The Osho factor grotesque: cannibalizing pandits to forestall his mediocrity…toward a New Age Reformation…

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The Osho (and Gurdjieff) legacies are beset with a strangely second-rate character. Gurdjieff the conman needed Ouspensky and the Osho entity is beset with a similar difficulty and is in fact also pursuing the Ouspensky entity. Both legacies are failures and the degenerate confusion of the Osho ‘situation’ is a warning to move away.

The tradition grants what the future will not: the absolute authority of the guru over a group of passive disciples. At this point the dangers are emerging and ‘enough’s enough’: it is NOT OK for a dead guru ghost to usurp identities, conduct cruel experiments, fascisize free agents, attack democracy and human rights, corrupt governments with mind control manchurian candidates…the full horror is great and worst of all invisible to the dupes who get entangled in these movements.
We have shown a turning about in views here against Oshoism, and finally buddhism (sufism ditto squared) and this is due to the sudden psychic insight (or hidden communication) of a grotesque version of ‘enlightenment’, like a bad trip on dope. I call into question the ‘enlightenment’ legacy as too often a manipulated fraud, suggesting the canonical debriefing of a core advaita to get one’s bearings beyond the distortions.
I question whether Advaita leads to ‘enlightenment’ in the usual sense and we can see in Osho and probably Gautama the strong ‘experience’ of enlightenment waning away leaving a strange chaotification and an entity unsuited to the astral/death manipulation of former disciples. It is an invitation to zombie disaster, and demands a reckoning. As the Advaita canon suggests: enlightenment isn’t an experience. If this point was not fully clear to Osho then what are we talking about?
The whole game is suspect and we need to create a kind of New Age Reformation…

the fascism of the buddhists has destroyed the whole game and the insidious snare created is going to take a century to deal with…it could end in another war of the bharatas…

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