Now or never…

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Foreword needs revision…

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This foreword was written at the last minute, and is too fair to christianity. That religion leaves people vulnerable but the number of believers is so large the exploiters don’t bother with the vast majority….

Fortunately it was fake…

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I have never considered myself ‘enlightened’ in the sense of ‘realization’, despite an actual effort some to cast me as such, so the post cited is misleading don’t panic. I am so shell shocked I can barely meditate for an hour, and at this point have no path at all. After Osho and Advaita, and suspicions about hidden djinns, the whole issue has collapsed.
So I could care less at this point. Too much meditation can land you a demon like Mara, with no redress or help from the ‘sangha’: they want you dead, a zombie makes a better fascist. So tread with caution. And the cannibals are there, whispering from the dead zone’, ‘susrrender your will’, Gurdjieff called it ‘trogoautoegocrat’, ‘I eat ego-crats. Nice work, if you can get it.
But the question is arising now, what do we mean by enlightenment? It has no real meaning anymore given the example of Osho, the Advaita counterpoint, etc… The whole new age movement has yet to clarify enlightenment.
The path to enlightenment is very real, but the labels need a close check: it is all a mechanical turning in circles now.

The point is that enlightenment experiences, I have had many, can be misleading, ripped off as ‘energy’/baraka, turned into a bad trip and the result is a bummer. But it can still be a higher state of awareness, big deal. I have learned the hard way that sufi predators can target ‘baraka’ enlightenment for ripoff, sending one spinning into a lower state, a sign ‘baraka’ is a fake commodity. A complicated question. The recent bad trip was a dilly, but I will recover as usual, infuriating the ‘big shots’ trying to turn me into a warped former disciple. They failed, and their attacks have backfired and part of the public record.
Buddhas are powerful force, but their strength is their weakness: invultuating a disciple for his own good is a dangerous game, and in most cases the victim has to be cast off as a derelict. Better to end this game and redefine the nature of the spiritual path.

Invultuation is always dangerous: who is to stop a guru from taking the driver’s seat to destroy your life, or make you self-destruct?
The Osho field is ambiguous. Virtually noone has realized at all…What’s really going on?

I think ashrams of this size are always going to be a problem.

Reading the advaita materials i have to wonder if buddhism itself wasn’t miscast with an ‘buddha an enlightenment experience’ confusion. The same seems the case with Osho. GAutama set people up for failure where his own life is a kind ‘public demo’ the disciple could never share. And it happened on cue in the Axial period, making one suspicious it was mechanical display, in some sense.


The focus on ‘communism’ wasn’t the issue

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I have often thought the attacks on me this year were about ‘communism’ as a promoted issue. But it isn’t true. If anything this guru sphere hates simple democracy and autonomy far more.
Gurus arrogate the ‘right’ because it is a form of power to override autonomy for master control, which is dangerous. Ultimately master control will destroy you so you must be vigilant from the first. At its best the realm of gurus has honored autonomy, up to a point. But the war against freedom has made the whole game very dangerous, and very dangerous for dissenters.

more later


Review of ‘god conspiracy’

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Thus turns the wheel of the gods, in a round of Osho cliches. Before we had prophets of god, now we have prophets of no god, with a twist of Nietzsche lemon. It makes sense to rid religion of the dreary dogmas of theism, but the genius of Nietzsche found the devil’s clue to making secularists (atheists?) poor devils. Just as the brimstone preacher warned, these shamblers are headed down hill. They should soon repent. ‘God’ was once a ‘higher power’ beyond the caudillos of buddha dictatorships like those of Osho…Without ‘god’ you have no appeal against the tyranny of the buddhas.
The only way is beyond theism and atheism to some understanding of why monotheism arose in antiquity, as new agers foment the lost paganism of the ancients with the occult paganism of buddha gurus in their god realm. Osho wants to play in the majors here, but his buddhafield is a mediocre field of crypto-fascism and the rehash of mindfulness techniques. It is not clear if we are free of the god conspiracy, if there was one, and we are clearly not free of the guru/buddha conspiracy of the attack on autonomy and freedom. Was the Osho figure really enlightened? we are none the wiser as yet. Man is ‘hypervaded’ at all points of space with an antinomial mysterious eck, god, void, or kantian chewing gum. After a boring epoch of theists we confront a boring epoch of atheists, and Osho is its prophet.

Heidegger was a part of the reactionary generation of Gurdjieff

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Heidegger’s Ghosts – The American Interest

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Heidegger has powerful adherents in societies as disparate as Russia and Iran. If liberal democracies are to reckon with his followers, they must wrestle with his thought.

Source: Heidegger’s Ghosts – The American Interest

Enlightenment, a disgusting nightmare

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And jerk off phonies like Osho don’t help. The dead buddhas who have lost their enlightenment cluster around sucker disciples on the death scene trying to trigger a juiced ‘enlightenment’ as energy to ripoff to satisfy their junkie tastes…the dead used up remains litter the astral plane…

Is Ozen Rajneesh really enlightened? Wake up asshole and help the victims of this rogue ‘Osho entity’

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I fail to see any evidence that Osho’s method has worked on anyone. I can’t finally judge, but I see now real success stories. Ozen Rajneesh has some impressive videos, but I can’t figure such people. They must be demos in the Business.


Osho entity/ cahoots with the G entity: two sickening gangster vampires…

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Fight to free yourself from these already degenerated legacies lest they spread two mafias over the next centuries.
Osho is a creepy maniac, Gurdjieff a plain gangster…

A whole new form of path and teaching is necessary….

To protect yourself work ALONE along two paths: that of will and being. The racket consists of consuming disciples via ‘surrender of will’. I suspect the Osho entity was itself a victim. Who are the hidden mafia lords behind Osho or Gurdjieff?

Was Jesus a sufi gangster like Gurdjieff?

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New Agers have inflicted an immense disservice on modern culture

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By bringing the guru racket into a global sphere from its localized Indian environment where it was contained (to be fair, the buddhist sangha come first here as to globalization, and in principle the Jesus figure is a distant analog), new agers have perpetrated the agency of an immense and uncontrolled occult mafia whose action will victimize tens of thousands of innocent modernists who are not prepared to deal with gangsters concealed behind ‘holy exteriors’. The figure Anirvan, one of its indic victims, and super suckers, actually got himself in trouble by his unwitting expose of the whole racket in all innocence portraying the ‘guru superman’ as above the law in the murder of disciples (evidently punishment for dissent without due process).

It was Osho himself who exposed the connection of the buddhist sangha with nazism. The new age movement came to an end at that point, although like a chicken with its head cut off it will persist as a dead stream, especially given its financial gravy train potential.

The whole question of the ‘path to enlightenment’ will have to be rescued from those who now control, and that is in any case another issue. The whole of buddhism we should note, with its legacy of a founder, etc, was false from the start…

more on this later… we need a stronger warning as to ‘rogue sufis’…


Right to murder challenged, the gurus resort to trying to get away with murder…guess whodunit…

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You can fill in the blanks…

According to Anirvan you are supposed to praise the guru during the murder…


The whole guru/sheik game is corrupt and needs to be abolished…

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I am getting the feeling the Osho sphere is sliding into guru corruption and naive seekers need to be warned to stay clear, and NEVER indulge in surrender games with these vultures.
The Osho sphere is puzzling; it offers no refuge and seems part of the problem, rather than the solution.

I think that the Osho sphere is dysfunctional in any case, and is certainly dangerous to me. I was lured into a queer proximity only to be attacked repeatedly…

That’s the danger of being a guru: as you pass away you leave behind something other entities can take over and abuse for their occult purposes.

Proceed alone. period.