the framework of schopenhauer to replace india’s grotesque mafia of gurus exploiting global seekers

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From a short book on Schopenhauer: robert wicks: Schopenhauer’s the world as will and representation…
It would be easy enough translate the (often confused) advaita into the conceptual framework of schopenhauer and kant. The crooks passed off as gurus in india don’t deserve the respect and allegiance of western seekers.
time to take the legacy beyond india into a global sphere and abandon india to the revolution long overdue….

The indian religious texts contain an amalgam of theistic and non-theistic passages, and if we consider the particular ideas that Schopnehauer extracted from them for citation in World as Will and Representation it is evident that the non-theistic ideas drew his attention. These include 1.the conviction that the ordinary world of trees, rocks, roads, and people is illusory, or dreamlike (Schopenhauer had already absorbed this idea from his readings of Plato, Kant, Shakespeare and Calderon),2. The thought that at the world’s foundation there Is an immediate distinction between its ‘inner’ and ‘outer’ natures (namely the ‘atman’ and the ‘brahman’….


  1. nemo said,

    04.04.17 at 7:47 am

    i am getting an impression the very real Schopenhauer entity would be wary of trying to carry the advaita burden: his teaching would soon be corrupted…

  2. nemo said,

    05.14.17 at 6:29 am

    However…:much in advaita would be clearer in that kind of framework: over and over advaitists stumble into terrain not unlike transcendental idealism…

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