A perspective on Gold as a ‘jewish supremacist’ monopolist using black magic to mindfuck rivals and take over ‘sufism’…?

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That’s a lurid title for this post but the issue of Gold is of almost tragic proportions, but the issue is not really ‘sufism’, but, as with Gurdjieff, occultism, mind control and the sufi slave markets, and spiritual cannibalism.

I put it as a question but at this point I note that once a month a gold groupie attempts to defend him in the comments after insulting me, pointless, I fear. The issue of jewish supremacism is possibly egregious but won’t go away because gold in my experience always favored jews behind a front of loyal gentiles…But is ambition I would suspect is personal despite his quiet hints about jewish sufis. Get the point: if you are not jewish you are not ‘included’, maybe. If you are jewish, that won’t help either, so best of luck there also…But I noted how Gold played jews off against gentiles with the jews getting baraka, and the gentiles a bunch of phony baloney… These jews were off site in the charade of his so-called school.

That said, the issue of monopoly was explicit in Gold’s work and he said so himself (even inventing a so-called ‘real time course’ based on monopoly, which he claimed, absurdly, to have invented). His tactics thus seem to be a complete farce of invented teachings as cover something else, and Gold’s teachings and books are especially ludicrous and third rate. (Small wonder that ditto for Gurdjieff, he needs Ouspensky to compose his propaganda).

This commenter calls Gold a sufi sheik. I am unaware of the slightest ground for this. Gold has not produced single bit of documentation for any sufi contact and everything in his less than public perspective suggests he is closer to Aleister Crowley than to sufism.

I have myself far better claim to being sufi sheik but repudiate that category completely along the ‘baraka game’ of set up ‘higher consciousness’.

Gold’s monoply game seems to have extended to tracking down the reincarnation of Ouspensky to attack and destroy him to take control of the immensely lucrative field of ‘fourth way seekers’ who have been converted by In Search of the Miraculous.
This situation is outrageous, truly sickening…

Most who have approach Gold end up repudiating him and this commenter here is clear to first week groupie.
If Gold is a sufi sheik show me a single mainstream sufi who will validate that. There are none, except the hidden sufi mafia of which Gold appears to be a member…


Export file for The Gurdjieff Con…help preserve this blog’s legacy: it is the ONLY document (along with Darwiniana and nemonemini.info) in existence that talks openly about the ‘big sufi secret’ of ‘soul/seed/plexus’ phenom

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help preserve this blog’s legacy: it is the ONLY document in existence that talks openly about the ‘big sufi secret’ of ‘soul/seed/plexus’ phenom

But be glad you missed it: you have a (fragile) soul already as a species characteristic and don’t need the sufi brand with its hidden controllers and slave markets…
It is unimaginable that this secret esoteric legacy has fallen into the hands of gangsters…

Review of some sufi promo pornography by that idiot Seyyed Hossein Nasr

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Review of a sufi promo pornography by that idiot Seyyed Hossein Nasr. These books make me want to puke…I read the complete works of Idries Shah decades ago, and have regretted tremendously being suckered by the whole sufi morass of gangsters hiding behind the likes of this asshole author who knows nothing of what’s going on…
Not a long review, had to stop to puke…

Take it as a warning: NEVER trust the sufi phenomenon, although a lot of harmless dupes proliferate here…and few are aware of the reality of figures like Gold and Gurdjieff…


3.0 out of 5 stars The question of sufism is one of a deceptive series …, May 19, 2017
John C. Landon

Verified Purchase(What’s this?)
This review is from: The Garden of Truth: Knowledge, Love, and Action (Kindle Edition)
The question of sufism is one of a deceptive series of ‘take a free look’ promos such as this one, disguising a sort of sufi deep state of rogue operators, spiritual cannibals, occult black magicians plying a front of Islamic piety that is the mask of an ‘atheistic nihilism’. The bluff is a considerable con, with a ragtag army of dupes eagerly self-styled as fakirs. Given texts such as this we must vigorously reminds seekers to come of the hidden mafia in the sufi wasteland and enjoin the islamic terrain to a secular debriefing of their outer and inner aspect with a warning of the trap of innocent conversions to a sufi path.

Pass on nor join the sufi in ignorant counterfeit: not all learn the secrets of the path…


Schopenhauer’s Compass. An Introduction to Schopenhauer’s Philosophy and its Origins: Urs App

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Schopenhauer’s Compass. An Introduction to Schopenhauer’s Philosophy and its Origins: Urs App

superb book on Schopenhauer and asian philosophy…

Source: Schopenhauer’s Compass. An Introduction to Schopenhauer’s Philosophy and its Origins: Urs App: 9783906000039: Amazon.com: Books

An Amazon review:

Excellent and almost indispensable text on Schopenhauer’s interest in Indic thought. I had been intuiting a connection with classic Advaita in the current New Age scene but found this book has traveled this route already, all well and good. In this regard, and in a strange irony that great philosopher created a matrix for the re-foundation of much of the confused Advaita now so fashionably current (but which has an aspect of profundity missing in modern and occidental monotheism. But another irony here is that the key or keys provided began to drive me beyond Schopenhaurian versions of Advaita and in fact Schopenhauer himself with a question about the issue of ‘will’, the ‘will in nature’ and the unnoted relationship to the legacy of Samkhya whose interpretation is a longstanding mystery unwittingly explored by Schopenhauer and more directly by the later sufi thinker J.G.Bennett whose reconstruction of Samkhya from a sufi version (??, via Gurdjieff) echoes the issue of ‘will’ in terms of the gunas as triads. This echo is at first obscure but it suggests that the theme of liberation of the will is only one half of the story: there is a broader spectrum of ‘paths’ that can realize the will as the True Self of man, a very dangerous statement subject to misunderstanding and no doubt instantly rejected by the gurus of Indic paths. But the path to enlightenment and the realization of will are two cousin aspects of a larger spiritual domain of discourse, however fruitless more searches in this realm might be. But the ‘surrender of will’ is a possible feast of occult cannibals in corrupted versions of the whole game, Gurdjieff’s trogoautoegocrat. Paranoia and a distortion of the path to enlightenment? In any case Schopenhauer seems to straddle multiple paths and this remarkable book is of great value for students of classic traditions which constantly scramble noumenal (a term Schopenhauer didn’t like) and phenomenal aspects in their discourses.


Buddhism can be as violent as any other religion | Aeon Essays

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Source: Buddhism can be as violent as any other religion | Aeon Essays


Dangers of buddhism/oshoism: will you surrender your freedom to a buddha gangster?

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I have come to see more clearly the dangers of committing to buddhism or becoming a sannyasin. In these movements you do not realize you are surrendering your freedom and that can be dangerous….

I strongly recommend staying a way from these movements and considering a very careful program of study to start. The realm of the boddhisattwa is completely treacherous and a swindle of opportunity, and worse a con to keep people subject without awareness.
The Osho gang is already corrupt and is going to start to exploit newcomers. The rich field of suckers in this movement are an open invitation to all sorts of mischief.

You must reclaim your will, your future lives and declare yourself out of the whole phony commune. T