Modern buddhism, oshoism don’t count as ‘buddhadharma’..dance of the Osho ass farts: five times a day toward your new mecca, Poona…

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It is important to remember what real buddhism was: a group of sannyasins who renounced the world and lived at the fringes of society in the open spaces pursued a unique form of spiritual action. By comparison Tibetan buddhism is a big zero, Osho sannyas a whorehouse ‘path’, and secular mainstream buddhism another big zero, a study school and that’s it. This is said with respect to the implied claims of authority by the whole spectrum of phony buddhists, oshoists, moving to dominate society in the name of a spirituality they cannot themselves live up to.

The capitalist spiritual path of Osho is especially disgusting and phony and will end up a cannibal feeding trough for occultists, sufis, and hindu dark side yogis.

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