We discover the catch to guru/sheikism: these folks kill people who don’t submit, and the regime they wish to enforce is corrupt…

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That about says it…and Gurdjieff/Osho are not the nice exceptions….


Stopping an ‘Osho religion’ in its tracks…

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We don’t need another form of ‘religious’ domination based on the Osho corpus, but that is what is underway behind the scenes, with the murder of dissent of those who suspect what is going on. The Gurdjieff equivalent is even more malevolent, but it has been exposed and is a cripple at this point, despite the huge market for Gurdjieff’s lies, and false/fake teachings, like the enneagram.

In a religion, anyone who approaches enlightenment will have his wings clipped, be murdered or put back to sleep, save only a few public ‘success stories’. The record of Xtianity is clear: despite clear connections with buddhism, the idea of the path to enlightenment was suppressed for millennia, as fake practices were promoted as mind control. The same became true of buddhism, although it had at least some periods of real practice. But on the whole the average buddhist was as controlled as the xtian or moslem (who had a world of sufism so completely hidden in disinfo as to be invisible). Sufism was rapidly turned into a form of domination, as the Gurdjieff case makes obvious.
Occult predation is already destroying the basis of Oshoism, and this ‘religion’ can’t even offer refuge to its own adherents, a pathetic swindle.

Collapsing religions…

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Debriefing Gurdjieffianity discounted

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Debriefing Gurdjieffianity now discounted to $0.99..go for it…

Enigma of the Axial Age now out in Kindle

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Enigma of the Axial Age now out in Kindle, for $0.99

I have to wonder, is the Christian system more respectful of human autonomy than what a figure like Osho would create?

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I have to wonder, is the Christian system more respectful of human autonomy than what a figure like Osho would create? First the Christian system is increasing suspect, so we can’t answer…

I am alarmed by the malevolent attacks, if if can see beyond the x-way system of murder, of the Osho system toward me. I cannot submit to a system that is run by such a hack as Osho. Look at his record. He is like a drunk in an operating room. Maybe not as vicious as the G entity, but do we really want a new religion in this sloppy mode?


Jesus was/is not your personal savior…

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As we discover the hidden malevolence of the sufi/guru world the realm of the Jesus cult is going to collapse.Jesus was the symbol for an authoritarian system whose real character was concealed but we must now suspect the worst kind of abuses, and on a scale we can hardly imagine. At the same time Xtianity provided a kind of protection for whole populations, up to a point, but as we look backwards we can begin to see the real phenomenon for what it is, with a macrohistorical justification, relevant or not. But that era has passed now, and if someone like Gurdjieff speaks of ‘esoteric xtianity’ then the truth is out. This was an outfit run by and for devils, with a limited public function of astral protection,up to a point. But like any large corporation the profit was elsewhere…

Apologies, etc…this is not normal BUT…disrespect is your best weapon against vicious gurus… (but ass front and fart isn’t disrespectful enough)

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We are talking about extreme situations here, and they exist. The pampered disciples in the public proximity of a guru conceal a darker reality. And a majority of gurus are harmless. But the dangers are very real, and we must in shock wonder how many victims spread across the globe are suffering in ignorance of what even happened.

Note some of the dangers here: you approach a guru,surrender, leave the proximity and are enslaved forever over many lives because you gave your consent.

Surrender means
you have no further say in your future
have abandoned your future lives to some dead guru playing you like a videogame
become a profitable source of ‘conscious energy production’ in a plantation of disciple slaves
become a useful field of experiments to which surrender gave our consent
can be sued for horrific ‘baraka’ production using forms of torture, the ‘work’ a la Gurdjieff…
this is a short list…
the basic point is that ‘surrender of the will’ can be subject to interpretation by rules never made public to you in the moment of stupid humility.
Go see Django Unchained to see what happens to ‘masters’ who control slaves…
I must wonder at the endless permutations here…What grounds would you have for trust? Not the slightest warning was ever given….It is sick ,sadistic, corrupt, stupid, hellish….

Daily fuck you and ass front and fart to the sufis, gurus, and a special dose for that fart the Dalai Lama…ditto Osho, Gurdjieff…

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I think we need to come to the point of a complete challenge to the institution of the guru. On a small scale, it is one thing. But in the large scale format it is dangerous and the Osho commune is entering the danger zone.
Figures like Gurdjieff and sufis are dangerous, and we need to evacuate the New Age movement with a Reformation that can revinvent the subject.

These gurus in one generation have corrupted an entire planet with an antiquated disease subject to potential fascism, and much else.

I think Osho’s quiet announcement the ‘budhists’ were behind the nazis was the beginning of the end of the New Age movement. Good riddance, it is time to create something better.

YOU DON’T NEED THESE GURUS. People who can help will do so quietly and finished by taking people by the sleeve, before these big time politician even get their pants on. The surrender of the will under unlimited conditions to such people is a calamity in motion, and will soon drive western men to a frenzy of revenge…


Post with many comments from NK at Darwiniana

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Osho, Gurdjieff, astral plane cannibalism junkies, terminate the guru genre…

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unless you care to have an Aztec style sacrifice religion of blood…Gautama is laughing at his ‘new age’ replacements…but not for long…


From Trump to Modi: the Lid’s Off the Petri Dish (Includes a Packaged Meal)

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East Meets Worst Back in 2014, Narendra Modi’s slogan in his ultimately successful campaign for the prime ministership of India was Achhe Din Aane Wale Hain (Good Days Are Coming.) His party—the ri…

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The ‘Absolutely Disturbing’ New Normal: Earth Just Smashed Another Climate Record | Common Dreams | Breaking News & Views for the Progressive Community

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Our ever-warming planet just passed another climate record.The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) said Tuesday that March 2016 was the warmest March since records began in 1880.It also marked an 11-month of streak of record-breaking global temperatures.

Source: The ‘Absolutely Disturbing’ New Normal: Earth Just Smashed Another Climate Record | Common Dreams | Breaking News & Views for the Progressive Community


NO MORE GURUS..it’ll be a short war…Krishna will have to remember himself and fight

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The age of gurus is passing: too many freelance occultists are starting to find out what this bacchanale of ‘enlightened ‘perverts’ is up to, and the whole game is going to end at the margins.

You can’t bushwhack creative intellectuals, use occult torture to make them submit so they become jack in the box zombies for guru promo…
Looking back on millennia of this horror, the time has come to move on.


Red Fortyeight Group: the crisis of planetary self-destruct

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