Dismantling buddhism, xtianity, islam with oshoism in abort mode?

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The trend of the modern reformation is inexorable and it seemed like buddhism was on the ascent in the era of the new age movement, but its fate is sealed in the long run as it core moves to a new realization and the legacy from antiquity falls away. xtianity is rapidly decomposing and islam is on the brink. Its current phase seems to show a jihadist transformation but I suspect that is illusory. The political domination conceals the inner disenchantment going on.
I think the Osho commune is a false continuation of the buddhist legacy. The whole tradition must be recast and the domination by a single buddha over centuries is a grossly dangerous and now obsoleter mode. But we must find the exact history of buddhism and not be victimized by propaganda. I think the Gautama factor is long gone as the sangha became an occult monstrosity dumped into tibet. I could be wrong but the degeneration into fascist antimodernism ironically dooms buddhism. Why would we need it. People can find the replacement on Youtube. We don’t need a dictatorship of buddhas and such organizations are corrupt and create a labyrinth from which there is no escape.

And such organizations don’t produce buddhas. I fail to see a single buddha emergence from osho commune. It is subtly designed that way. And Osho wasn’t on the level. It is hard to see if he was really enlightened and he left the path to enlightenment in ruins.


Resuming full fart mode toward the Osho ‘thing’…

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every time I let my guard down with a suggestion of moving beyond hostility the Osho ‘thing’ turns around and attacks again…

So I guess it is hopeless…we are permanent enemies, forever…

Priests and politicians, the mafia of the soul? they are too stupid for that…Sufis, gurus, Osho’s, Gurdjieff’s are the real mafia of the soul…

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https://twitter.com/OSHO/status/790226256340004865: The book (now an ebook) has its point, but this blog has recorded the real mafia of the soul, among sufis, and in fact Gurdjieff was an outsider here, while buddhists (and I presume the Osho’s) are against soul, but cunningly only for the converts/sangha suckers…

Osho is trying to find a sufi with a sufi plexus seed soul, so he can experiment…talk about mafias…the poor pope would have a clue, …


Colombia’s Indigenous Wiwa Fight Back Against Jehovah Witnesses | News | teleSUR English

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In an act of self-determination, the Wiwa tribe expelled the religious organization for contributing to their “cultural and spiritual extermination.”

Source: Colombia’s Indigenous Wiwa Fight Back Against Jehovah Witnesses | News | teleSUR English


Debriefing Gurdjieffianity: Struggles Of the Black Magicians – Kindle edition 

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Debriefing Gurdjieffianity: Struggles Of the Black Magicians – Kindle edition by John Landon. Download it once and read it on your Kindle device, PC, phones or tablets. Use features like bookmarks, note taking and highlighting while reading Debriefing Gurdjieffianity: Struggles Of the Black Magicians.

Source: Debriefing Gurdjieffianity: Struggles Of the Black Magicians – Kindle edition by John Landon. Religion & Spirituality Kindle eBooks @ Amazon.com.


How India’s Slide Into Authoritarianism Is Destroying Art and Culture | Alternet

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We are seeing the rise of an us-versus-them culture.

Source: How India’s Slide Into Authoritarianism Is Destroying Art and Culture | Alternet


The dangers of Gurdjieffianity…After Gurdjieff the whole Christian tradition has become suspect.

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We have produced this year a book Debriefing Gurdjieffianity, but it is not enough to forestall the global spread of the Gurdjieff meme.
That corpus is bogus but it creates servility in many who are in SEVERE DANGER of ‘dead zombie’ phenomenon discussed with respect to buddhism, and now Oshoism.

Take the warning and don’t be fooled. Keep in mind:

fourth way schools are a big hype. they don’t exist
the enneagram is crap, along with most of the rest in Ouspensky, but…
there is a version of Samkhya that ended up among sufis and which Gurdjieff has taken up and privatized. Be wary of it.
The Gurdjieff work is a fake category. Not a single success has resulted from the materials given. A completely secret and different version is used for real results. All the stuff in Ouspenksy is just fake junk peddled to attract suckers as ‘food’ for hidden elites.
These people are gangsters, not spiritual teachers. Gurdjieff tried to disguise this by confessing it: a self-portrait as a devil. He wasn’t kidding.

A new independent version appeared in Bennett’s The Dramatic Unviverse, but it is mixed with a lot of crap…
this could be of value but it has become entangled in the black magic world of gurdjieff and sufis.
Bennett’s version is so complicated it detaches from such legacies. Study it quickly and then move: it provides a rough map
the versions of gurdjieff are incomprehensible. DON’T get into the Beelzebub’s Tales quicksand. It is designed to be incomprehensible, so don’t bother.
Everything you need is in Bennett, despite his not knowing what was talking about. But he did a good thing: starting with modern physics, can you recrate a futuristic version of Samkhya that is free from all traditions (despite Bennett’s Christian bullshit inserted in the work, along with the lies about reciprocal maintenance)

Neither Gurdjieff nor Bennett understood the law of three and the law of seven. The law of three is a garbled piece of junk, but Bennett may have stumbled on its real significance in terms of this ‘systems’ concepts, three and seven term systems. That’s enough for a quick sketch, but the overall use makes no sense. But you can follow the rough outline.
And the Samkhya gunas are almost a joke, the tapas, rajas, sattwas triad which is an echo of something lost…
But the Samkhya probably appears in tandem withe original yoga/tantra (see our posts on Danielou) and this proves it is a primordial subject with the credentials of yoga. But even a short read of Bennett will make it obvious the ancient yogis couldn’t handle real Samkhya (I could be wrong), or what it represented. That’s a puzzle.
Be wary here: Samkhya has nothing to do with sufis or Gurdjieff, and the extant version in the yogic world is so far gone it makes little sense. And its purported ‘dualism’ shows its later students of this version must have lost the thread…

I refer only to the general framework: the DU is filled with junk, be wary of it. The value here is to get a quick sketch sense of your selves and will. Move on fast. You are on your own. No don’t go asking sufis for help.

We have referenced the hidden sufi path of ‘soul’ and the seed plexus phenom. You are curious, and…skip it…you already have a soul.

The Gurdjieff system appeared at the start of the twentieth century. Noone had heard of mindfulness movements. The Gurdjieff system thus seems novel, but its basic ‘self-remembering’ method is simply mindfulness practice. But it is so larded with junk that few ever get around to meditation (it is designed that way, keep the suckers confused from start to finish).
The Gurdjieff world exploited Ouspensky to produce a dynamite sales pitch, and then tried to kill him in his next life.
Be forewarned. If that is how they treat the founder guess what you fate is likely be.
A rule of thumb:if you arrive at this via Ouspensky you are sucker, beware. The real groups, if they exist, never appear in public.
Gurdjieff is on record denouncing Crowley. Nonsense: Crowley became a Gurdjieff sufi in his next life. Ouspensky was the honest man. Crowley the gangster. The gangsters control the baraka.
Don’t bother with Crowley stuff. It was all minted for his won case. The methods dont work and you should never damage yourself karmically with his jaunty depictions of black magic.
You will get fried if you try to imitate him. You can read his works without applying them.
To realize your will is simply a variant of the path of enlightenment. Meditate. You cannot ‘will’ to do magic. It is animal trap for …you guessed it, suckers.
I will say it one more time, don’t sell your soul for this monstrosity. Mindfulness workshops make better progress than this.

After Gurdjieff the whole Christian tradition has become suspect.


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Sufis/G look on in glee at Osho conflict: can pile on in two way system of murder: destroying Osho a top priority of xtian/muslim fanatics, using others as torpedoes..

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A sudden stand off as mentioned has cleared the air a bit, and I am left wondering who is fighting whom. I have made my point about Osho/Buddhism with a point to come re: hinduism, but it is very easy to end up a someone’s torpredo in someone else’s spiritual war and frankly at this point I need to skip Osho, and focus on the sufi hyenas, and the deeply hidden xtian predators enforcing attempted xtian conformity, globally. I think Osho has long since been demolished by these sources and it is best to leave him be. Just keep in mind the totalitarian version of guruism is not viable for the future.

I have taken the suggestion to exit the new age India/guru scene via what we have called a front of neo-advaita (do nothing, no path) for an philosophic debriefing called Advaita, in parallel with a rough sketch from Bennett to balance the equation.


Tactics succeeded: O/G entities back off (disengage from unconscious): witnesses but destruction of their public legacy does the trick…

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Many sannyasins will try to detach from the zombie field. We have indicated one case that is close to succeeding…

That super fart Osho isn’t going to listen and is already gestating a fascist zombie cadre behind the scenes of his exoteric diddle maniac tantric idiots.

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In fact, the Osho entity may have already been replaced by the hidden master that controlled him: he has probably been reabsorbed.

The destatation of demcracy, rights and autonomy of these entities tokens their ultimate fascist ambitions, and complot to destroy modernity.

Tell that fart the dalai lama the sangha needs to dismantle and that the status of ‘buddha’ is baseless as a status of absolute power over individuals…the category is dangerous and totally premodern….

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Do you grant the power through simple assent ‘surrender one time through eternity)’ for an evil called a buddha to control the life, future life, and death status, allowing experimentation, torture, drone sleep/slavery, psychic murder throughout all time>? You are nuts. Maybe you are a new ager, a thorough asshole.

The gautama sangha is within sight of passing away. The Osho brand needs to be stopped in its tracks.


A Milestone for America’s Culture

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Slowly, relentlessly, America’s culture is undergoing profound change.  But the transformation mostly is under the radar, hardly noticed. A new study by the Public Religion Research Institute and R…

Source: A Milestone for America’s Culture


Bennett’s sad fate

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Bennett produced a brilliant, if flawed, book in The Dramatic Universe, but his stance was captured by the Gurdjieff dark side, and his G: Making a New World shows the deteriorated endproduct after turning DU into propaganda. Let us note that the teaching of Gurdjieff could never be the basis for making a new world. It is all an attack on modernity by reactionaries with a bogus teaching about man as food for higher powers. That’s the ultimate crap and there is nothing in any other tradition to validate it. And Bennett’s wrecks his version of Samkhya with such add ons.
But it might be helpful to extract one part of his argument in a separate study, and then put it in the public domain, with a set of strong warnings. It is unfair that someone like Gurdjieff interjected himself into the classic Samkhya. But I think the sufis did this and he is simply passing it along without any explanation.
The Indian Samkhya is a puzzle in itself, and I am not sure how useful it is for real yogis. The whole game is entangled in the whole Veda pile of crap. Vedism is a complete non-starter and has nothing to do with the real legacy.

There is an obvious solution, as indicated above: a brief outline and a useful map of spiritual psychology: samkhya filtered through sufism, and then recast by Bennett. But the issue of reciprocal maintenance, the enneagram, the rest of Gurdjieff’s crap will make the project hard to carry out, and the groupies will try to make the Gurdjieff version dogma.

Again, the solution is simple: noone understands the original insight, and the point at which we are treated to the ‘law of three’ and the ‘law of seven’ the whole subject is crackpot.

Bennett almost found his way out of this jungle. The triad starts, just barely, to make some sense as a three term system, and the factor of seven is put in its place as a seven term system. Perhaps the derivation of categories could be put on a sounder basis. In any case, the public has a right to this, in an independent version freed from sufistic/Gurdjieff predators: Gurdjieff has interpolated the law of spiritual cannibalism into the Samkhya. Outrageous. Despicable. And Bennett discredits himself by his naivete. But his thinking shows a way to reconstruct the whole subject with purely modern concepts, from physics onward. The result is not science and the whole scheme is probably crackpot in its current form. But it transmits a possibility that just might be extractable for proto-scientific spiritual psychology.

Keep in mind the harm done be rote obedience to a devil like Gurdjieff. Repairing the damage here is ultimately almost impossible, but a rough sketch can also be useful enough.

McPherson should be wary of abusing the enlightenment idea//Guy McPherson Writes His Own Obituary? – YouTube

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