Taking stock: two lifetimes wasted on the ‘new age’ movement

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I am one of the originals in the new age movement going back to the early twentieth century and as a ‘second lifer’ offer a warning to those to come; stay away from this world of gurus/sufis. Sufis were the worst, but only the cannibals (like Gold, Gurjieff)….First lifers often have a blissful and misleading introit to the realm of yoga/paths/gurus, but the second round is different: your autonomy is gone and some invisible entity is controlling your existence. A calamity and lucky you are if you ever even find out.

The Osho system now is insecure like a bugged computer. It is an open field to exploiters…It is a bungled job and a remaining puzzle. On the other hand it is no really a religion, yet. As a field of study, without becoming a sannyasin, it is of historical interest. Osho exposed the hidden fascism going on here and his movement is not likely to survive that. In a way innocent beginners are better off in Xtianity, but now I am suspicious even of that, and its day has passed. It is not an option anymore except for the center of gravity or true morons that make up is ‘flock’.
Although much time has been wasted, I have reached the point of enlightenment multiple times only to be instantly attacked by shadowy entities. Note that a ‘religion’ that allows realization loses its troops and is a system to sabotage enlightenment. The Osho system is slipping into that. In a strange way Osho seeded his ‘leftovers’ with so much confusion and nuttiness that noone will take it seriously for long.

The ‘secular’ sphere thus has the long term advantage, but the problems there have to be faced…

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