Advaita…buddhism…the catch..Osho as dead zombie yucky jerkoff gangster ghost or maybe the latter cannibalized ‘him’ and there is nothing left of his commune.

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The material in \waite on \advaita makes explicit what many may not see as the catch in the whole ‘yoga’/dharma tradition, which includes buddhism: free will is denied, and action is downplayed, etc…
That makes sense on a path of liberation but it is not good enough on a larger public path for general humanity. I am suspicious this is the entry point for rogue buddhas/gurus…

I am begining to see where the confusion with Osho is arising: he is creating a giant religion where noone has any autonomy, and is subject to the will of one (dead) buddha. We should not allow that to happen. How this applies in general to the whole range of ‘santana dharma’ is not clear.

Religions like xtianity are thus one step ahead all the time, save only that the guru principle enters all over again with the Jesus to Christ nexus..
\we need to get straight the whole range of confusions here and create for the first time a spirituality of the future that is honest and not a racket cannibalizing innocent seekers.

It is disillusioning to see that buddhism is corrupt, it explodes any further trust in the Indian tradition. Or any religion.

Note: this issue of ‘will’ is the one thing indie teachers really hate. I am gong to rub it in from now on.

Note: Advaita can still work in spite of this…


  A problem//How was Schopenhauer influenced by the Upanishads? – Quora

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Schopenhauer’s transcendental idealism gives a very deep insight into ‘Upanishadic’ psychology, but it is not a direct influence since the philosophic system springs from kant who was not influenced by Indian thought…

Source: (2) How was Schopenhauer influenced by the Upanishads? – Quora

(2) Is the Vedic theory of the universe true? Do scientists believe that theory? – Quora

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Source: (2) Is the Vedic theory of the universe true? Do scientists believe that theory? – Quora

Advaita Vedanta and Quantum Physics..more

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The connection between advaita and physics needs to be pursued, but it may prove the nemesis of the possible oversimplification of the classic advaIitics legacy…

Three toots for the sufis..abolition of sufism, demolition of Islam?

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Western students of sufism need to be wary of the extreme conservativism of Islamic cultures, where even slavery is present and this is one of the unsuspected clues behind the virulence I discovered from sufis who feel no compunction about sadistic mistreatment, especially via psychic hypnosis, for which they can’t be caught. The elements of that are clearly present in gurdjieff who veils the whole game in the fake teaching produced unwittingly by Ouspensky…
Gurdjieff speaks of the work: the plantations are for spiritual energies…

Advaita and physics: problems emerging

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There relationship of Advaita to modern physics is onto something, but I fear that problems arise here…


Osho the stupido is afraid of rivals: he has destroyed my chances to be a far better teacher because of that…ditto for Ouspensky and Gurdjieff

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I don’t even wish to be a guru. Give me a break: I said fifteen times I would move away and leave the Osho sphere alone, but over and over he attacks (I won’t go into the details) So just in case there has been over three years of this endless series of attacks. I thought this was some kind of pandit-knapping routine, but I flatter myself. He just wants to destroy me. But he succeeded in a way: I could never speak to new agers as a teacher at this point. A dubious honor, good riddance…

Ass front and fart, Osho, five times a day toward the new mecca in Pune…

I am about done with Osho, but the sufis deserve worse, full ass front and fart in the face of these gnostics gangsters, thieves, murderers, genocidal maniac, cannibal mystics, perverts…I ran out of space…

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Forget Rumi, please. Forget Idries Shah…

(btw, I think Gold is trying to blow the whistle on sufis)…?

I think sufism is a gnostic monstrosity out of control. Gurdjieff should have been a warning. but some sufis have a dangerous spiritual technology that seems to have fallen into the hands of the wrong people. That is frightening: corrupt elites of various types can manufacture zombi drones to be slaves in outer life, beyond anyone’s awareness.
Sufis has lost the right to their gnosticism, and I think the realm of demiurgic powers (whatever that is) is closing in on this corruption of an ancient gnostic method (which seems to have arisen in early Egypt??)

I think that Islam should start to self-dismantle to blow the cover of this mafia…

Is this unfair? There may be all sorts of ‘nice sufis’, but I never met one.



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Update to previous post…

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I will make this update a separate post:
Update: you can mistrust me too! But I am not a guru and have never asked anyone to surrender their will to me. Reflect on the dangers of doing that, and then the ambiguity of the death state, in general, and in the case of those who claim to be enlightened.
We can never be sure that dead gurus represent themselves as such to either their followers or anyone else, the question is nearly incoherent… However I have recorded what I thought was a complicated interaction with many dead gurus, and despite the confusions, contradictions, I stand by my rough conclusions. We are talking about three or more things: the soul of ordinary men, the passage beyond soul claimed by buddhists (?) and what happens to ‘enlightened’ entities after death.
The whole thing could be illusion, as dark entities in the death entities take over the form of dead gurus and exploit it with a fake exterior…
My own experience was unfortunate; confused with RB Ouspensky (see nemonemini.info), I discovered the violent tactics to control disciples in their future lives, after the freebie first life. But Ouspnesky never really surrendered to Gurdjieff…the fate of those who did/do is different: total amnesia, not knowledge of past lives allowed, robotic life in some future project, etc. Perhaps great suffering (in the name of the work..)
With Osho I am stuck: but I smell a rat after the pandit-knapping phase (which actually started in the eighties, with a strong break from the early nineties to 2008, when my book was done, why did that suddenly calm the waters?) which has become increasingly virulent in recent years as I take on both G and Osho, plus others…I can offer no proof this isn’t imaginary, but…to think so implies that gurus in the dead zone are no longer real, and/or never come to the rescue of their favorites and/or persecute the disobedient.

We have no coherent history of buddhism, but I suspect the worst. And fear the same psychopathic core emerging in the Osho sphere. My case could be different: after the RB Ouspensky confusion I have been fighting back all the way. Compliant slave disciples may live a sugared illusion I never had.

But my caution is to never surrender to any guru or sufi sheik. That is, surrender your will. Which is? Your ego? Does it matter? Simple association with a guru is enough, and from there it seems to be a tacit agreement on the guru’s part (not divulged to you) that you have lost all rights, in perpetuity! Dreadful…

Your ego is an illusion, perhaps: there is nothing to overcome or to surrender. If you surrender your ego then you can lose the chance to transcend it..BAD, how many of the disciples we see are simply zombies of this type, reborn over and over in a treadmill of a guru/

In a way I was luck in my unluckiness: I did a double whammy staging a collision between a Crowley ‘real will’ ritual and a guru surrender routine: both exploded each other, but nothing in the Osho entity seems to have honored that: but as I approached the buddha field in Oregan that double whammy activated something strange: something rushed to intervene and dosed a near enlightenment before I reached the Commune….
Who knows…years later the Osho entity is still threatening me, next to the G entity. Plus Gold, plus… I will beat them all in the end…One should always suspect Gold/sufis of playing gurus off against each other….

I recommend belatedly a look at Advaita, carefully avoiding the spirit of such as Ramana Maharsi who is part of the deep racket, I suspect…. (but many have found him to be the truly honest guru, I don’t know) There is something missing there, but it can help to see that the original ‘path’ was, or so I suspect.

But the game of gurus is really something else: a kind of master djinn or master of masters controls the public cases, perhaps even Osho. With advaita you can sneak away, not enlightened in the sense of the big shots, but with a seed to work with alone. You are alone. You need a teacher, not a master, note the difference…Learn your advaita lesson and move into your aloneness before the big shot ghosts/djinns take note of you.
I thus think Osho and Gurdjieff were both fakes, serving hidden masters or djinns.

The new age movement is over, come on guys/gals, wake up…

Note that I struggled to get free of Osho in the early nineties, suddenly succeeded and spent fifteen years on World History and the Eonic Effect. Then in 2008, having forgotten my previous experience drifted back into the Osho sphere (you can follow that here from 2008).
I think some hidden spiritual factor gave me protection during that period. Protection to get the work done, not much personal protection. What was that?

I suspect, as a student of Bennett (whose work was rubbished by Gurdjieff addons), there are higher spiritual powers (beyond nickel and dime buddhas) connected with cosmic domain (beyond life). More I know not. More on this later. This was what Xtianity was supposed be about, but the history is so confused we can barely figure it out at this point.
I can offer no endorsement of Sweet Jesus given the sordid evidence of Gurdjieff and his ‘esoteric xtianity’. But…


I used to respect the buddhas, where did I go wrong,…a new approach to a guru rating service , number of toots/farts

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I will make this update a separate post: http://www.gurdjieff-con.net/2016/06/24/update-to-previous-post/
Update: …
——————original post

One of the most stupid webpages in the new age field is the guru ratings service of the idiot ‘sarlo’….But it actually has it right, but upside down…

We hardly have to do anything: our work is done: the top dogs (it used to be five stars or glyphs) get three toots, while the scale goes down to the lesser lights. It works: the one half to one toot cases are such idiots that fewer toots are about right.

The three tooters Many of these were rigged to begin with, so be wary of cases like Gold and Gurdjieff who get only two and a half toots, they are the worst, and deserve five…)

This method is so so, nonetheless: turning the buddhist sangha into a dead zombie field of fascists aiming to murder jews isn’t quite evaluated, even at five toots…
Adyashanti (A) aka Steven Gray
Ammachi (D) aka Sudhamani, Mata Amritanandamayi Devi
Babaji (M) aka Nagaraj
Ramesh Balsekar (A)
Bodhidharma (M)
Sri Swami Dayananda Saraswati (A)
Jean Klein (A)
Jiddu Krishnamurti (A) Neem Karoli Baba (D)
Nisargadatta Maharaj (A) aka Beedie Baba, Maruti Kampli
Osho (M) aka Rajneesh Chandra Mohan Jain, Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh
Papaji (A) aka HWL Poonja
Sri Ramakrishna Paramahansa (D)
Ramana Maharshi (A) aka Venkataraman Iyer Shri Ranjit Maharaj (A)
Richard Rose (M)
Sailor Bob (A) aka Bob Adamson
Seung Sahn (M)
ShantiMayi (M)
Shri Samartha/Sadguru Siddharameshwar Maharaj (A)
Thich Nhat Hanh (M)
Eckhart Tolle (A) aka Ulrich Tolle

Hindu Nationalism and the Ongoing Fight Over US History Textbooks

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A number of Hindu groups with ties to the Bharatiya Janata Party have become increasingly aggressive in their efforts to influence what is taught in US schools. Battles over Indian-American issues in US schools have received press attention in both countries, all while several other minority groups engage in heated educational controversies of their own.

Source: Hindu Nationalism and the Ongoing Fight Over US History Textbooks

I am not talking about ‘secularized’ versions of the Indic/buddhist legacies….Watch out: these so-called secular buddhists are true sitting ducks…

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I am not, as with previous post, talking about ‘secular buddhism’, or the like for hindu/sufi legacies. That’s only because the term ‘secular’ has lost its real meaning. The ‘secular’ is not some watered down scientism, that would take ‘enlightenment’ out of the ‘path’. The secular is a complex question, one that has created a new kind of culture without deep spiritual awareness. But every other culture in world history has done that, and then some. So the constant harping on the limits of the secular are misleading. The secular world so far from being antagonistic to spiritual has created an algae bloom of an immense range of ancient traditions.
In any case, the ‘secular buddhism’ of Batchelor is something to be wary of: you agree to be ignorant in a culture of clever occultists. Instead, just stay away from buddhism.

Meanwhile the issue of ‘enlightenment’ remains, indeed, ambiguous. But not because it is incompatible with science, nonsense. Rather I think the thread of its meaning is confused an immense literature that misunderstands it.

Gurdjieff never talked about enlightenment, the sufis conceal their quite different game, and Osho has left the whole question of enlightenment confused.

Update: but…I think Batchelor is right: we are ‘after buddhism’

Hi tech India and its degenerated spiritual heritage…

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The achievements of India in the tech sphere are impressive which leaves the question of the immense global mess it has created out of its classic spiritual heritage. India is a cultural chaos, in the midst of this hi tech luxury turning into more than a luxury: a possible future. But that future needs a new social project, instead of new age disneyland which is feeding the illusions of spiritual attainments that are to a closer look archaic deadness.

The New Age movement is turning from a much hyped supertradition to a disgusting mess of pottage that is toxic and dangerous, breeding dangerous people, especially the dead ones…
We don’t need a new world religion from the Osho junk heap, soon to be a three way menace of con men using Gurdjieff Crowley Osho to help themselves to occult cannibalism.

Lose your naivete and respect for these farts and create a real future out of the dying legacy. First no more gurus and the power given to such by spiritual idiots.
Ramana Maharsi showed the way, up to point; he took no disciples and charged no money. But that isn’t necessarily the point. There is something fishy about the legacy of this now dead guru. I think that it is also corrupt, as Nisargadatta seems to have figured out/
What is going on with the advaita movement? Is that another zone of confusion and exploitation?

I think the Indian tradition is going to die and the global sphere needs to start over with something sane, honest, without the vultures like Gurdjieff, etc…

India just launched 20 satellites in 26 minutes and made history – ScienceAlert

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Source: India just launched 20 satellites in 26 minutes and made history – ScienceAlert