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Scorching Global Temps Astound Climate Scientists | Common Dreams | Breaking News & Views for the Progressive Community

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Record global heat in the first half of 2016 has caught climate scientists off-guard, reports Thompson Reuters Foundation.

Source: Scorching Global Temps Astound Climate Scientists | Common Dreams | Breaking News & Views for the Progressive Community


As Gurdjieff destroys trust in (esoteric) Xtianity, the doctrine of the resurrection begins to seem like a sick joke…

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Did the Resurrection Happen?

We are so bemused with false trust in the legacy of spiritual teachers that we end up in the clutches of the ancient deceptions that go by the name of religion. The issue of Christianity is heavily dependent on the reverence and trust we place in the legacy and its teachers. But the sudden shock of reality with someone like Gurdjieff unwittingly exposing the ‘behind the scenes’ ‘esoteric’ aspect of Christianity is a sudden warning we cannot trust this tradition, and at that point the doctrine of the resurrection suddenly becomes a question of the credibility of its founding moments. Given the criminal mendacity of figures like Gurdjieff that trust collapses and doctrines like the resurrection suddenly stand out as fraudulent…

Kiribati: The Islands Being Destroyed By Climate Change – YouTube

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Is Gold’s ‘jewish sufism’ closed to gentiles except as an exoteric front of gentile suckers used for spiritual cannibalism?

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Gold is still stuck on his ‘estoeric’ bar mitzvah and I fear the answers to the above question(s). Stay the fuck away from his fronts…

Nothing comes after buddhism, you are on your own///What’s “After Buddhism”? An interview with Stephen Batchelor – Lion’s Roar

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Nothing comes after buddhism. Attempts to create a neo-buddhism by such as Osho are doomed to failure.

You are on your own…

Source: What’s “After Buddhism”? An interview with Stephen Batchelor – Lion’s Roar

Buddhism’s Big Lie

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Don’t listen to buddhist groupies on this. The Big Lie of buddhism would make the groupies fall over dead…


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Turkey’s plight

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That idiot Pema Chadron’s ridiculous preoccupation with Trungpa’s alcoholism

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Chogyam Trungpa was a drunk a serial rapist and an authoritarian tulku diddle maniac. Free speech on my part. This isn’t medieval Tibet.

This issue of Chogyam Trungpa, alcoholism, and Pema Chadron attempting to defend him has gone on there for six years. No other issue has been discussed. This Pema Chadron must have not read anything else here, including the charges of fascism against buddhism. The question of Chogyam Trungpa is ridiculous and pathetic. It shows that the Tibetan bigwigs are afraid they can’t enforce their authority on a global audience. Generally speaking the next step here is murder, but in a global context that’s ticklish. Perhaps they can learn from the other gangsters who have this problem, an x-way system of murder using varieties of black magic. The holy aura of the tulkus must be defended on five continents.

Trump…that’s the limit of occult New Age fascist wisdom….

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In a mysterious way this American election will spell the end of the New Age movment: time for a counterattack that terminates the new age mystique and power….

But the whole farce got found out…

Chogyam Trungpa et al did a lot more than I ever could to destroy buddhism…

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At a time when many are suspicious of outright fascist operations from New Age sources (buddhist, sufi) impinging on the Trump issues, we get still more of this groupie bullshit from the Tibetan groups and the Pema Chodron direction.
Chogyam Trungpa was a spiritual degenerate and his buddhist plans for modernity were grotesque. These people are using buddhism and western converts to destroy modernity and it is a gross way to actually destroy buddhism for ever…


Sorting out the three and four tooters…what about the two and a half tooters?….

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UG krishnamurti is interesting and useful but my take is different. Enlightenment is a floating term used in different ways. The lack of any good definition makes deception easy. Saying enlightenment doesn’t exist isn’t really the point. But his anger at the whole process is significant.

To me the issues are that the traditions of buddhism are played out and the prior traditions of hinduism are falling into chaos. Here the hopeless confusions/wars between sufis/yogis/gurus/xitianity/islam have made religion, yoga, buddhism dead letters.
The authority of gurus has expanded into something it is not, and is a dangerous occult racket putting innocent seekers at risk.

A large commune like Osho’s is going to end up making scientology look benign. the three way system of murder has a real opening in the overlay of Osho/Gurdjieff/Crowley bait and switch. Stay the fuck away from all of it.

Enlightenment is not a given you pursue as a seeker. It is part of the question seeking an answer.

Buddhism in my critique has a hidden history that became fascist at its end, but which was somehow corrupted in the era after the destruction of INdian buddhism. that trauma must have made the sangha vicious. But the whole legacy was an experiment not present before in the hindu stream. I fear that the plight of the majority was spiritual death and zombiehood in a fascist army. Best to move on and avoid the Tibetans completely.

The boddisattwa path is an absurdity. Perhaps it was intended as a hoax. But taken at face value it is a disastrous quick route to zombiehood.
Get the fuck away from the boddhisattwa path. You don’t owe reality such an idiotic gesture.

I am probably not enlightened but have had multiple experiences no doubt like it. Should I have never had those experiences? Should I never again have such experiences. Those experiences may be pale beside a larger ‘experience’ but to wait til the end of time to get the matter straight is a species of bullshit, thence an exploitation. I will defer final judgement until the facts can be better known. But somehow curious happened at the onset of Mahayana, which is a cousin to xtianity. And we can see something severely wrong with that religion. It may be the Mahayana aspect: a fraud of public deception to keep a crowd of believers away from enlightenment, etc…

Buddhism, caput, Mahayana, caput, hinduism a dead mass of rotten vegetables, caput. Osho a sex fiend jerk off tantric with one Big enlightenment experience like my small ones, and at the end he was losing that.

Three toots, you are out. The sufis are next: the four tooters: they are bogus idiots. All their methods are stolen from yogis. There is a hidden set of paths but they are so rare and probably never intersected with sufism.
Much of the hard hat sufism was really stolen from buddhism.

So much for the four tooters…

I know what you’re thinking: consulting sarlo’s rating list, what about the two and half toot cases. Can there be two and half toots?

After three years the osho entity still won’t quit harrassment…time to fight back and declare war on the Indic spirituality reality, starting with Osho/buddhism…

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We hkave suggested a few exit strategies:
1. don’t do a spiritual path, adopt stealth tactics beyond formats. A ‘path’ is a profitable entity to exploit, cf. remarks on EJ Gold and ‘treadmill paths’
2. We suggested ‘stealth neo-advaita’ as a for a ‘debriefing via Advaita’: but stay away from Ramana Maharis, and his gang, e.g. the vicious Poonja setting people up: change the labels on Advaita, or just study the history..
Advaita is its own illusion, and was supported by neo-brahmins like Shankara, very ugly sources and fanatics about caste for what we see now as Hindutva…
3. figures like the two Krishnamurti’s give ample warning…

4. Osho started as a ‘rebel’, supposedly, but he is a fixture of some hidden process and can’t be trusted…

5. my remarks on ‘new ages’ is worth reading: the cycle of age periods is eroding all these ancient paths…Chritianity, buddhism, Islam are slipping away…
5. Never indulge in spiritual surrender. Try to abjure any such you have already granted and be prepared to fight for your life…

The trail to fascism…

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It is a bit late in the game to be arguing about Chogyam Trungpa’s alcoholism. If you have followed this blog this year you will see the trail to buddhist fascism arriving in this vicinity. These hdden buddhists are not what you think and the whole conspiracy to destroy modernity, a futile gambit, is hidden behind the whole Tibetan game.