Closing in on Danielou

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The blog records a sudden interest in Danielou and his interesting books on Indian religion unfortunately mixed up with some serious errors, his anti-modernism and much else
I will critique the usual junk about ‘cycles’ in this book which I had not read…
While the Gods Play: Shaiva Oracles and Predictions on the Cycles of History and the Destiny of …

Shadow of the Dalai Lama: time to consider this book again more carefully

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We have discussed this before here: the real Tibet/Nazi connection is not connected with these outer figures who seem to sense a rumor without understanding the hidden fascist plot that began in the nineteenth century.
And this must have included sectors beyond buddhism.
We never see anything about the real perps here…they are part of a Tibetan ‘deep state’ which we can’t fathom….

Trump has company…two more dirty fascist farts in the big game ///Putin presents Russian passport to Steven Seagal (VIDEO)

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Seagal, who has family in Russia, said the dual citizenship will simply allow him to more easily travel between the two countries, but still loves the USA.

Source: Putin presents Russian passport to Steven Seagal (VIDEO)

 How on earth did a shithead like Seagal get to be a tulku?

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how on earth did a complete asshole like Seagal get to be a tulku? this game is bogus and targets Hollywood celebrities (often jews) to create trusties in the Tibetan farce/wasteland.
None of these tibetans know anything about reincarnation….It is a pile of garbage…
Stay away from this game: it is rigged, fascist and will kill dissenters…

Seagal has to be the most grotesque idiot in the whole idiocy of Tibetan buddhism….

Statement by HH Penor Rinpoche regarding the recognition of Steven Seagal as a reincarnation of the treasure revealer Chungdrag Dorje of Palyul Monastery

Source: Statement by HH Penor Rinpoche regarding the recognition of Steven Seagal as a reincarnation of the treasure revealer Chungdrag Dorje


Dangers of buddhism/oshoism: evacuating dead zombie ‘religions’…

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The last year has brought home very clearly the dangers of the sangha/commune frameworks. I am sure the same criticism might apply to hindu ashrams but the latter is a different situation despite the morass of the whole of hinduism: a yogi can move alone outside of society without the compelling straightjacket of what buddhism, and now oshoism, try to do. Which is what? It looks like a path to enlightenment, but the reality is at most a token of that. You become a member of something, yield you autonomy, agree without agreeing to a fate decided by someone else. It is a very dangerous situation made worse when the ‘master’ dies…
In buddhism the path of the boddhisattwas is clearly a warning sign: the whole game makes no sense but is a convenient way to keep seekers trapped. In the osho realm the evidence is there that ‘osho’ wasn’t who he presented himself as. I think the game is run by someone else now and the dangers of being a passive entity in that dark zone is great. Slip away at once. And if you aren’t the fascist type, begone fast. In a way osho created an escape avenue: the mala is oriented toward a living person. With a dead person that mala should be surrendered and discarded save as a momento. It is also clear in retrospect how artificial all that was: the whole game was nothing but a personality cult as a diffuse bhakti yoga. There was no real teaching beyond that: all those books are completely frustrating because they have no real message about the subjects treated instead redirecting attention to the cult personality. Look at the meditations: they are loose pieces of not much. Real zazen, say, is never really brought in, i.e. there is no real mediation. Dynamic and the other ‘meditations’ are just kiddie rides, to keep people interested and occupied. Not that that strategy was all wrong, as long as the whole game is trustworthy, but it is not.

The whole game is in trouble now. Trying to promote fascist politicians won’t be forgiven. It was a stupid stupid thing brewing over the past decades in the shadows of the new age movement. The whole movement is going to become rancid: a complete restart is necessary…
It was always a deception to become a sannyasin in this form: who knew this implied loss of autonomy, submission to an absolute dictatorship, destruction of personal freedom, etc…The game gets rougher when played with dead ‘ghosts’, be warned…
In Tibetan buddhism we see the empty shell of buddhism in its terminal fallacy of the boddhisattwa, that fiction of false compassion. Maybe I have misunderstood it, but I haven’t misunderstood how it became corruptible and corrupted: not what it seems…
This is not the Kali yuga. It is actually a new era that will have to regenerate the real ‘santana dharma’ in a new way for a new future. The whole baggage of the decayed game is in the way.

I recommend slipping away, or, if the ‘it’ is aware of who you are and tries to return you to the sheep’s quarters, fight you way out.

Again, I am no fan of hinduism, but the path of the yogi shows out in the open what the real path is: renounce the world, move out into the forest and don’t come back. It is not about being a groupie in a cult.


That dirty fart the dalai he is a phony spiritual leader of a corrupt medieval kingdom with absolutely no authority over buddhists..this is grotesque

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The harm done by Tibetan Buddhists is going to go without proper detection or any consequences. Chogyma super Asshole Trungpa must be laughing from the bardo. These fascist failed to realize they were being watched from afar by spiritual agencies they did not know existed. Somehow an expose has arrived (in our critical comments on Osho, at least he sounded a warning with the first expose years ago, but he failed to distance himself from fascism and seems to have joined the club).

The status of the Dalai Lama is preposterous. He has no authority of any kind. He seems to be a dupe himself, and doesn’t understand that fascism in buddhists wasn’t designed to do anything useful It was destructive first and last.
We see the same tendencies in Trump in disguise. He seems programmed to do everything dreadful….

The buddhist path is long dead: its current faddish popularity requires now a successor movement as an exit strategy…


Tell that dirty fart the dalai lama he is not supposed to fraternize with the fascist drones,…idiot, he’ll blow the cover ofthe whole dark op

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However, the cover has already been blown. The ‘buddhists’ want to create a reactionary anti-post-modern buddhist dictatorship (with rivals in the feckless Osho). What a piece of shit. The Dalai Lama senses what is afoot, but it wasn’t to make Trump an example of the future…he is to destroy the intergrity of a classic democracy and corrupt the whole game…

Honest and liberal buddhists should evacuate the sangha at once and fight against further invultuation. A new version of the eight fold way can be pressed out as coin in a day or less, without the Dictator in Chief, Gautama (in any case a disappeared former ghost, I suspect…)

The sangha is fake religious body with no connection with the original founder


Kiss my ass fart Osho….you didn’t get away with it…

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We have suggested dismantling buddhism. Oshoism has gotten started yet…get the point

An older post: Bennett on evolution // JG Bennett on speciation, individuality, eight term systems…a warning biology is probably not even remotely close to a theory of evolution

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Source: An older post: Bennett on evolution // JG Bennett on speciation, individuality, eight term systems…a warning biology is probably not even remotely close to a theory of evolution

When Public Goes Private, as Trump Wants: What Happens? | by Diane Ravitch | The New York Review of Books

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At present, proponents of school choice have the upper hand because they are backed by some of the nation’s richest people, whose campaign donations give them an outsize voice in shaping public policy. The issue that the American public must resolve in local and state as well as national elections is whether voters will preserve and protect the public school system, or allow it to be raided and controlled by the one percent and financial elites.

Source: When Public Goes Private, as Trump Wants: What Happens? | by Diane Ravitch | The New York Review of Books

Dalai Lama Has ‘No Worries’ About Trump’s White Nationalism | News | teleSUR English

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The comments come as no surprise to long-time watchers of the former leader of the Tibetan government in exile given his history of cozying up to far-right leaders such as Augusto Pinochet, Margaret Thatcher, and George Bush. In June of this year the Tibetan monk, who has claimed refugee status in India since a failed 1959 uprising against Chinese rule, said that “too many” refugees were entering Europe and that “Europe, for example Germany, cannot become an Arab country.”

Source: Dalai Lama Has ‘No Worries’ About Trump’s White Nationalism | News | teleSUR English

The Global Dangers of Trump’s Climate Denial

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Donald Trump’s surprising victory in the U.S. presidential election will ignite a dramatic change to U.S. environmental policy. Trump has signaled that his administration will reject President Barack Obama’s policies aimed at combating climate change, a move that likely would throw international efforts to curb greenhouse gas emissions into chaos.The stakes for the United States, and the world, are enormous: If humankind does not reduce its greenhouse gas emissions immediately, climate scientists say, Earth could face as much as 11 degrees Fahrenheit of warming by 2100 relative to preindustrial temperatures, leading to increases in droughts and wildfires, rising seas, and major disruptions to global agriculture.

Source: The Global Dangers of Trump’s Climate Denial


Not there yet ??//How quantum physics shows us the non-dual foundation of the dualistic world

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jesus is not your personal savior….islam…you can fill in the blanks…

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At this level of corruption we can’t exempt xtianity, especially given the Gurdjieff correlate here…This must be said because we can get caught up in the attempt by O’s many enemies to destroy him…
The xtian circle, given the evidence of Gurdjieff is a corrupt fascist project using adherents as drones, for cannibalism, and social exploitation

Time to warn all seekers of the dangers they face…

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A new form of spiritual path is needed based in the Kantian foundation of human autoomy and reason…a core version of upanishadic psychology is very well adapted to this…

The problem which surely existed before started with making buddhism a religion: its endgame is the horror…We should stop another version in Oshoism…