a blogbook for the issues raised here…

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I will try to get this finished soon but the basic outline is food for thought…
This is a short so-called blogbook attempting to summarize some of the issues raised by the blog The Gurdjieff Con and moving on the way to a New Age manifesto suggesting paths beyond guruism, beyond buddhism and oshoism and attempting to expose the pre-modern, authoritarian, and exploitative character of their manifestation.

1.1 The New Age movement…
1.2 LFM
1.3 Axial Age
1.4 modernity, new ages
1.5 buddhism, advaita, gita //

2. DU
2.1 Preface/intro DU
2.2 vol 1, 2
2.3 vol 4
2.5 will, …

3.1 new age reformation
3.2 Great freedom sutra
3.3 will, bardos, god, monotheism, buddhisms, islams

appendices: posts

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