Using shock tactics and rebellion to break the guru connections and assaults…

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The style here is not very polite, but it works, so no apologies. I have laid the groundwork to neutralize Gurdjieff, expose that creepy monster/devil Gold, and with Osho placed a severe caution at the threshold.
I am now persona non grata in the Indian guru circuit generally, I feel the waves of hatred, but that’s too bad. I suddenly realized how much energy was being drained away by these creeps.

But the sufis are the worst. The seed plexus situation is a lost cause. Under no circumstances can I make any use of it.

What a shitty deal: to surrender to a totally anonymous entity to develop an occult ‘soul’ factor with no rights, no feedback, and and guarantee these aren’t gangsters trying to create demons, slave souls, and worse…

Warn the world: sufism is gangster ridden…

See that you learn this lesson: you may have to escape yourself. Your only path is the path of enlightenment, done alone, probably with stealth cover. Be advised…


Red Fortyeight Group

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New Atheism, Worse Than You Think

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In the years since the so-called “New Atheism” burst onto the scene in the mid 2000s, the movement has not lacked for critics among nonbelievers and agnostics. Until recently, however, few of them …

Source: New Atheism, Worse Than You Think


That ass fart Osho turned the commune into a prosperity…it doesn’t even deserve a leftist take over…start from scratch and do it right…without gurus

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Commnercialized meditation is part of the Osho commune karma.


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Put Your Money Where Your Mind Is: a For-Profit Meditation Studio Opens in New York | Alternet

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As a cynic might point out, it looks an awful lot like a privatized temple—a sangha with a profit motive; dharma for dollars.

Source: Put Your Money Where Your Mind Is: a For-Profit Meditation Studio Opens in New York | Alternet


Will fascists try to take control of seed plexus phenom through bribery, force, to create concealed zombie empires in the ashes of sufism?

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My strategy in speaking in public on this was a bet, if not a gamble, that talking in public about this will shut the whole subject down…Noone will be able to use if it is an issue of public expectation…

The whole game is too dangerous at this point…Keep in mind that its users are not its creators…Will we hear from the ‘demiurgic powers’ watching from afar the ruin of their ancient technology?

My advice: stay away from sufism…

So who’s the fuckie duckie running the fascism parody in Trumpville…?

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It’s an obvious mixed brand trying to evoke fascism lite without quite giving itself away….and, well, pats on jewish backs, not holocaust 2.0, Isreal lobby all the way…hm…

The symmetry of Trump/Sanders is, however, another obvious angle.


The Osho curse: an endless war as long as you live? learning to fight back…fuck you to this gangster cannibal buddha scumbag who knows he has failed…ditto for gautama..and that fart the dalai lama

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Osho doesn’t believe in freedom or rights and tries to make a point of destroying lone dissenters. He scuttles the path to enlightenment to create dependent entities that can work in his future project of a world religion (he will never make in that direction, too many scandals, too much incompetence…)

I have been wary of this figure all along but he create a deceptive trap for me by flattering me into working on a leftist commune project, in retrospect without any basis whatever in this commercial enterprise. This gonzo actually used a request for help as a trap for spiritual murder.

The best solution here is: don’t get started. If you get trapped, fight back. Denunciation on this blog has helped…You can’t have anything to do with him. If you pick up one of his books, it starts all over (but it takes time for the ‘entity’ to focus in a vast field of zombies…
Such figures are extremely vulnerable on the PR front, so don’t lose hope.
We live in the age of the Internet. For the first time guru murders are being documented. Try to survive.
If you surrender the will and the result is attempted murder there is an ethic beyond Nietzsche fantasies of this gurus that can be the basis of self-defense.
Keep in mind the bogus nature of the work of Anirvan types, and the false idiocy of Nietzschean overman justifications. The real ‘overmen’ are far far more advanced that a nickel and dime indic buddha type on an astral ‘ego’ trip, the latter a bit odd in the ‘enlightened’.

Reread Osho on politics, power, rights, etc…he assume you have no rights, seems to be long/range planning some fascist who knows what…time to pull the plug…we don’t need another religion in a parody of buddhism…
Always consider the default explanation B: some entity is usurping the form of another to discredit that entity.
It is not believable anymore in this case.

We are moving into a new era of spirituality and these gurus are all hasbeens.



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Can Buddhism Save the World?

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The topic of socially engaged Buddhism is complex and very important to the future of the dharma in our troubled, fast-moving and intensely competitive global world. Buddhist scholar Stephen Batche…

Source: Can Buddhism Save the World?


Collecting statistics on the New Age movement…how many victims of ritual sacrifice are there connected with EJ Gold? What is the sufi hyena murder rate?

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Perhaps these ‘gurus’ would care to fill out a short form…

question #1 above
what is the method of ritual sacrifice
what occult methods are involved
is the material of A. Crowley used, or is sufistic lore sufficient?
What happens to the victims in this, a next life
do sufis take control of students as drone/slaves in their next life?

further questions in the full questionaire…

The hidden dark side

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Noone in the general new age movement has any sense of the corruption of the realm of gurus, sufis, and occultists. EJ Gold gave the game away, whether intentionally or not.
These hidden figures are monsters.
That monster effect sometimes begins before the death of the guru, as with Osho who lost control or…what?

I am suspicious of a hidden ‘djinn’ or superguru behind the indic brands: they fautianize individual cases and control the results they leave behind. Was Osho just a front/quickie in this system.


Abandoning all spiritual paths…a first step to sanity…

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Reviewing the posts here one might/should conclude that a kind of emergency step to some kind of sanity is to renounce all spiritual paths, of the new age type, with Xtianity leading up the rear, a slightly different case, Islam being analogous but not as such relevant save that the issue of sufis as ‘moslems’ remains up in the air (throw in Islam!).

My case is special. After decades of blackmagic/spiritual cannibalism from Gold/sufi/G sources, and the concealed harrassment of the ‘osho entity’ (invultuation, will destruction/cannibalism), topped off with outright attempted ‘murder’ (spiritual) in the wake of this blog (g entities don’t like dissent), the first point above is obvious, or should have been long ago.
Others will have a larger scope of possibilities, but I recommend the same: at least try as an exercise the abandonment of all spiritual paths. The idea is contradictory, but is more or less ‘doable’ in very obvious ways.
Buddhism: suspected fascist esotericism, generalized manipulation into a conservative reactionary force
sufism: hopeless case mafia??? (have never met any exemplars, might have missed the ‘nice guys’), you never met the real gangsters as super occultists: cannibal rackets, slave markets, treadmill paths, ‘denying force’ rackets (treadmill paths),….
sufism’s classic nearly unknown ‘soul development’ strain has no public info, under suspicious as a master invultuation method taken over from the pious by gangster sufis…Usuable as a trap without vicitm’s consent beyond ‘I am a sufi’ implying consent…means to create personal ‘devils’?? Truly scary form of evil..
osho stream: seems to have already degenerated, or else I am subjectively confused about the ‘three way plus’ system of murder….
Advaita?? under scrutiny…useful perhaps as an exit strategy…but it is a bright legacy with a dark side (Shankara was a caste fanatic, eg….)
After EJ Gold staying away from jewish gurus/imitators (unless they are explicitly aware of the whole spectrum of dangers here…let’s hope a jewish ethical counterattack arrives from enraged jewish sources)
But what then is the result? a kind of generalized secularism, and then from there a stealth reinvention, if you wish, of a path of your own creation using sound and guru-free methods as classics, in all cases recast entirely from scratch. This is a perilous strategy because you can invent something even worse.
But the basic point is clear: disentangle your will from all the agencies on the hustle to control it via ‘spiritual surrender’ and fake paths created for outsiders. etc…

Let’s leave this incomplete, as is, for the moment…

In my own case I made an immediate discovery: my energies were suddenly my own, and I was stunned to discover how much personal energy was being ‘taxed’ by all these gurus and spiritual vampires. Sufis like ‘Gold’ are the worst, but the osho entity seems to have discovered and transformed after passing away, or else is replaced by something using that as a front….

Be wary here: ‘secularism’ is undefined, and mis-defined by many sources. It is potentially a far superior resource than the now bedraggled spiritual legacies…
But broadly speaking the ‘secular’ tradition, which climaxes with a figure like Kant, posits autonomy, a ‘will’ to action/ethics,etc…, rights as an individual, etc…the idea of freedom is key…The whole advaita tradition can be reissued at a stroke via Schopenhauer (but be wary of the effort to try this, please…study long and hard)