Osho commune and buddhist sangha as front orgs with criminal/fascist elements? Ass front and fart, boys, ass front and fart…the buddhas are gangsters…

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The entire issue of santana dharma is up in the air: we have no canonical versions or any definition of what it is, its history, origins. The failure to see that the original was grafted onto aryan vedism is a warning that its real core has become corrupted and/or forgotten. We have no grounds therefore, or for any other reason to place stock in the legacy of guru authority, its authoritarian crypto-dictatorial premises, and need to reexamine the whole legacy in terms of modern rational enlightenment thought, kantian autonomy, democratic axioms, and ethical standards involving non-criminal behavior, non-fascist politics, occult debriefing, refusal of invultuation/cannibalism/slavery. Those who claim to transmit a legacy have void authority if they don’t even know the history, on that or any other grounds. A teacher can demonstrate a path without the implications surreptitiously assumed by guru/fascists of total control of persons in the name of surrender. The lass of will taken as a path to enlightenment shows the idea of a path has been criminalized if it existed at all. And the sufi brand of gangsters know better the issue of the path of will, if any, in relation to the mostly fictitious path to enlightenment. Clearly buddhism is not really a path to enlightenment. It is question of for isolated yogis cogent/clever enough to evade the domination rackets.

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