Withdrawing from the ‘path to enlightenment’…

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If you have reason to suspect gurus (Osho) you should withdraw forth with from the ‘designated path’. Your definition and that of (oho’s) can be completely different.

Instead change your terms or speak of the path outlined by this one (me), and proceed to study what it means, creating your own version, using your definition.

The guru’s definition is his own secret stance toward ‘disciples’ and this could include a tacit agreement of freedom surrendered. Never surrender freedom to enter a path of enlightenment. Idiot!

Before blaming me….Osho’s damage to the legacy of the buddhas is almost terminal…the concealed wreckage of the gautama legacy was far far worse

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If you look closely Osho et al produced almost no realized buddhas. A lot of talk but in the end he puts development to a stop to preserve a buddhafield of treadmill seekers who never reach…

So the challenge to move without buddha dictators is more than viable, it may prove surprisingly effective…

IN the background are figures like Gurdjieff and the sufi mafia…

Dictatorship of the buddhas won’t work…along with fascism hidden behind phony leftism

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The crux of the whole confusion of buddhism, which seems to have become a disease caught by Osho, is that absolute authority of the buddhas. It just won’t work and will destroy thousands of disciples in the process of realizing it won’t work.
The obsession with authority turns into a form of madness: a ghost manipulating the psyche and ordinary decisions of the ‘disciple’. The end is an army of dead zombies as in the buddhist sangha, with no further ability to protest their use/abuse as radical fascist soldiers against modernity. Check out the nazi videotape….

I am not your drone plexus carrier, Osho…go fuck yourself….the buddhas are corrupt monsters…

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I am suspicious the Osho entity is trying to asphyxiate me to produce a drone carrier of the sufi plexus. The original jewish transmitters I am hearing were stripped of all that and I am one of the few left.

Sorry, Osho, abuse of power and the whole buddha game is confusing enough.

My strategy in speaking of the sufi legacy here is to stop it, until some honest information appears in public.
I am hearing all those jewish fascists are invited into the commune, while the radical angle with communist strains is a hoax, and will be used to create drone plants to sabotage the left.

The only safe thing to do with the seed plexus is dump in during death transition seeing to it no corrupt occultist gain control of it….

Let’s forget osho: the left can create its own better neo-buddism.


Islam and secularism

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The previous post was not a plug for Islam…I think moslems with insight should be quietly preparing their brethren for the secular tide washing across their shores.

Looking at the war on terror, I wonder, sometimes. This outrageous fraud is actually serving the process of secular transition. Protest and devise something better!

And look at the idea of a Caliphate: it is a natural idea: to protect moslem countries via the unification of the Arab/Moslem world. Wrong approach, at this poiing. The basic idea is right, but a union based on a new secular Islam would work much better. A secular Islam could unify the moslem world to stand up to capitalist exploitation and american imperialism…

The three way (many way) system of murder is a decisive warning to stay away from or be wary of dead gurus

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You can indulge in safe reading as a stranger or interested student. But the subtle suggestion to follow, surrender will soon follow. Be wary, and take a rain check, perhaps permanent…

First, I am not a psychic and can’t resolve the issues. Your main hope is for a real ‘friend’ to slip you info, hopefully not disinfo. But I have received a little help from somewhere, especially since writing Last and First Men (read the preface there and you will understand my confusion). One needs help from a source beyond the level of enlightened (so-called) men. Not easy to come by!
Surrender to ‘god’ used to be one way, but that is pretty useless at this point. In our age it is not even criminal to ‘play god’ and thus, if you had occult power, ‘answer the prayers’ of invoking devotees praying to ‘god’. the defense is gone. The whole game of ‘god’ is trash on a verbal level. The real ‘god’ needs new concepts and language…
All this is one reason Moslems are so touchy. They live closer to psychic disaster and invoke prayer for effective safety. They don’t wish to give that up for star trek reruns and Big Macs…All those demented Yankees…!

Note that most gurus aren’t psychic and fake it, unable to resolve these issues. That’s no obstacle to enlightenment. Pscyhic bullshit is a terrible distraction, unless you develop a need to know via astral attacks.

We have shown the issue discussed in Last and First Men: sufi mindcontrol making leftists attack each other. But we have seen that here in several forms, which remain unclear…It was funny for a while to be a guinea pig to show leftists how this happens. But it isn’t funny anymore and it is important to find a way out. Denouncing Osho on the web, if it shows a result, suggests ‘osho’ is involved, otherwise not. But these entities catch on. It is insane.

Are my takes on Osho about the real guy, or Gurdjieff/sufi disguised attempts to make an interested follower attack the guru/????

Can anyone clarity this? I doubt it.

The only safe approach is to be wary of all guru phenomena, ditto for sufis, with a budding reserve about Christianity/Islam (the latter I don’t know much about). Christianity is so vast, it is dysfunctional and inert, so it is hard to tell what is going on…

But it is sad that refuge in buddhism doesn’t work, at least for me (as of several years ago, given my current hostility, forget it…)

I found that ‘refuge’ real back in the midseventies to get some relief from Gold/rogue sufis but not anymore…Ditto for Osho….

THE WHOLE NEW AGE GAME is under check: you can’t create a movement where the members keep getting ripped off or murdered…A triffle off…

Apologies to Osho if I have been unfair (but I doubt it)…


The coming revolution and the liquidation of the gurus…the dead gurus are more difficult, but…

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Let me once again make my modernist declaration: we have moved into a new era, and the attempts of archaic gurus to impose their will via stealth new-age come-ons is a crypto-fascist tactic that will end by destroying all these antique legacies, and that includes buddhism, hinduism, and the Osho mess. And that will include in the end the Islamic, sufistic, and Xtian legacies, although these are slightly different.

The tenacity of these gurus, especially once dead, to control the wills of those they snared with the promise of the path of enlightenment, can easily destroy those individuals in the will to power game of the gurus in question.

The whole game is frustrated by the inherent antiquity of all these paths and the ‘epochal’ forces in motion to destroy them. I didn’t create this situation, so give me a break here. The Osho commune has many elements adapted to modernity, and it is founded in modernity, but its core is still negating autonomy and freedom, and it won’t stand….

Therefore I withdraw my endorsements, and call for a new continuation there. But the result has slipped into the real trash of a neo-liberal club med commercial organization, its own self-generated nemesis. But I need to move to a warning that this context will rapidly degenerate into an occult ripoff racket consuming disciples.
Best to dismantle it, the more so since the fascist gangs at work here are obviously trying to take over the commune, with what stance by the Osho entity I don’t knwo..

We don’t need this bullshit anymore. The whole game of gurus was most ironically exposed forever by Anirvan’s stupid attempt at a defense of Gurdjieff and his sly call for Ouspensky to be murdered.

Give me a fucking break. Time to isolate the core legacy of santana dharm, globalize it as public domian information, and move to a post dharmic India free of hinduism/caste/guru/cannibals/occult fascists. It’s over when it is over. The real santana dharma can continue where genuine in an historical museum (which is what India is already)….

Look at what is happening: sufi/gurdjieff gangsters have already destroyed the Islamic ‘soul’ legacy and such entities are going to create cannibal fronts out of helpless ashrams like the commune. Such pseudo-buddha fields are unsafe for innocent outsdiers. Ditto buddhism?

Note how people are already trying to create autonomous ‘mindfulness’ movements, and Advaita groups (spawning neo-advaita???) appear to have successfully extracted the core legacy for a global public domain with possible teachers but no gurus….We cannot assume they have succeeded fully just yet. There are hidden djinns/supermasters/big-devils (like Faust and Mephisto) who control (or try to) the Bollywood/guru ‘enlightenment’ game and few escape as some are processed into dead zombies in Bollywood (as one garbage dump) and/or consumed and terminated.
Real enlightenment is the only real option. But what is that? Does Osho fit into that rubric. His gradual motion into ‘beyond enlightenment’ doesn’t leave me optimistic he really made it. The commune will pass in any case into hands of those hidden ‘master’.

We must study the dangers of ‘shaktipat’ and the whole game of ‘quickie buddhas’ used as fronts. Where is Osho in this racket?

Seach the archives at Darwiniana for the meaning of the term ‘liquidation’.


Osho victim of G-entity/sufis?

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I think Osho also needs a break (remember the three way plus system of murder):

I am suspicious that Osho had the same problem I do: relentless attacks from the Gurdjieff entity/sufis…

We need to stand up to these gangsters. They will destroy the Osho commune, then move on to the rest of the indic tradition…

New draft of Gurdjieff xpose/book…pdf

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Still ragged but usable



I am under no obligation to submit to buddhist/osho/sufi mindcontrol…a fight to the death is inevitable…

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This entities have a weak spot, especially in the age of the Internet: their victims can fight back over the net: their public reputation is everything and they must have trust. Once gone, they can’t hypnotize so easily…

Mindcontrol and MKUltra and beyond…sufi/buddhist mindcontrol: do sufis/buddhists create zombies? Is the Osho entity in on it?

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Freeing yourself from Osho/svengali…

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Osho as you tell from the bios from critics (and let me demand higher quality work there, as noted) is a strange and disorganized buddha: I suspect the beyond enlightenment phenomenon is at work. Such a person in control of your unconscious is dangerous and can, in the name of evercoming ego, destroy will and create disorganization with zero consciousness.

This is the suspicion leading to sudden mistrust here…

The method of gurus/buddhas is the master/slave racket in disguise and doesn’t work better than ‘no/gurus’ and is obsolete

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to be continued…


Darft…The path of the bodhissatwas is obsolete, dangerous and a corrupt racket…

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The path of the bodhissatwas assumes trust among good people, but esoterics and gurus/buddhas may not be good people. To take student of buddhism and ask him to defer enlightenment until everyone else reaches enlightenment is contradictory and therefore not serious, compassionate guile, or malevolent exploitation.

I think the vow is spurious: without a ‘soul’ it could never be valid. There is nothing to remind anyone in a new life, etc…

The strategy is crowd control and a confession that the buddhas don’t by and large enlighten anyone. It can however trap people into creating a mechanical church as zombie buddhists to keep the legacy alive with the founder/buddha passes beyond.
To deprive people of the potential of enlightenment subjects them to severe risk: is anyone looking after them? It is surely a vain hope.

think of some dialectical counterarguments…

This is part of my axial age critique: the mahayana is parallel to christianity, and both are passing away in the new era. The bodhissatwa vow is an ‘eternal vow’ but the history is that of an Axial Age innovation/experiment: the buck stops NOW. Such vows are going to be deleted (if they were ever recorder). What a relief!!!!

Note: a racket like the Tibetan can grant a few ‘souls’ to persist somehow over an age period and feed on the hapless bodhissatwas massproduced by sangha orgs. They have declared themselves to stay asleep forever: what a windfull, worse even than the sufi slave markets…

to be continued…

The method of the buddhas has a supreme flaw: dead buddhas are ambiguous

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Attacking Osho is counterproductive, and probably unfair. There is no way to know. But the authoritarian mystique of dead buddhas is no way to the future of religion. Classic buddhism tried it and failed. Oshoism isn’t going to be any better.It looks to be worse. The “Osho entity’ to me is a malevolent substite demonic–already.

These entities are dangerous and submission of the will is a calamity, and the first effect is visible in the passive idiocy of his sannyasins. Buddhist aren’t much better…

Best to research mind control before trusting these guru legacies…