Bennett’s The Dramatic Universe…another failed project…?

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Life seems to have given the task of dealing with bennett’s classic work, but the job seems to have aborted. As with the osho project i suspect failure…but perhaps what I can do is simply list the issues raised and try to throw the question into another future: the basic point made by bennett stands and shows a universal spiritual framework of great potential, if… there are a number of such ‘ifs’, one being, if the history of samkhya can be discovered, the nature of ternary/septenary systems clarified, etc…. the latter point has become encased in instant dogma and everything is taken on the authority of gurdjieff who was an idiot and such a muddled thinker/writer that the result will hang over any effort to sort out the issues.

One approach could be to create an appendix to our blogbook and briefly go through the fifty chapters of DU, outlining the basic set of constructs. We can see how brilliant is the scheme and yet its likely failure.

Someone in the future can do it again, but the probability of dogmatic muddle is great. What to do?

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