Buddhism has turned the path to enlightenment into a fraudulent racket…

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and oshoism is not far behind…

these systems posit the authority of the guru, demand surrender of autonomy, promise then deprive the potential of enlightenment and remainder the given ‘will’ as cannibal food the ‘buddha’ or an elite. The only solution is to step back, as what the path is, enter it alone and realize enlightenment if it exists beyond society and sangha/commune.

There is no reason to ‘surrender the will’ to anyone. The ego is what it is and its destruction is simply an excuse for destruction of the disciple in the slaughter house of the corrupt buddhas.

The end of history and the obsolescence of buddhism/oshoism…with a revolution required for reaching post-hinduism…

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Our many discussions of the ‘end of history’ question are relevant to the new age ‘fascist’ world that wished to restore the master/slave game to the destruction of modernity. Is the osho commune a party to this? and the buddhist sangha? these religions are obsolete…and the same must be said of hinduism, despite its lack of a clear definition.


In search of a refuge beyond cannibal guruism//Amazon.com: Schopenhauer and the Wild Years of Philosophy

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A new spirituality might find refuge from rogue buddhists and hyaena sufism via the realm of modern philosophy where schopenhauer created a possible new foundation for something beyond and better than advaita…
It would also be possible to recast bennett’s work in a post-gurdjieffian mode. everything is there for a conception founded in a context of science, if not itself science…

Schopenhauer and the Wild Years of Philosophy

Source: Amazon.com: Schopenhauer and the Wild Years of Philosophy (9780674792760): Rüdiger Safranski, Ewald Osers: Books


The osho entity attempts to murder suspected rivals…OK, how about ‘the virtual church of the holy brick’? self-defense against buddha vampires

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I find it hard to see how ‘that’ would find me a rival: a sign of ghostly paranoia and the ‘war of the buddhas’. But come to think of it, it is in fact appropriate to create a new path beyond what we see in the legacy….
Since I already speaking as a master of masters (ha ha) this is another hoax to get me to ‘play the game’. I am not a guru and don’t play this game…

a first approach can be Last and First Men: https://www.dropbox.com/home/Public?preview=9780984702930-LFM_text.pdf: Preface cites the ‘virtual church of the holy brick’….

we need a modern secular post-buddhist, post-xtian, post-islamic association of free men, autonomous with will freed from savior hype and buddha vampires….will discuss further….


Most recent xml file of The Gurdjieff Con

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Warning beginners to steer clear of ‘osho commune’

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New Age confusions

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2.1 The Legacy of Darwinism

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Source: 2.1 The Legacy of Darwinism


Our dirty fascist fart’s propaganda offensive fools another journo//John Oliver Takes a Break from American Politics for an Enlightening Interview with the Dalai Lama | Mother Jones

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“A man so enlightened he’s basically the original woke bae.”

Source: John Oliver Takes a Break from American Politics for an Enlightening Interview with the Dalai Lama | Mother Jones


The dangers of the osho commune: finding an exit strategy…the ‘osho’ entity will attempt murder for those who demand their freedom…

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be warned…we don’t need this movement and its persistence has already generated catastrophe…I can’t fully indict the perps but the suspicions here are gross and in any case match several gangs of occult crime….

the path of enlightenment has no meaning in this context….the ‘commune’ is a ridiculous sex club for dupes who were tricked into this movement…and given shoddy meditations that don’t work, as designed…