No deal…deals with three way system of murder?! very funny…

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However, I was surprised: the idea worked briefly…but one party welshed on it…bad for buddha prestige…

I think however this situation shows a new age is arriving: the dictatorship of the buddhas is an idea suffering computer crash…

the left needs to challenge these figures to create a commune subject to freedom and autonomy, starting with the Osho brand…


The guru game is a corrupt racket of spiritual cannibalism

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The system is run by hidden entities who ‘invest’ in ‘enlightened’ fronts who can fuel the business..

The hidden history of buddhism in its last phase was something horribly worse…buddhism is dead…the Osho game is dead…

Stay away from all spiritual paths with legacy histories. Create your own (to ensure doing it right, make it top quality) stealth path. Paths are games with concealed rules, a guru can change them at any time to his advantage.
Or simply be aware in a stealth mode at all times: try…

Sufis need not bother to gloat. Their game is even worse….lalala, such nice poetry from Rumi…

Let’s go over it again? why do gurus commit murder?

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The path to enlightenment requires surrender, to lead to a state beyond will, which is promoted as the prerequis

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Paths for an era of crisis?

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WE need to avoid buddhism, now neo-buddhism,….
Xtianity is captured by lunatics, Islam is a madhouse…

The issues are man’s self-consciousness: meditation
We have our path.

A hoax… ?

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This was another hoax…

At this point, Osho Commune has reached the point where a ghost must commit murder to enforce obededience. You are done for. The best, to all of you, bye.

Erick Fernandes – Turn Down the Heat: Why a 4°C Warmer World Must be Avoided

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Deal: mexican standoff

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Nisargadatta background witness?

stop invultuation/panditknapping…
one inch outside commune at all times…
stop blaming Osho for G/sufi malevolence/ leave Maharsi alone…

leftist commune promo fine, but…
devise ideas for socialist commune re; climate, capitalism…OK?!
find replacement: idea of 24 teertankers e.g. fine
can’t help with G black magic: help protest commune from Gold/Gurdjieff…etc…
….more, but…
…. took down this review: Osho wins this one: while new atheism is bunk, the ‘god conspiracy’ is real and passing away…
This review is from: The God Conspiracy: The Path from Superstition to Super Consciousness (Paperback)
>Thus turns the wheel of the gods, in a round of Osho cliches. Before we had prophets of god, now we have prophets of no god, with a twist of Nietzsche lemon. It makes sense to rid religion of the dreary dogmas of theism, but the genius of Nietzsche found the devil’s clue to making secularists (atheists?) poor devils. Just as the brimstone preacher warned, these shamblers are headed down hill. They should soon repent. ‘God’ was once a ‘higher power’ beyond the caudillos of buddha dictatorships like those of Osho…Without ‘god’ you have no appeal against the tyranny of the buddhas.
The only way is beyond theism and atheism to some understanding of why monotheism arose in antiquity, as new agers foment the lost paganism of the ancients with the occult paganism of buddha gurus in their god realm. Osho wants to play in the majors here, but his buddhafield is a mediocre field of crypto-fascism and the rehash of mindfulness techniques. It is not clear if we are free of the god conspiracy, if there was one, and we are clearly not free of the guru/buddha conspiracy of the attack on autonomy and freedom. Was the Osho figure really enlightened? we are none the wiser as yet. Man is ‘hypervaded’ at all points of space with an antinomial mysterious eck, god, void, or kantian chewing gum. After a boring epoch of theists we confront a boring epoch of atheists, and Osho is its prophet.

The Arctic Methane EMERGENCY

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Kevin Anderson, January 2016 part 1

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Deal…mexican standoff…??

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Somewho/? nisargadatta entity intervening in collision destroying guru/sufi perceptions and Osho/three way system of murder…

yeah right, stop bad reviews at Amazon and ‘it’ will stop killing you, but the other parts of the three way system of murder are exempt


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Final note: the real gangsters here are the sufis, who infiltrate and destroy, and hide behind Islam. It is time to dismantle Islam. Goodbye to all that.

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Sufis are cowards, but dangerous: they are never in the open like yogis,and buddhists. They lie, deceive, abuse their great spiritual technology, and manipulate the occult behind fronts, almost impossible to catch.
They are dangerous because their ripped off technology can enslave, manufacture human wreckage, and the profit is a cannibal’s feast.

It needs to be over.

Make Advaita the last swindle you suffered in the India/yoga/buddhism field: get the point and move on…

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https://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=advaita+physics: this is the crunch point, if these proponents can prove
their point, but can they?

Should you do yoga asanas? Osho (speaking as a Pandit here) said not to do head stands. Blood rushes to the head and makes you stupid.