Solar or Coal? The Energy India Picks May Decide Earth’s Fate | WIRED

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India will make a choice, but it will not be India’s alone.

Source: Solar or Coal? The Energy India Picks May Decide Earth’s Fate | WIRED


Liquidation of the sangha faithful…

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It would be better to shut the commune down. Maintain an historical presence in the Poona ashram, and drive sannyasins to something new. The mala with its image of Osho is no longer a safe or useful path.
Preserve your essence to a new possibility, and skip this overpriced clipjoint that will soon have the mentality of Ayn Rand.
I think the Osho entity wishes to disperse the rising abortion of his labors before he/it passes into the beyond…I don’t know, it is not up to me, and I can’t see the future there.

But I can sometimes hear the terrified screams as they were extinguished in the astral realm of the humble and devoted buddhists who discovered too late who the ‘buddha’ really was…I have to suspect Gautama was likewise so liquidated near the end, as his sangha was captured…

Osho the commune-ist/communist…

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Communism Zen wind Zen fire: as the commune drifts into becoming a neoliberal farce one can also use this book from Osho in the period before his death, and the period of Gorbachev, as a stick to beat the Osho capitalist vultures over the head. Which is the real Osho?

Gurdjieff and other lost souls…

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If the gurus are problematical the sufis, as far as I can tell are worse, and it may be that the Osho phenomenon is the victim of hidden destroyers in the sufi world, which is worse to the extent that one never seems who they are behind a few public idiots who serve to ready select victims..

I think the seed plexus game is a lost cause. One can never trust the situation with such people. I think the whole tradition is corrupted, as when the Assassins arose, and a false distortion of sufism.

The dangers of the isolated global student…

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The world of Gurdjieff and such figures can just as easily exploit this situation and blame the gurus. What a field of wretched sods, like a penitentiary for rogue sufis and dead gurus and ‘buddhas’.

WE need a new form of spiritual path, one savvy as to the extent of the guru fields and the danger. The disciples in ashrams are complete idiots who cannot grasp their position or what is going on.
We need a new public path with the gurus silenced and sent packing. A new form of global public information, with warnings, can alert the unprotected to the dangers of their position. A spiritual relationship to a guru only arises among those who know each other, refer by name to each other and have the basis of being friends. That rquirement can serve to warn all others that the arrival of spirit guides is a con in some guru’s name. And that guru might it/him/herself be such a spirit guide masquerading….

The calamity of new age gurus…

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All these gurus are great on the surface in their public sphere, kept honest by a field of nearby disciples. But the globalization of the new age phenomenon creates the dangerous opportunity in the larger sphere of disorganized spread of half information, would be students with no resources, prey to the whole vulture game of ‘gurus’ as these sitting ducks lack protection, with no means to the normal defense of presence, lost in the vastness of anonymous globalization, sitting ducks for these roving vampires. A new situation that never existed before, and one for which these caliban supermen as enlightenment peddlers are the custom made villains…
This is unfair. I am an honest and harmless person. I entered the new age sphere with enthusiasm and hope. But I never had the opportunity to go to India or interact with sannyasins. Like rendition the vultures catch isolated seekers imaging a path with a ‘guru’ and the result is a fight to the death with the swarm of guru devils know they can get away with murder as the victim is blamed…

The whole guru game should stop. It does not deserve globalization. Note the way xtianity came to this problem and abolished gurus and gnostics in its mids as it became a global phenomenon. Islam was less fortunate and has an even more insidious gnostic mafia than the Indic hindu/buddhist stream….


The Values of Jesus

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Jesus sided with underdogs. He championed little people, not the privileged and powerful. “Blessed are the poor” was one of his maxims. He told a noble: “Sell all that thou hast, and distribute unt…

Source: The Values of Jesus


If gautama generated fascism and osho exposed it it is pointless to denigrate the latter and call the former a real sage…a better critique is needed…

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The Osho phenomenon is going to be too dangerous to allow inaccurate critiques such as:http://www.enlightened-spirituality.org/rajneesh.html
Osho’s take on poor people is worthy of Donald Trump and such people are going to enforce Osho in the name of enlightenment.
How could Osho have acted so stupidly? Answer, he was stupid.

This critique might work for a personal statement as tesstimony to rage and being fed up or feeling betrayed, but we are going to get in a muddle with this type of attack, a quote below…
Any such set of charges need cross examination, but not mechanically.

The critique rightly raises the issue of a ‘religion’, but did Osho intend one, given his remarks in the various Rajneesh Bibles? I can’t figure it out, but it is possible that his outrageous behavior was to make a religion impossible, as these posts here unwittingly testify: if you call Oshoism a religion, you have to deal with Osho’s statements on poor people quoted here. A religious war is going to start today in case Osho was serious…Note the resemblance to the new atheism movement: Osho was contemptuous of religion/religions, and yet his behavior is completely sloppy.
Was Rajneesh really concerned with his image? He did a good job wrecking it, more like the ‘path of blame’, and/or ‘living dangerously syndrome’: living near the high risk zone and/or a parody of a parody of the ‘crazy wisdom guru’.
The charge of whitewashing seems apt…I have noticed the sudden appearance of a different quality of books after Osho passed away. They seem like sausages…

It is futile as in the list of sages below to denigrate Osho in comparison: most of the have also been whitewashed. But, of course, this gesture is inevitable. But consider this: Osho is castigated, but Gautama is perfect. Bullshit.

Osho pointed out himself that Gautama’s outfit generated a strong component of modern fascism. Who is worse, one who conceals his crimes or one who speaks publicly about dharma criminals. GAUTAMA GAVE BIRTH TO A MASSIVE CRIMINAL CONSPIRACY of fascism/nazism? Osho is alone in telling the truth here.
Everything after that was a road to insanity, not hard to understand.

The same here with Gurdjieff: they reject Osho, but Gurdjieff is some kind of sweet spiritual sage. Bullshit all over again. These critics have muddled a lot in this 165 page book. I is hard to go through all of it.
But someone better, because what is coming into view now can only end in violence….Let’s evade that…

Naive seekers put great trust in spiritual teachers, but the reality is going to come out soon, and it will shock us. Chatter about sufis (see below). SHIT. The sufis are a mafia of borderline criminality. One of the main sufis of the american scene owned the San Francisco Ball. Sufis have extensive criminal connections. Cut the pious bullshit.

In the late 1980s, India’s so-called “Bhagwan” or “Blessed One” Rajneesh (née Rajneesh Mohan Chandra Jain, 1931-1990), back once again at his old ashram in Poona, India, tried to make himself and his religious movement more marketable to suit his longstanding global ambitions for this “first true religion,” all other religious movements having been “false,” “sick,” “failures” in his view. His attempts followed a few years of very negative publicity after a nightmarish time of crime and hardship in the USA (not a personal nightmare or hardship for Rajneesh, but certainly for many other persons, as we shall see). And so, concerned about his image in the eyes of his people and the general public, Rajneesh briefly preferred to call himself “Zorba the Budddha” and then in October 1989, three months before his death, he adopted a “healing,” Zen-sounding name, “Osho.”
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Notes toward a future dharma without gurus…

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Note 1…
Distinguishing communications among friends from hierarchical power relationships…
Everything needed is in the public domain, and all the methods work better done alone…

toward note 2…


What are the limits of surrender?

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To see what is going on here consider the point at which even a committed devotee is forced to revolt against the ‘surrender’ doctrine:

surrender implies
respect and audition to a spiritual teacher
consent to acts of will by a teacher on a disciple
consent to acts of will by a teacher on the unconscious of a student
the above with, or without conscious awareness of the student
The above with respect to criminal activity by the disciple
total unconditional obedience
absolute obedience of the nazi brand
passivity/assent to experimentation, psychological manipulation
loss of will permanently over a range of lives (with no direct assent, or awareness)

It gets worse
…consent (never granted, but assumed from the first original surrender) to be turned into a demon by a ‘spiritual teacher’ …

We fail to realize the immense destruction of buddhist adherents in later buddhism who were subjected to the above, and more, much worse.
In fact, most I suspect were turned into dead zombies controlled by a buddhist hierarchy

the question of nazism is perhaps a later phenomenon after the sangha was ditched by the hierarchy and was taken over by unknown entities…

Before issuing claptrap about gurus and sacrifice keep in mind the reality of this mafia, and the fact you would yourself expect to slip away…

I find it hard to believe Osho was like this. It doesn’t matter. He no longer controls his ashram…


Books books idiot gurus…$2000 dollars of Osho first editions packed and ready for the public dumpster…it will remind me of a lack of frienship

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I am moving on from the Osho world, with no conclusion, no finale, and too many books…they linger like talismans of black magic, starting with their photos…
Hey, Osho warned: get rid of books…

Rule of the game #?: if you can’t afford to go visit a guru, don’t fixate on his images in a book…it is psychologically destructive…

Unfair to Chopra?…check out the sorry list of garbage bestsellers at Amazon….a fairly wretched repertory

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Osho is an earlier version of Chopra, and his paeans to wealth have a catch all too visible in Chopra: garbage is a problem….With Osho the problem is the sheer weight of the books, hundreds…and all of them have no real result.

Chopra’s books are filled with bad science, deliberate con job science…

What deepie choppie’s net worth?

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The whole game of Indian spirituality needs to be put on hold until some clarification of ‘capitalist dharma’ takes place. I think it is just over. We don’t need the money factor as neoliberal class warfare added to buddhism (or what’s left of it). It is not a valid dialectical innovation. It is the very poverty thinking that Osho found to be problem in the India of a generation ago. He should have castigated british imperialism for impoverishing India. And been mindful of the fact that Gautama did not worship poverty: he left a palace, as one rich, in a culture of rich men sick of social existence. They were not embracing poverty but renouncing the world.
I understand that sentiment better than the Osho of the India of the fifties where poverty was so stark it was repulsive. OK, but why such a stupid reaction.
At no point have cultures of spiritual seekers truly adopted poverty as charged by Osho. Perhaps a few individuals, but world renunciation is different.
Osho the fake guru for the rich only, full of shit

It is almost impossible to figure out how any intelligent liberal person, let alone a supposed buddha, could utter the sheer stupidity as Osho does here on the subject of poor people.
The neoliberal world is already licking its chops here to horsewhip the poor in the name of Osho. It has already started in the prosperity gospel churches (probably no accident).
Osho’s thinking is a stupid blunder. It is the american propellor cap ‘permanent growth’ mentality of a generation ago.
As the world system plateau’s out, the poor are going to stubbornly remain with some real shits as Osho disciples trying to control spirituality.

A little reflection could have spared us of this kind of garbage. It is beyond forgiveness…

This is the mentality of the (expatriate) Indian shopkeeper, after the Chinese the most narrow and grotesque selfishness. I watched these creeps in African bleeding incomprehending africans with their contempt for the poor (to say nothing of racism…).

Am I enlightened? a quick credentials check…

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I am in a unique muddle: an enlightened person has called me enlightened. I know that’s not true, and am challenging a guru. That’s a ticket beyond gurus! to say the least. One is already enlightened, to be sure, so the real question is, as one ‘realized’ enlightenment? Again, no, but…
I still get to pull rank on the buddhas, however…
This springs from my Oregon journey and the mysterious moment as I was walking toward the Osho Commune.
Mysterious Darshan

This was not an experience of enlightenment, although it some ways it was something better, in some worse something very much lesser. Ouspensky was in search of the miraculous. Wrong game. Aim higher.

My experience was like that. Not enlightenment but a stirring of the ‘will’ or else something else’s ‘will’, Schopenhauer’s ‘thing in itself’ or the ‘will in nature’, or…maybe..

One gazes outwards and sees that whole freight trains are subject to acts of will in a repainting of the canvas of eye-ball reality. How? incomprehensible, unless illusory. Or maybe it is just a case of the cosmic cuckoo clock, the cuckoo sounds at midnight, at two in the afternoon.
I have had this ‘experience’ (not that, a deduction) several times, so it has nothing to do with Osho’s buddhafield. I was drunk at the time, so it was hardly a case of cosmic consciousness, but, well, close. Being drunk is hardly worse than ordinary mechanical consciousness, drunk or not…
Fooledya, sho-0…
Aim higher. Stay away from Crowley-style ‘witch-hunts’ for your ‘true will’. The very simple reality will occur as a by-product one day of some other meditation.

As noted, I still get to pull rank on the buddhas…

Will the Red Fortyeight Group during the onset of neo-communism have a claim on the monies of Osho/Chopra?

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Absolutely. All of it goes into the communist social pool.

Osho made a big deal about moving beyond spiritual poverty preached by buddhists and many other spiritual types. But his message, after making a point, rings hollow now, and the spiritual realm of the buddhist beggar seems better. Rich sannyasins flaunting wealth and, worse, subjecting the poor to more verbal or soon enought class degradation makes even the Xtian Prosperity brand look better.
We should ask all enlightened persons to adopt something better than this stupid ‘innovation’ by Osho.