No, I am not a sufi…whatever happened to the sufi path of love, what a pill of crap…?

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Update: wrote another version, then advised to restore original here:

Calling one a sufi is the subtlest tactic of domination by the hidden mafia of ‘sufis’ who also don’t call themselves sufis, preying on the groupies and pious idiots suckered into the ‘path’. The sufi path is so disinfo’d it is virtually impossible to proceed and those who make headway are in my experience psychopaths: all the baraka was given to criminals, fascists, sadists, and reactionaries. I made it clear in the material at nemonemini.info that I was never included in any sufi movement, group, or school although I navigated in proximity to the phony ‘school’ of EJ Gold whose work seems to have been a hidden jewish supremacist attempt to ‘take over’ sufism: his gentile followers were all suckers with the real stuff granted (in my experience) to outside jews, the rest being dupes and canon fodder/food for ‘cannibals’. In any case I consider myself strangely fortunate and it may be no coincidence to have looked into sufism from a good vantage point without any involvement. I got the message, not welcome (the son of a protest minister would be under suspicion of being an honest man). By accident I was in the right place at the right time to be in the ‘soul’ field generation, but the sufis made sure I was to be deprived of that. I suspect that a fascist movement was being generated and I was obviously a kind of liberal and to be avoided.
After that I have been the object of repeated attacks of black magic and attempted murders.

The lesson here is to be wary of sufis. Behind sufism lies a deeper path than, say, buddhism or advaita, in the ‘path’ of the ‘will’, but you can work in that direction as well alone, if you can defeat your own ego, poor chance, but you will never find the source behind sufism. Gurdjieff seems to have thought he found it, but his teaching is a complete hodgepodge…who knows…

Warn beginners away from sufism and move on with nothing. A path can be a liability, a trap to being turned into a workhorse with a collar, meditating to generate energy for vampires in the background.
The path of will has been cluttered with an impostor, the Crowley nonsense. Whatever that was, it died with Crowley who seems not to have understood his own shenanigans.

The path of the will is not about willpower, although that issue is important, of course, and must be a variant of the path of enlightenment. But the whole question is almost hopeless now, so cluttered with gangsters and rogue occultists.

At some point the modern secular enlightenment is going to regenerate its own version of the ‘enlightenment’ path (Schopenhauer in one stroke came close, but couldn’t quite make the last breakthrough) and his work shows the overall form and essence of any and all paths, a problem remaining that his version of the will in nature could be taken as metaphysical: strictly speaking the ‘thing in itself’ is beyond knowledge’.

I fear all the sufi paths are sucker bets in an occult casino and if Gurdjieff is any indication the bigwigs are big devils.

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