hidden sages lurk in many places, but esoteric obscurity is not a recommendation for confused seekers. The clarity of buddhism, for example, is far more constructive. And it is not loaded with the misleading innuendoes of Faust receiving spiritual instructions and powers from Mephisopheles. This factor is very much a part of the world of Gurdjieff.
Ouspensky’s ‘search for the miraculous’ was in many ways the flawed reasoning behind his failure to achieve spiritual realization. It is a good cover term for the kind of hidden sufi brands of spirituality, but it is a very narrow vision, too close to mere occultism, that seeks out the miraculous. No doubt this is a preoccupation of Christians struggling with the New Testament and its focus on miracles. In the end, however, it is a good token of what Ouspensky came across, the rare ‘paths of the will’ that stand so obscurely behind outer sufism, and which renounced in the ‘paths of being’ of the great paths of yoga and buddhism. So perhaps Ouspensky’s starting idea was not so far off: he was to enter the strangely ominous world of shadow sufis with their demonic cast. Read the rest of this entry »

Gurdjieff tossing in towel…

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The time has come to move beyond the Gurdjieff spiritual movement. It is being abandoned by the ‘G entity’ himself, was never really accepted by sufis, and has become a darkside menace to all who stumble into it. The sharks who prey on the unsuspecting are increasing in number, figures like Gold, and the Aleister Crowley gangs are starting to intersect with all of it.

I hope to produce a debriefing of the whole material, and the first thing is to realize that apart from the Romance of the Fourth Way generated by Ouspensky’s ISOM, the work is a nebulous pseudopath with not real references. Sufis have never heard of it. Buddhists scratch their head. Noone knows what it is, a century after Gurudjieff met Ouspensky. People spout passages form ISOM, but they don’t amount to beans. Noone can point to such a ‘path’ in any period before Gurdjieff. After, everyone prattles as they knew…

The riddle of human evolution

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Booknotes/review: A New Buddhist Path: Enlightenment, Evolution, and Ethics in the Modern World

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For me it is actually unsafe to be anywhere near new age gurus…

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It took me a while to figure out that new age gurus wished to actually kill me for the above two posts, and the reactionary anti-modernism of nearly all of them, with Osho an exception, sort of, has planted its own self-destruct for the whole movement.

The whole thing is stupid but it has a considerable hidden promotion. How could two historians as brain dead as Spengler and Toynbee ever get any traction? They are cryptic ideologists of the fascist attack on modernity: no coincidence here with Spengler, but who had the good sense to see through Hitler. But Spengler’s concealed ideology was grist for the mill of the generation of the Nazis because it fueled the sense that whole of modernity should be overcome. This stupid thinking is clearly evident still in Tibetan Buddhism.

I didn’t realize how much concealed flack I was taking with WHEE but I think every new ager should read it. To base spirituality on anti-modernism is completely stupid.

This kind of stupidity is a reminder that I have no future in the new age movement, not even in the Osho field. Every time I begin to show some progress I get another blast of hate. It is a stupid perspective. Have these people ever really looked at the men of antiquity outside of the great guru cults? This whole perspective is stupid and will undermine the whole new age game…

Toynbee and Spengler, and new age antimodernism

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Warned to stay away from the Osho field

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I have always had a different spiritual power in the background of my work, and I am hearing: the need to stay clear of the Osho field, which will not allow any independent view of history such as mine, which is a gift I cannot give up to some guru. I cannot surrender autonomy to a buddhas field or let my work fall under the control of buddhist powers: the risk of setting leftists up to get hurt is too great. I am stunned to consider that this field would attempt to destroy my other work.

So I must stand back and move: I have made my point. The Osho field has an immense potential for an perspective on buddhadharmas for these groups. We have established this point. But the virulence in my case is sudden bizarre…
It is only a matter of time before outsiders would succumb to droid fascism of the buddhist variety. So I must stand back, take back any ‘surrender’, and try to find a way to mediate the resources of the Osho and other fields.

OZEN rajneesh speaks – where is osho ?

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Visions of a ghostseer…(a book by Kant)

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It is hard for me to separate the many different overlaid ‘ghosts’ that attempt to invade/impersonate dead gurus, so feel free to disregard my posts that suggest otherwise. I am not a sannyasin, have a lot of enemies who …etc: we have been over this before, the the three-way+ etc of collated,…what?
I have so many enemies that it is hard to conclude the nature of the non-events in the spirit mystery sphere…


The need to transcend the dead guru syndrome…

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Another problem here is the way the Osho entity seems to seize the will and then induce self-destructive behavior: e.g. spiritual surrender as bankruptcy via credit card debt. At first you think, this is a demon, then you are not so sure, then you realize that dead gurus aren’t useful entities at all. He/it is ‘enlightenment’ which makes it OK, I guess.

The commune has to drop the past and move to the living gurus it has or can have.

The left won’t tolerate this for a second. Look at me: I am virtually wiped out, and wouldn’t even get notice in the ashram. You’re dead bye.

Osho harassment spoiling a great opportunity //will gurus have any place in a future socialism?

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update…I have to try and extricate myself from this confusion of gurus. The path to enlightenment entails transcendence of the will, but the unhelpful vampire version of dead guru/buddhas will certainly lead beyond will because it leads to total nullity, vanished, done. That is not the real guru bargain and the path in the end must dispense with gurus. Nothing in the original buddhist canon makes such a fetish of gurudom.
My personal case is a not the usual, but the sheer ferocity of constant attacks get to be a bit tiresome.
I have expended a lot of energy trying to create a bridge of ‘dharmic legacies’ with a new form of the left. But that gesture is going to fail with dead gurus. The legacy of total fascism and total extinction is going to make leftists anathematize the guru game.
I think the Osho entity is wavering between the spread of a teaching and its control against dissipation and the real mess a leftist initiative could make of a buddhist-style path.
But there is no hope for a reputation of the kind of super-ashram that figures like Jesus started, were able to get away with for almost two millennia plus.

This perhaps explains the suggestion of a jain-like sequence of twenty-four buddhas, each an independent path traveler yet somehow linked in a sequence. It is a strange irony that the one who had no guru become superauthoritarian here.
My caution is that not even meditation serves the interests of such a dead guru. Robots stripped of soul energy only need apply…

There is away out of this: with dead gurus one can only visit briefly and then move on. The contact with a teaching like Osho’s could help to expand the vision of ‘materialists’.

That’s test: if the ‘dead guru entity’ moves to undermine the ‘will to meditate’ on the way beyond will, then it is time to pull back.
I have to be done with Osho for a while. The issue of the ‘three way system of murder’, clear or not, makes the game come to a stop. period. A specific example to those who preach surrender: the deep guru has seized the will and demands control of your credit card behavior and enjoins its use to the point of bankruptcy. Refusal to do this invokes astral attack for failure to surrender..

This is a summary of a more complex situation, but it is enough to warn groupies to stop inflicting murder on those outside the safe zone. Many will denounce this as imaginary, paranoia and nothing to do with the guru…
Have a nice life after the guru dies…No, it is the muliple way


The outer world of public sufi idiots vs the hidden dark side..

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We can cite this ‘other world’ of the sufis in contempt at the reality of the hidden dark side…


Understanding Sufi Spirituality

In 2012, a militant group wielding crude shovels and pickaxes damaged the ancient Sufi shrines in Timbuktu, Mali. The militant group, known as Ansar Dine (Defenders of Faith), attacked the city’s ancient mosques and mausoleums associated with local Sufis, arguing that shrine worshipping is offensive to Shariah. “Shrines are haram. We will destroy them all, without exception,” said the group. The assault on Sufi shrines alarmed the world. The United Nations placed Timbuktu mosques on the List of World Heritage in Danger. The faith-filled violence against the concept and artifacts of Sufi spirituality reignites a broader question whether Sufi spirituality is compatible with Shariah. Small-minded versions of Islam emanating from pedestrian groups within the Muslim world undermine Sufi Spirituality that forges alliances among diverse religions and denominations to lead human species to a common and universal spirituality.
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Update: Osho project down but not out…clearly guru paths won’t work for leftists…toward a new interpretation of Feuerbach

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update: Reading the last few months of these posts it is clear how you can be reduced to an idiot dealing with the phantoms of dead teachers. Clearly this won’t work for a radical cadre. At least I can say I have been a guinea pig for the way ambiguous entities can invade, invultuate and use as mouthpieces unsuspecting persons deluded in the belief they are acting in autonomy.
I cannot thus advocate Indic/buddhist teachings controlled by classic gurus for the left. The left is on its own and has to ‘roll its own’.
The left began in the era of Feuerbach to critique religion down to its axioms, but the problem there is that we only expose our own phantoms, we can’t declare the ‘spiritual’ realm to not exist. That’s the catch 22. And it is futile to preach ‘materialism’ if reactionaries adopt Samkhya materialism to outflank the left. And Feuerbach never got around to the issues of ‘dharmic’ or buddist/legacy religions.

They way out is clearly indicated in the conclusion to the modern transition: revolutionary emergentism is a de facto ‘spiritual’ transformation inside ‘secularism, with an immense and rich spectrum of potentials. Looking at Kant, Hegel, Schopenhauer we see that the future can escape the clutches of the fascist gurus and create a modern version of futuristic theism (Hegel) or a futuristic ‘buddhism’ in Schopenhauer, with a Kantian guardian perspective on the ‘dialectic of illusion’. In that context we should note that the dharmic/buddhist streams far predate the Axial Age and are adept at reinventing themselves, in India. They have already done so once more, but now globally and it is an open question whether this is overexpansion that will destroy them.
But these formations are already showing a confused lack of focus and the suspicion of covert spiritual agencies is of fascist antimodernism. We should be alarmed that an immense heritage of spirituality might go down the drainpipe. It wasn’t that way in ancient times, where the radical early buddhism attempted a revolutionary path (via non-violence). Its endgame in extraordinary violence warns us the new age is real and we must use sources like the closer to neutral Osho. The left can’t erase the religious heritages of antiquity by force, but the fame is almost won already. But the world of gurus is a fierce one with a host of chances for the destruction of leftists. We have only to look at the world of Gurdjieff/Ouspensky to see how these reactionary wolves as occultists aim to destroy democracy, what to say of communism, and equality and restore some version of the law of caste. They are thus not to be trusted.

There is another solution: commando teams move on the Osho commune and take over, tiger’s whiskers or not.

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