Modern buddhism, oshoism don’t count as ‘buddhadharma’..dance of the Osho ass farts: five times a day toward your new mecca, Poona…

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It is important to remember what real buddhism was: a group of sannyasins who renounced the world and lived at the fringes of society in the open spaces pursued a unique form of spiritual action. By comparison Tibetan buddhism is a big zero, Osho sannyas a whorehouse ‘path’, and secular mainstream buddhism another big zero, a study school and that’s it. This is said with respect to the implied claims of authority by the whole spectrum of phony buddhists, oshoists, moving to dominate society in the name of a spirituality they cannot themselves live up to.

The capitalist spiritual path of Osho is especially disgusting and phony and will end up a cannibal feeding trough for occultists, sufis, and hindu dark side yogis.

Taking stock: two lifetimes wasted on the ‘new age’ movement

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I am one of the originals in the new age movement going back to the early twentieth century and as a ‘second lifer’ offer a warning to those to come; stay away from this world of gurus/sufis. Sufis were the worst, but only the cannibals (like Gold, Gurjieff)….First lifers often have a blissful and misleading introit to the realm of yoga/paths/gurus, but the second round is different: your autonomy is gone and some invisible entity is controlling your existence. A calamity and lucky you are if you ever even find out.

The Osho system now is insecure like a bugged computer. It is an open field to exploiters…It is a bungled job and a remaining puzzle. On the other hand it is no really a religion, yet. As a field of study, without becoming a sannyasin, it is of historical interest. Osho exposed the hidden fascism going on here and his movement is not likely to survive that. In a way innocent beginners are better off in Xtianity, but now I am suspicious even of that, and its day has passed. It is not an option anymore except for the center of gravity or true morons that make up is ‘flock’.
Although much time has been wasted, I have reached the point of enlightenment multiple times only to be instantly attacked by shadowy entities. Note that a ‘religion’ that allows realization loses its troops and is a system to sabotage enlightenment. The Osho system is slipping into that. In a strange way Osho seeded his ‘leftovers’ with so much confusion and nuttiness that noone will take it seriously for long.

The ‘secular’ sphere thus has the long term advantage, but the problems there have to be faced…


Havoc created by gurus, dead/alive

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Readers may be shocked and hurt by attacks on gurus, or Osho.

But I think you deserved and got the warning. Gurus dead or alive tampering with the unconscious can produce havoc, and they don’t care in the end. Stay away.

Tibet not the same as Tibetan buddhism…

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http://buddhism-controversy-blog.com/tag/victor-and-victoria-trimondi/ From comment

The case of Tibet and Tibetan buddhism are not the same. Tibetans have every right to their land free of domination. But the question of Tibetan buddhism is different: it is a fascist dead buddhism that needs to be phased out. We don’t need this dead spiritual vampires at this point. And behind the surface it remains unrepentingly fascist with ambitions against modernity .


Merry Xmas…your xmas present is….a new enemy…Osho

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What do you do if a ‘buddha’ tries/wants to kill you? That’s bad news…stay tuned…


I think the Osho affair is kaput, period…

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I don’t want anything more to do with the Osho commune, and will retaliate against any more ‘interventions’ of the ‘entity’.

This is pathetic. ‘that’ can’t find a single sannyasin to deal with his situation, and the fascist gang seems to be trying to take over…


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Short/long path….won’t be long before people like EJ Gold learn how to undermine them….keep on the move

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Gold belongs in that strange demonic world where frustrating spiritual paths is a deliberate tactic.



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…stepping out of the path

Stepping out of the path of enlightenment to discover your own stealth path is a treacherous exercise. The long path, camouflage, the short path…

Consider a transient passage through the realm of neo-advaita,…no path, already realized…the long path, the short path…

Brunton, The Short Path

Osho commune stock collapses…the far left should take over (expropriate) the whole capitalist ‘franchise’

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Osho as buddhist archaeology…

Success…I stop the constant attacks…a few days rest…stepping out of the path

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The idea of stepping out of the ‘path’ works. Be wary, it can backfire. Diligently try to recreate a stealth path of your own creation, quietly consulting some classic resources.

Note something horrible has come into existence, as with EJ Gold: using black magic to create treadmill pseudopaths in which your energies are all absorbed into the Work as you try and try and…get nowhere. It is actually intended… Anything out in the open is open to manipulation.
You are more profitable as a spiritual failure than as a success…

But I have to fault Osho here, …

He will, or must, respect declarations of autonomy, if you actually threaten his power game…


A fight to the death

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My attacks on Osho come after a long effort to be helpful, and they come after realizing attempts to be helpful were a useful way to make a person approach without caution, with a will able to be seized.

So the endgame is a lesson in how to free the will from unconscious manipulation and malevolent programming.

The situation requaires something unsentimental: if the path of the buddhas is to continue it must overthrow democratic man. The whole game was unwittingly exposed by Anirvan, and it is a ridiculous situation.

You can fight back without much trouble, but you must make sure you haven’t been hypnotized with posthypnotic suggestions that will persist into future lives, at which point you are fucked for good unless you can see your full in of incarnations…

How could such an out of control jerk as Osho expect to blame master with the souls, minds, essence of others demanding asolute control?

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The whole game of the masters is starting to disintegrate and we should accelerate its passing without regret. Since almost no disciples reach enlightenment via these masters the whole game is an hypocrisy. The majority are simple drone troopers in the future schemes of those who want to build large social projects. Consider Tibet: it was such a project but the last enlightened man was Milarepa. And why did the buddhists choose a figure so strange as Milarepa? They wanted to create a precedent of evil men being empowered to carry out a political scheme.

It is said the Magus is a being so high he is close to God. Bullshit. The tale of Frodo reminds us that magic can not be safely indulged. The drama ends in the efforts of humble ‘idiots’ like Frodo who are all that are left in the end.
Buddist hobbits need to understand they are not obligated to fall under the spell of such a monstrosity as Tibet. In any case, it time has passed, it accomlishments nil, save as a cover for hidden fascit plots.
It is disgusting that the legacy of Gautama came to this.

And with Osho we have a being so strange in his spastic unfunny comedy routines that is is an invitation to madness to even consider discipleship.

I am not indulging in general philosophy here: the trap of a figure such as Rajneesh or Gurdjieff requires immediate efforts to fight your way out of unconscious control. These people have the heart of slave masters, no heart at all.

They will retreat however when persistently challenges. They are under observation from other sources, so they have to be wary…

Buddhas vs Frodo the hobbit…

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This situation reminds me of Lord of the Rings: look at Gandalf: behind the hoopla of a few magical tricks he doesn’t do much in the book beyond research the situation. Beyond that he is a bystander. The real drama is about Frodo. The dangers of power eliminate the magicians…

The sufi process reminds me of this, and what happens why a buddha tries to create a monopoly of everything. It is not right for a buddha like Osho to try and control the sufi process. It is already bad enough. The whole thing will turn the commune into something grotesque.

I am forced to exit in a hurry and fight back until I know I am free of such an attempt to control my future.

The can’t get any info from sufis, and the other nazi gang had the whole appropriated, so they have track down the known recipients and try to gain control over them.

Ass front and fart, the new mediation, five times a day in the direction of Poona…


Tactics of disciple domination

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The whole game of gurus needs to come to an end. It is wrong, rotten, ineffective, and a power trip of the perps. I had expected more from Osho, but he seems in many ways the worst.
I have wasted a tremendous amount of time with this figure, only to discover after decades his hidden methods of invultuation. He never intends for most of his followers to become enlightened,and blocks the possibility. And in my case I am not even a disciple. I have made that clear many times. But he prefers spiritual rape. It is like Gurdjieff’s demand for a willing slave (after endless torture til the victim gives up).

I suspect this was one way gautama created some many violent fascists..

I think the left should set a challenge to the Osho system, take it over, close it down, wipe it out, study it to do it right….