Let the dalai lama renounce his kingdom….

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I am sorry to be so hard on the dalai lama but the real issue is the passing away of buddhism as an axial age derelict, and a corrupted legacy…the dalai lama can renounce his kingdom and become a wandering monk…


Our dirty fascist fart hustles CNN goopduh//Dr. Sanjay Gupta: Lessons from meditating with the Dalai Lama – CNN.com

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a bit too harsh, apologies, etc…but!
the ‘personal’ tale of meditation is misleading: I have achieved success at meditation….but the question of meditation is so fraught with guruism that it becomes important of reinvent the subject…
Mindfulness for better or worse is an independent process of free individuals. the buddhas sufis gurus are ambitious to control the process for their own power…

Wow, what a breakthrough, but this is suspicious. The tibetans must be worried and wish to take back ‘mindfulness’ meditation from the amateurs, the corporations and while I am not sure of the actual details the cabal seems clear, the usual publicity stunts from the dalai lama and his dark ops sector.
This is getting tiresome. Mindfulness meditation is no doubt real enough on one level but these highs are just that, ‘highs’ and I doubt if they will last. I have had a dozen mediation highs and they are long gone. I have done a lot of meditation buddhist style and the result is a nervous wreck, attacks from ‘demons, type ‘mara’, unknown’, cannibal attacks from sufi gangsters, invultuation attacks from gurdjieff fakes (three way system of murder), and at this point I have recented cured myself of curing myself with an alcoholic relapse (daily vodka) by ‘meditating out of meditation, and alcoholic compulsion. Meditation is the most hyped exercise, and it is not the mindfulness gang that spoiled it, but the Mahayana which says you must meditate and that can never have a the result called ‘enlightenment’ because you promised to NOT until every other idiot ‘completes’ a you go first to other you go firsts before the lights go out in the Big Contraction.

I think that mediation is dying and needs an exit strategy for its victims.

CNN’s Dr. Sanjay Gupta was invited to the Dalai Lama’s personal residence to meditate. He was anxious just thinking about it but left “a changed man,” he says — one who is more patient and more focused.

Source: Dr. Sanjay Gupta: Lessons from meditating with the Dalai Lama – CNN.com


Bennett’s The Dramatic Universe…another failed project…?

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Life seems to have given the task of dealing with bennett’s classic work, but the job seems to have aborted. As with the osho project i suspect failure…but perhaps what I can do is simply list the issues raised and try to throw the question into another future: the basic point made by bennett stands and shows a universal spiritual framework of great potential, if… there are a number of such ‘ifs’, one being, if the history of samkhya can be discovered, the nature of ternary/septenary systems clarified, etc…. the latter point has become encased in instant dogma and everything is taken on the authority of gurdjieff who was an idiot and such a muddled thinker/writer that the result will hang over any effort to sort out the issues.

One approach could be to create an appendix to our blogbook and briefly go through the fifty chapters of DU, outlining the basic set of constructs. We can see how brilliant is the scheme and yet its likely failure.

Someone in the future can do it again, but the probability of dogmatic muddle is great. What to do?

Osho’s betrayal of spiritual democracy ruined a new start…

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I have attempted to describe my complex interaction with ‘osho’ (or some field connected to him) but i have always baulked because it was clear that that figure had betrayed all ideas about human freedom, autonomy, and democracy. And it was evident in the failed oregon commune that the basis of his work was ill-conceived. What a waste…

a blogbook for the issues raised here…

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I will try to get this finished soon but the basic outline is food for thought…
This is a short so-called blogbook attempting to summarize some of the issues raised by the blog The Gurdjieff Con and moving on the way to a New Age manifesto suggesting paths beyond guruism, beyond buddhism and oshoism and attempting to expose the pre-modern, authoritarian, and exploitative character of their manifestation.

1.1 The New Age movement…
1.2 LFM
1.3 Axial Age
1.4 modernity, new ages
1.5 buddhism, advaita, gita //

2. DU
2.1 Preface/intro DU
2.2 vol 1, 2
2.3 vol 4
2.5 will, …

3.1 new age reformation
3.2 Great freedom sutra
3.3 will, bardos, god, monotheism, buddhisms, islams

appendices: posts


Speaking in terms of the ‘master of masters’

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The new age movement has created a monstrosity in the west as the ‘rules of the master game’ go unstated and leave an open field of naive victims to the spoils of guru occultism. It is a sad and sick outcome. Large scale formations like buddhism, oshoism are at risk of predatory actions on completely unsuspecting seekers. Fortunately most guruism is fake, and perpetrated by idiots who are harmless, an ironic confusion to the whole question.

Let’s make it clear on one point: the authoritarian guru has no claim on the life a so-called disciple. To think otherwise is to allow a form of barbarous antiquity into the future. Osho you would think is some sweet exception. He is not, and has spawned a crypto-fascist horror that will be infected with additional predators in service to the source gangster…

Osho sannyasins and western buddhists should simply go through a reformation to produce a new rendering of the classic ancient teaching, and be mindful of the very few exemplars, such as Ramana Maharsi who were not gurus and accepted no disciples, or money…in general the guru is the set of instructions inherited from the past and given to world renouncing yogis who work alone. Large scale religions of ‘meditation’ run by a guru have turned into monsters, and it is time the whole game passed away replaced by something real.

Ironically, the problem suddenly became evident to Ouspensky who protested but ended up creating a profitable horror for tens of thousands of victims for Gurdjieff and his sufi background.


I am suggestibly promoted to advaita guru…superfluous for a master of masters…if i accept i am going to crib notes from parsons youtube videos…

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After being told I am a master of masters now they tell me I should be an ‘advaita guru’. Whatever next. I have been near the new age movement for decades and never studied the subject til a year ago. I experienced enlightenment in 1974 doing TM mantra meditation, and then two more times studying caballa, and then the ‘dramatic universe’ text…those ‘experiences’ were profound but transient. I also explored the ‘null magus’ option of reading the complete works of crowley and the abramelin grimoire but NOT indulging in any ‘willed’ magic/black magic. The entanglement with osho in the eighties was actually a version of the ‘will manifest’ realizing the will as this sprang into action in proximity to a spirit field, who knows: a warning to stay clear of the osho field. my subsequent visit to the commune was confused and brief (i was as impelled to leave as to arrive) and realized in the subsequence that the whole commune was completely obscurely flawed. Later exposes have shown what some of the problems were. I was never a sannyasin in any case but the confusing material of osho’s books distracted me for a long time. The advaita path is thus a clarification and a debriefing, but this is too good to be true and i observe after reading fifteen advaita books that few of its exemplars are ‘enlightened’, whatever that means. But the material is one way to stand back and get something at least from a legacy that is not transparent and controlled by hidden master djinns, as i suspect…
This is another attempt to set me up.
OK, will do. since I have pulled rank on the buddhas as master of masters i can easily add the advaita medal to a laden breast as a token. but I think that as a master of master though resigned it is superfluous to become a guru. No thanks. but one can do it ‘de facto’ on the fly, so watch out.

I will continue studying the literature, try and root out the crooks and/or criminal angle and study the youtube videos of advaita hombres like Parsons, and maybe even Eckhard Tolle. If I can pull it off it might even be a source of incomes. Wow.

Stay tuned…i will decide soon. debugging advaita isn’t hard: the crook angle is easy, will explain later. imagine, nemo a guru. the parsons angle is neo-advaita and that can make a good front for a real path kept hidden. The ass front and fart aspect is clearly evident in parsons, so the two modes are probably compatible…

Osho commune and buddhist sangha as front orgs with criminal/fascist elements? Ass front and fart, boys, ass front and fart…the buddhas are gangsters…

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The entire issue of santana dharma is up in the air: we have no canonical versions or any definition of what it is, its history, origins. The failure to see that the original was grafted onto aryan vedism is a warning that its real core has become corrupted and/or forgotten. We have no grounds therefore, or for any other reason to place stock in the legacy of guru authority, its authoritarian crypto-dictatorial premises, and need to reexamine the whole legacy in terms of modern rational enlightenment thought, kantian autonomy, democratic axioms, and ethical standards involving non-criminal behavior, non-fascist politics, occult debriefing, refusal of invultuation/cannibalism/slavery. Those who claim to transmit a legacy have void authority if they don’t even know the history, on that or any other grounds. A teacher can demonstrate a path without the implications surreptitiously assumed by guru/fascists of total control of persons in the name of surrender. The lass of will taken as a path to enlightenment shows the idea of a path has been criminalized if it existed at all. And the sufi brand of gangsters know better the issue of the path of will, if any, in relation to the mostly fictitious path to enlightenment. Clearly buddhism is not really a path to enlightenment. It is question of for isolated yogis cogent/clever enough to evade the domination rackets.


Is the Advaita/maharsi world free of the corruption of buddhism/oshoism….? the coming crash of axial age religion….

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and can christianity/judaism/islam be far behind?\\


Bennett, schopenhauer and the resurgence of classic indic philosophies

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Source: Bennett, schopenhauer and the resurgence of classic indic philosophies


 Dismantling the judeo-christian religions…israel as rogue state…judaism’s fraudulent history

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Source:  Dismantling the judeo-christian religions…israel as rogue state…judaism’s fraudulent history


The deadly horror of the dirty fascist farts of the sufi/osho/buddha axis…throw away the mala…so no to the cannibal/drone slavery fraud of the boddhisattwa path

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Destroying the freedom and politics of millions of people is now what we detect from sectors of the guru/sufi axis and it is time to dispense with illusions about new age spirituality.

I recommend dismantling buddhism and oshoism as zombie/army religions antagonistic human freedom and its modern context…And we should equally denounce the Gurdjieff legacy which knew what was going on and said nothing.

And time for some questions to EJ Gold whose milieu produced fascists in the seventies…He claims to have denounced that, but…??? what is the nature of the sufi/guru connection?

International – “We have at most a year to defend American democracy, perhaps less“

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Source: International – “We have at most a year to defend American democracy, perhaps less“

Is This How the World Ends?

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Many observers—including such disparate voices as Zbigniew Brzezinski, Noam Chomsky, Hillary Clinton, Thomas Friedman, Pope Francis, and CounterPunch’s own Conn Hallinan—have described the North In…

Source: Is This How the World Ends?


History and evolution.com

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the question of the end of history requires a new study

Source: History and Evolution