Export file for The Gurdjieff Con…help preserve this blog’s legacy: it is the ONLY document (along with Darwiniana and nemonemini.info) in existence that talks openly about the ‘big sufi secret’ of ‘soul/seed/plexus’ phenom

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help preserve this blog’s legacy: it is the ONLY document in existence that talks openly about the ‘big sufi secret’ of ‘soul/seed/plexus’ phenom

But be glad you missed it: you have a (fragile) soul already as a species characteristic and don’t need the sufi brand with its hidden controllers and slave markets…
It is unimaginable that this secret esoteric legacy has fallen into the hands of gangsters…


  1. Stan said,

    05.20.17 at 2:34 pm

    You bash Mr. Gold because you are jealous of his abilities. He is a true sheik who has mastered the 8-dimensional astral plane matrix. His is the only master that I know of that can generate the 1.21 gigawatts necessary for time travel in his plexus. You are truly a fool and a failure with your attacks on him.

  2. nemo said,

    05.24.17 at 7:34 am

    this kind of defense of a man who uses occult methods against other people is grotesque. Over and over again people have noted Gold’s especially sadistic and devious methods and I am aware of no coherent statement of any kind of a teaching or method. It is all bullshit squared. To speak of the eight dimensional astral plane simply discredits everything you are saying. That’s a crock.
    And the issue of the plexus is wrong: in fact gold was never empowered to use the ‘sufi soul plexus’ method. (I don’t recommend that anyway…).
    Clearly you have never met any sufis and are fanatasizing about gold as a substitute thumbsucking wish.
    Whatever the case, the basic issue to to not let such people indulge in black magic and spiritual cannibalism. No amount of sufi bullshit stands as justification for the aberrant behavior of such people.
    there people are connected with the pornography industry, for crying out loud, the sentimental gibberish about sufi sheiks is pure groupie brainwashing…These people claim the right to murder at will and it is time the whole mafia was exposed…

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