No, I am not a sufi. You wouldn’t let hackers sabotage your computer, don’t agree to let occultists hack your brain/soul…

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It must be a trick to get my guard down. I have made very clear my brief interaction with sufis (nemonemini.info) and I have no contact or relationship with any such movement about which I have been extremely critical. Someone who naively enters the sufi category can be the object of all sorts of unwanted black magic and I would advise steering completely clear of the whole game…The same for Gurdjieff and EJ Gold spheres. We have already challengedf oshoism/buddhism as ‘zombie’ movements (the osho system barely underway and stopable).
Calling me a sufi is the last laugh joke of a group that is in my experience a malevolent set of dark operators. There be all sorts of nice guy sufis but I have never met any.

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